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Web Design

Designing a website for an educational consulting firm/ Education agency.

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Town Planner Is Required

I require a town planner to write planning permit application reports on a regular basis. The reports provide relevant information to obtain a planning approval from Local Government for use and development of land. The report would take approximately 4 hours to complete and all relevant information would be provided to the successful bidder to prepare the report. I would also provide support via email for the successful freelancer.

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ECommerce Website Design & Development – Zencart

India based website designers and developers reqd for setting up a eCommerce website.

The project would follow an iterative and an accelerated approach.

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PHP Or MySql Issues With Website

Not sure what happened…but almost all of my php pages went white on one specific website.
I am running a Blog Hoster script.. (BH) and only the portal is working.
I had this happen on another domain on my server where I had to add the extensions to the url on the HTML pages…or directories.
Never did get that one figured out.
I know its probably an easy fix… but I just cant get my brain to wrap around the problem to do it.
And Im installing scripts and software all the time… Im not supposed to have these issues…lol
My portal is at:

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PHP MYSQL CMS – Website Reproduction

Must design a website with all functionality of the following website.

That is the requirement and a few changes will be made with the code.

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Booking Website Design & Development Needed

I need to create a booking website with similar features to a hotel booking site. It should include features where users can search and book online, create profiles, write comments, track sales and commissions, sell merchandise, and include a calendar.

The site will need a custom logo and design

Ideal candidate:

Should be familiar and well experienced with all aspect of booking and social networking websites
Should have developed similar websites
Should be very innovated and extremely creative (Web 2 styles)
Have ability to use most advanced applications: PHP, CMS, AJAX, Javascript, PHP and Mysql, Etc.


Be able to recommend the most reliable and affordable hosting provider
Milestone will also be taken into consideration

I have a lot of work I will need in the future and am looking to build a long term relationship.

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Web Developer Needed To Fix Site Structure.

********************************** MAX BUDGET : $200 **********************************

We have built a site like famecount-com with the crawlers that collect information from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, but we need a Web developer fix the sites categories and structure so it will be more like famecount-com.

You must have good knowledge in PHP, mySQL, Crawlers, Cronjobs and amCharts.

More information will be supplied in the PM once you bid.

Please indicate the top 3 best looking sites that you developed so I check your skills (I dont need the whole portfolio)

********************************** MAX BUDGET : $200 **********************************

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Mysql Development For A Website

Small MySQL development for a PHP website.

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Web design Php Mysql Ect

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CMS Website

Any CMS Project on PHP and MySql.

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Experienced Web Developer Needed . Start Now !

********************************** MAX BUDGET : $100 **********************************

We need you to fix some crawlers and SQL databases so that the collected information from Youtube, Facebook and Twitter displays correctly on our site.

You must have good knowledge in Perl, PHP, mySQL, Crawlers, Cronjobs and amCharts.

More information will be supplied in the PM once you bid.

Please indicate the top 3 best looking sites that you developed so I check your skills (I dont need the whole portfolio)

********************************** MAX BUDGET : $100 **********************************

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Web Design – Ecommerce

Dear friend,
I currently have a website. I need to upgrade this website, I need to upload new products, I need to improve the website in all its aspects, and I also need to get training so I can use the website my self. Please take a look at the website and tell me what could you do and how much would it be.

[Website contains contact information; removed by Freelancer Admin]
Please use screenshots instead]

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Website Completion, XHTML, JQuery, MySQL, PHP, CSS, SEO

Complete the building of a small web site in hand coded browser independent html/php for the package/freight shipping industry. We have a flash prototype and the front page and one additional page have been recoded in PHP/HTML/CSS to serve as an example/template. We also have a quote form 50+ percent coded for style/example purposes that needs to be split into two parts (member profile and quote request info). We require coding of 3 existing *simple* pages.

Addition of a membership (Signup, login, password reset) & admin page (Add, Delete, Disable, Modify) a membership password protected area with a user profile page, and a history of orders for each user. Passwords are to be stored encrypted. When logged in the username and an option to logout is to be displayed on each page.

Add a few JQuery effects (e.g. rounded corners, fade in, slide in of images to mimic flash) and form fields validation.

Quote page to be finished and a tabbed interface added allowing for either package or freight quotes similar to those used by FedEx/UPS. Calendar date picker to be added (we can provide php code) date to be defaulted. Quote information to be stored in MySQL DB with unique ID and previous field values to be selectable via dropdown box for each field where appropriate. Bill of Lading (simple form), PDF format desired but not req.

We can provide flash prototype and existing html/css for review by qualified members.


Provide a bid for PART I in US dollars, number of days required to complete and at least 5 recent examples of your work. Remember to include enough padding for 2-3 rounds of changes/fine tuning. This part should only require 1 (one) update.

