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Forum Or Blog Posting

Ive so many websites, and I need some individuals or team to post on Forums or Blogs for my site referral. I need only Do Follow Forum posting. Only signature posting will not be accepted. Providers will need to post my links and URL directly or through a hyperlink.

Im looking for a permanent VA as Ive so many sites and Im creating more sites gradually.

Please Bid only if you have experience for the job. Leave a message with your rate and a sample of your previous work.

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Intial quotation stage only.

I am looking to build a website where users are also able to set up and run their own shop within the main site. Similar to Folksy, Etsy or Misi.

Features needed:
SEO friendly
Twitter/facebook compatible

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VA – Forum And Blog Posting

Need somoene with fairly good English to post on Forums and Blogs. Other tasks may include creating accounts and submissions stuff.

I am looking for a low hourly rate. PM me your resume and eg. of your work and hourly rate.

Individuals only,

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Hi there

I am looking for someone to build valuable links to my site within the wedding photography industry.

Targeting: Relevant sites, on theme, authority domains, good quality metrics (not just page rank, but other metrics as well), taking into consideration number of other links on the page and position of the page within the sites architecture.

I am not looking for links into: directories / high volume links, article marketing links, forum comments, blog comments.

If you are interested please get in touch and send me measurable examples of your work relating specifically to link building, with links or achievements you are you most proud of.

Many thanks,

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Forum Postings And Blog Comments Postings Ref[46581]

Need Forum Postings and Blog Comments Postings:

Forum Postings Details:
1. 50 Forum Postings
2. Theme of the forums should be related to Travel
3. Each post should have a link to my site.
4. Multiple post in a forum is not acceptable. Single post in a forum.
5. Posts should be in proper english. (No Spam)

Blog Comments Postings Details:
1. 50 Blog comments postings
2. Theme of the blogs should be related to travel
4. Comments should be proper and in good english and go with the flow of the blog. (No Spam)
5. Each comment should have link to my site and link should not be nofollow.
6. Multiple post in single blog is not acceptable.

We will provide you with an excel file with instructions.

Providers having relevant experience should bid for it.
Do not need any other services, so dont bother to place bid for it. No Generic and copy-pasted bid.

For more details PM me.

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Blog Commenting On Daily Basis

We have a blog which is being used to write several articles on India. We needed professional writers/freelancers who can help us to add comments on the blog articles as per the schedule given by us. The task would involve the following

a) Write genuine looking comments after reading the article . Its creative job as we dont want to have comments to exhibit any pattern we expect that the person will read the article and previous comments before posting comments.
b) There will be schedule given for around 70 articles and you need to follow the same. On an average we expect that we will need comments to be made at a frequency of 2 to 3/ week for each article, so a weekly comments would be around 210. This would need to be done over 2 weeks , so overall comments would be around 400.

All payments are via escrow and in case the terms and conditions mentioned are not met then payment for the submission will be stopped. Each comment will be reviewed and payment would be on a per comment basis.

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Forum And Blog Posting


I need someone to post comments and links on forums and blogs on a daily basis. I would like about 100 posts per day. All of the comments will be about mens style.

We are willing to pay between $0.05 to $0.10 per post on an ongoing basis. Every post must be recorded (with URL) in a spreadsheet and submitted on a daily basis.

The selected provider will need perfect USA style english, and be able to write in a casual tone.

We would like to start this asap.

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Forum And Blog Replays

We need a serious writer for a forum and blog replays link building project,
Youll need to find forums and blogs in our category and participate (ask/answer) as a real user.
All the activities must gain links to our site, we will provide the anchor text and the link destination.
Payment will be per link.
Weekly report is required.

All the blogs or forums must be related to our subject and keywords. for example, if the keyword is "travel software" look for blogs and forums related to travel software, or travel or software. In those places ask, answerer and comment in a way that contribute other users. Within this comments you will place the links in a natural way.