NOTE: Site must be SEO friendly. You are not required to provide text content but extra credit will be given to those who wish to include such in bid. We will be requesting a bid for link building as a separate project, but will also give extra credit to those who can provide this service in addition to these requirements.

Assuming successful completion of part I we are looking for the following to complete the initial project.

Provide address verification, zip code lookup, shipping label creation, create a shipment, void a shipment, and package tracking using the UPS, FedEX, and USPS APIs. If we like your work others will follow as required.

We also require an administrator only page which shall display the price quotes from UPS, FedEx and USPS for all quote requests issued in the selected date/time range (last 24hrs by default) or for any quote ID entered by the administrator. A button shall be provided for each carrier to create the shipment, void existing shipment, or track a shipment (same code as above).

Please provide a SEPERATE bid for PART II in US dollars including the number of days required to complete and any examples you might have of using these (or other similar) APIs. Remember to include enough padding for 2-3 rounds of changes/fine tuning.

Please provide an hourly rate for future web site modifications and the addition of other carriers such as DHL. Upon completion of each part, the number of hours spent on each part shall be provided to help us assess the cost of future business with you.

We are willing to make payments in up to 3 parts; PART I complete with initial round of changes, PART I with all changes *and* PART II complete with initial round of changes, and final completion. Final completion shall be no less than 20% of total

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PHP Simple Catalog Website Development And Basic Design

This is a PHP Simple Catalogue Website development and Basic Design, It is a very quick and simple project, it is just consist of Category and Products. There is no shopping cart integration or any other extra functions. It will only have request a quote option.

1. Back-end Administration with secure login.

a. add new user, delete user, reset password
b. add category, delete category edit category. ( Category name, category image,submit)
c. add product, edit product, delete product (Product Code, product name , product description , product image, submit)

2 Front End

a. a quick search function
b. a category page (with full list of categories with image or icon for each category)
c. product page (each category is a separate with full list of products with smaller image and product name so when they click on image it will take it to description and quote page.)
d. description and quote page( (Product Code, product name , product description , product image, contact details, )

Plus maybe some help installing.

That is all it is very simple project you may already have the script ready somewhere that is fine by me but I will need full script as I will need to use it on couple of other mirror site. I really need this very fast just bid if you think you can complete with in 3 days.

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Membership Website PHp/MySQL Design

Here is the basics:
User comes to the homepage, there is a login form, some introductions and a link to registration page.
User register and create their profile (upload picture) for free. Once they login, they can modify their profile(with picture), or choose to upgrade to premium membership which requires a subscription payment (Paypal). Free member has limited search for other members.(limited search result and cant view other members contact info). Premium member can do full search and can view other members contact information.
Admin can manage members and send weekly newsletters from admin area.

We will need your work on designing the layout/graphic of the site too. We want it to be a clean and nice looking site with clear messages.

Above listed are the features we want to have. There will be details and tweaks, so we would like to have someone work on Skype so we can chat and communicate while you work.

Please give bid price and time frame, sample sites you have worked on before. Thanks.

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Website Design And Website Development

Website creation and website design for any kind of use.
I can develope from personal page to big e-commerce site.
You can use my new project, Simax 2000, the new web creator software (CMS) that allow to manage both statics and dynamics sites.
It also work without database, it use it only if necessary.
In private will give you the url for it and you can try it for free with the demo.
I develope web templates for statics and dynamics websites, according to the W3C specifics and accessibility.
All projects are at maximum quality and low cost.
For a continuous collaboration, we can provide a discount for any new project.
I use Dramwever, Flash, (X)Html, Css, Php, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, xml, JQuery, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Corel Draw, Photoshop, 3D programs like AutoCad.
Maximum experience in all graphics projects and development and quick time development.

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Troubleshoot Php

I have about 200 php files created with phpmaker7. I need a person to go through the files and make sure that everything works as intended. For instance, many of the mysql queries dont work. Successful bidder will have proven php skills and be able to complete this work quickly.

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Website Skeleton With Php/mysql And Css

Essentially a master blog site that will accept new blog users and allow them to enter content. However, content will include more than just text entered to a text box. Details:

* CSS master style file
* Php Mysql back-end to support all functionality including
o creating new users
o allowing user log in
o allowing users to create entries that have multiple fields
+ Some fields will have user specified sub-fields
# will need javascript to create new input boxes dynamically
* example: user may need to enter the value of cars that he owns; if user has more than one car, then user should be able to click an

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Skiiled PHP Developer Needed To Complete Website.

I am looking for a PHP/MYSQL expert to complete work on an existing website.

The work is for a magazine website, the articles are stored in a mysql database.

You need to work on the front end, the web design has been completed.

you will need to:

1) get data from mysql database to create dynamic content (articles, news items, and banners)

2) integrate google analytics into the pages to give me information on how many visitors to the website, and how many per page.