The web2.0 sites you locate must contain less than 35 external links in a single page.

Page rank can be between 1-4. Some low percent of links can come from pr 0.
95% of all links must be DoFollow.

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$2 For 400 Words, Choose Your Own Topic To Write!! URGENT!!

Now, set free to write 4 tech articles (400 – 500 words each) of your own choice!!!
No keyword or SEO needed.

You choose subject, you choose articles too, just should be tech like android, iphone, php, software etc related.
Now you need to pick PR3 and over tech blogs to post them.

I want the job done within 20 hours. So if first post is good I will give you more and hire you permanently!!!
Now do nothing just bid and Pm me with your experience specially blog posting in tech blogs.

Write My Choice in the beginning of your Bid So that I can call you a human 😉
No samples needed to submit me.
Just PM me with your writing power, I will send details in PM.
Happy Bidding!!!

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Forum/blog Etc. Poster

Hey there,

I have a marketing list of the following in a specific niche:

meetup groups
facebook groups

I need someone to post on the various forums, blogs and social sites to help generate some traffic to a squeeze page for testing. There will be multiple posts needed and I will provide the content for the forum posting.

It is also required to record everything on an excel sheet including the links to all the comments.

I need work to start on Tuesday.



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Forum And Blog Posting

We need a good forum & blog poster.

The first task will be:

Post to forums or blogs relevant to the topic of our website.

Post 120 relevant posts with links to our website in the 60 sites (no more than 2 posts on the same website) that you found:

– Comments must be relevant to blog or forum subject and demonstrate that you read the ongoing discussion;
– Each posting must have different content;
– Minimum 30 words of original and quality writing per posting
– URL Link to our website must be inserted in each posting and be active.
– Your posts have to be with SEO in mind. I will give the keywords in PM.
– The links must do follow.
– The page which the link is on must be indexed and cached by Google.
– Sites must be from different C-class ip

Once you post 120 posts, you will provide us with a report.

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Indian Forum Posting/Blog Commenting (Technology)

I need somebody (Indian) to post relevant comments/posts into Indian technology forums and blogs.

It`s an easy job but please read the requirements carefully, I will not pay for a service that I did not ask for.
Also this is not a time-sensitive task. Take your time, just don`t make spam/bad posts 🙂

We have a webstore selling Android powered tablet pc`s and we ship also to India.

So we need someone to do forum posting/blog commenting that is:

1. Mainly for relevant TRAFFIC!
2. Secondary for SEO/link building!

We have currently a total of 8 products.

The post requirements:

*The post should contain a link with anchor(keyword of which the main domain ranks) to the main page
*The post should contain a link with anchor(keyword is the products name) to the product page
*Only Indian technology forums/blogs
*Links need to stick a minimum of 4 days!
*There are no rules for nofollow/dofollow
*Main page PR should be 3+
*About 60%, over a half, should be forum links!
*You should provide atleast 6 links per product of which 4 should be from relevant forum posts.
*You should provide a minimum of 48 links for products (minimum of 6 per product) and minimum of 40 links to main page.

Examples (in English since I cannot write in Hindi but I can Google translate so no BS!)

Example of a bad post:
"Hey heck out this cool new android tablet pc it`s really cheap and you can get it from here! WWW.LINK-TO-PRODUCT.COM/.html"

Example of a good post:
"Are there any other Android tablet pc s out that can run Flash 10.1 at the moment? I know that the PRODUCT NAME runs it more or less OK atleast by what I have read from the forums… I guess that we need to wait a bit for the CPUs of these devices to get faster." (the "Android tablet pc" links to main page, the "PRODUCT NAME" links to product page)

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Forum Posting And Blog Posting In Japanese

This is a project for native Japanese posters only!

You will post in forums and blogs with our anchor links and signature links.

Please, bid for 20 posts.

Please, PM for more information..

Thank you!

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Forum/Blog Profile Links Wanted

Im looking for Profile Backlinks on Forums and Blogs, Automated software is fine.

Please include in your big how many Unique Domain Profiles youre able to do and the Timeframe.

Im looking to spread these profile links across many different URLs and want to limit a Profile Backlink to 100 links per URL.

So if youre able to generate 1,000 Profile Links I will give you 10 URLs, so each URL will get 100 Profile Links.
If you can do 7,000 Profile Links, then I would give you 70 URLs

Each Profile Link must be on a Unique Domain

Give me your pricing Structure starting at $30

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Forum Posting + Blog Comment – Hard Worker – No Spams

We are looking for someone with solid experience with either Forums or Blogs (or better- both) to do forum posting and blog commenting to improve our sites back links.


You know the inside out of how forums and blog comment spam filters work, can provide consistent result and meet our specifications within deadline.

You also know how to find quality forums and blog posts for any given keyword.

Know how to post thoughtful comments that adds value to other visitors, and naturally place the link inside your comment, as if you were referring to quality content (we indeed have quality content!).


All comments have to come from quality or authority sites, and links placed within content that is related to topic of our sites. By quality we mean: site with Alexa less than 2,000,000 and homepage PR2 or higher.

We dont care if the link is follow or no-follow, just need to be within content, just like how natural links look like.

Links must be active (eg. can be clicked and it opens a new page), and static HTML (not java script redirects).

We only want links placed "within content", and not things like signature or author name.

So this is not an easy job if you dont have experience posting comments that are useful for human readers, look legitimate and appropriate. But if you do, its not that hard.

You will be reporting link status twice per week, and only report successful coments with active links


We pay one week after comment approval status. Payment is per comment, and price per successful comment is negotiable – depending on your skill level.

Our current budget starts at $50/week per provider, and will increase constantly. That will give you $200/month for few hours of work each week. Few providers will be selected for initial project and only those who provide consistent quality will take over the job (can be more than one person).

Please only submit your bid if you can provide sample of your recent work and have consistent good reviews at (ideally for related types of job).

Please bid for 1 month and mention how much you would like to charge per successful comment. If you forget to mention your rate, we simple assume your bid was automatic and will ignore it.
There will be bonus for good work.

Thank your for your interest in this project

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Posting On Forum

Just u have u post content and stuff on my forum
u have to make daily 50 posts and bring one refferal an blog…

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SEO Supplements Shop

UK e-commerce Supplement shop needs a genuine guys who will look after the website traffic, website promotion, SEO, forum, Blog, facebook. As much you can improve our sales as much money we will spent on it!

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Forum And Blog Comment Posting

I need someone to post 800 forums posting and 200 comments on Blogs for one keyword. All the sites must be Do-Follow. All links should be from different domains and different IPs.


Do-Follow Links
all comments must be Approved
All links must be from different domains
All links must be from different Ips
All link pages must be indexed in Google
All post page should be minimum Google Pr 2
Try not to use Blogspot

You must have to use white hat methods only.

I need a weekly progress report in Excel with the following column headings:

Column A: Date link submitted
Column B: Date link accepted
Column C: Link URL
Column D: Google PR of the URL
Column E: Anchor text
Column F: Contact email address information

I only need publish links not submission report.

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Forum And Blog Link Builder

You will need to go to forums, create threads, and post messages, and reply/partake in community based forums and post links to our site.

secondly, you can get links from existing blogs by emailing them and or leaving links on non-nofollow blogs.

thirdly press releases are fine but are paid based on news sites it gets published on.

obvious specifications: not all same ip, no other type of links accepted unless if established site (aka alexa < 100k), no .info domains etc, no ffa, guestbook/spam pages, no free blog hosts.

note: multiple posts on same blog and forum are OKAY but will be paid 1/2 original price.

blog posting and forum per post bounty is $1

I will need around 100 links minimum a week, and 3 days to process, so you get paid every 10 days.