3) provide post link to this article to facebook page functionality

4) provide tweet this article functionality

5) login, logout, and signup functionality needed

the CMS is ready, and the content is available in the mysql database..

The front end has about 7 pages, of which 50% is common between the pages (like banners, menu bars etc).

The main content is in the center portion of the pages.

please look at



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B2B Website

Were looking for an already existing B2B program that is similar to Alibaba in function, may be a little simpler. Clean design. No payment related features. Basic function is to network B2B participants. Standard features: supplier/buyer profile pages with gallery, PM and email system, product tagging. There should also be a board for buying leads/bidding. Ad management system must also be in place and easy to use. It must be editable and in modules.

It must be online for demonstration and evaluation. More consideration will be given if it is online AND currently active.
Php/MySQL preferred, but were open to other apt languages.

If your program has special features you think is outstanding, please note so. Security and coding tightness high pluses.

Again, we are looking for an already created (by seller, no generic scripts please) program that can be turned over in less than a week upon agreement of terms.

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.NET Web Development Design Implementation.

We have an existing website and we would like to implement a new design ( we have the new design). We need someone who will be able to implement the new design on our site and be available for long term maintenance work.

The tasks are to be completed in the following order:

1. Implement the new design (should take about 35hrs give or take a 2-3hrs)
a. Slice it into HTML and implement into the website (about 20 pages)

2. Change the names of the pages

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Website Design And Maintenance

We need people to design a site for domain .
the job role requires you/team to design the site (as interactive as possible) and provide with financial commitments required from our end to run it(on a per year basis)
Your Bid should include all the expenses stated
1.Site design (Subject to approval of our team before deployment)
2.Server Charges
3. Any extra expenses (Must be explicitly disclosed)
4.SEO(not mandatory, but if found credible, we will provide with an extra project on the same name, for this and other projects)

1. Complete pricing details(excluding extensive SEO) containing all services as required above.
2. Credible history of web development
C. The final decision regarding the selection of web hosting server will be done by us, however suggestions are invited.
D. The selection of bid will be done on "Minimum bid amount with maximum possible quality service."
E. A sample/Preview of the original site design that you wish to implement.

Do describe or show a sample of design you wish to implement in your bid.

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Hello everyone,

I have a new project this week.

A web scraper that goes through a French website about "car-boot sales" and "antique fairs".

The website is in French and will need to be automatically translated to English (I have a .class that does this so no scripting needed for that).

The site is

You must click on the map which will bring up a list of all the "car-boot sales" in that area on the left hand side.

Click on one from the list and it will bring up the details and a photo.

E.G. 56400 Auray Vide grenier

Example of information wanted.

The scraper must fetch the

1. Vide grenier, brocante
Organisé par : Rugby Auray Club

2. photo,

Lieu : Parking du SUPER U à Auray
Particuliers et professionnels
Nombre estimé dexposants : De 100 à 200
Prix visiteur : 1

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Web Development

Website and cms development in PHP.

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Website Design – For Dzinegurus Only!

Website Design & Development.

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10 Web Workers Required


I need several providers who can achieve 10,000 views and downloads onto 72 different links. The work involves downloading some files and clicking traffic onto different sites. You need to be able to have
Unlimited daily broadband internet access
Have at least 10 friends who also have daily internet access that can help you
Experience with using different IP addresses (preferred) or able to use an IP switcher
and be available to communicate via gmail.

You must be able to complete the work in 14 days, pay will be issued within 3 days

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Whole PHP Website

Hi, I want a website developed in php and must be completed within 2 days.

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PHP/MySQL Based Website

This is a simple website, a mini version of social networking website. The developer will be responsible for graphic/logo design, refine an already existing database design and overall coding.

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Website Design , E Commerce Development

We are looking for a new E-commerce Developer for our website.

Development of Ecommerce site better than the given link which we require full features and web design (with a few animated home page flash + Logo)
– Site needs to have a suitable and capable CMS if needed.
– Accept Paypal and ALL major CC.
– Automated emails & newsletters
– Inventory tracking
– Wholesalers/Retailers Log-in
– Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
– SEO friendly pages, URLs, etc.
– Integration to google analytics, google merchant, etc.
– Ability to upgrade site, cart, add-ons, etc
– Basic Sales Reporting System
site that is easily manipulatable with adding and removing products and product information . easy uploads
-supported shipping solution
-Weekly and daily special deal
We are looking to start on this site asap so please give as much specific information(proposal with logo design charges ) with your bid to allow us to make a quick decision.
In your bid you must include:
1) Previous e-commerce jobs you have completed
2) Estimated time of completion of this current project.
Make sure you also propose the High Level Design based on the given link. State the time frame in which youd be able to execute this task.

Thank you and good luck.

We look forward to hearing from you.

cheers ,

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