WE DO NOT NEED SOCIAL BOOKMARKING “EXPERTS” or “ON-PAGE SEO EXPERTS” or “LINK BUILDERS on MADE FOR SEO SITES” please keep your skills and your bids to yourself. If you offer other ways of marketing our site and take initiative, we will try that out too.

============( PERMANENT POSITION )===========

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100 Forum And Blog Comments

I am looking for White Hat only links totalling 200. i own a online printing website.
I have few keywords and matching (landing page) urls
The keywords you insert in the comment/forum post must match the url for that keyword.
Maximum comments/forum posts should be in domains.
Must be related websites
Get one-way related incoming links
Must be permanent links
Only do follow tags
Each comment/forum post must have a minimum of three relevant keyword anchored links to my site
No blacklist databases that stores your IP address, domain name and comments.
Must be comment able blog pages
Each Comment/forum post must be a minimum of 100 words.
No comments/forum post on bad terms like gambling, porn, Viagra, etc.
Page Rank must be 1 or more
Comments/forum posts should be made over a 2 week period
After 2 week comment/forum post period, a report of all blog links, their comments, title tags and the anchor text must be given
no spamming machines, there are too many blog plug-ins that will filter comments/forum posts. It is useless to spam if you are going have your comments deleted. Using an auto comment tool is a waste of my money.
All rejected comments/forum posts will be re submitted by yourself.
No payment will be released until all comments have been approved.

Once you posted 100, i need report in Excel spreadsheet format with the following columns and data:
– Domains Name

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Manual Blog Writer and Poster 10 Blogs

Hello Blog/forum posting Experts,

Please quote for 10 posts and 10 blogs and please read entire requirement.

I am looking for someone to post 10 posts to blogs which are to be created on unique accounts with unique account names. Each account will have one unique blog post describing my product in 400 to 600 words. I will provide the images which can be used in the blog posts, and visually attractive web blogs will insure future jobs being awarded for the same type of work.

So you must be able to:
— Make 10 accounts at blogger with relevant names of product
— Write 10 blogs that 400 to 600 words with unique content on my product
— Have the blogs heavily link to my product and spread provided images throughout
— Know how to use html to do such things as linking words to my site and including images into the blog (ie. <a>Great Website</a>)

(I will provide you with the linking words I would like used.)

I will be requiring all of the urls of the posted blogs, including the logins of these blogs for future editting requirements.

My product has to do with software. Details and the website about my software will be provided, including competitor websites and other relevant information for the 10 blog posts.

Please, serious bidders only. Thank you.

Best Regards,

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TOP 5 on Google Yahoo, only experienced SEO


Please PM relevant past experience of top 10 results including website URL and keywords that are ranking on page one – these will be checked.

The website:

* Sports related
* 8 months old
* Joomla Site

The Project:

* We require a TOP 5 POSITION ON GOOLGE for at least 3 of our 10 keywords and relevant traffic driving to our site

* You will achieve this by using WHITE HAT SEO only

* Online and Offline SEO needed.

* You will use link building, article submission, blogging, forum posting and any other relevant WHITE HAT techniques you have. (All links must be left on PR3+ pages)

* You will need to report to us every 30 days with a detailing exactly what you have done. (Which sites you have linked to + any articles you have submitted etc)

This project is expected to last around 3/4 months and we will pay around $100USD per month

After the initial work has finished and we are happy with the way you work, we will agree on a monthly fee to keep these rankings.

Payment terms:

Because we´ve had problems in the past I am only willing to pay at the end of every month when you can prove what work has been carried out by showing us your report.

I will deposit the amount in Escrow at the start of the month and release at the end of the month once you have sent us a full report on the work you have done.

If you can deliver results we will use you / your company for another site we have.

We will PM you the URL and keywords once you PM us with relevant past experience of top 10 results, including website URL and keywords that are ranking on page one – these will be checked.

Thank you for your time!

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