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Project Icon ** Web Based Searchable CV Database

I am looking for a web based database which can hold multiple CVs and are searchable using various parameters ( suggestions are to use lucerne open search engine but if there are better ideas, they are most welcome). Desired furture state are as follows:

1. Database should be able to hold lareg number of CVs.
2. Database should be able to pick CVs in different formats ( supplied in microsoft word) and should be capable of putting them in a standard searchable template.
3. Database should be allow user input in certain fields.
4. Datbase should be able to generate reporting on the back of defined parameters.

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Improve Timetables

I need a php site (my site) that acquires data about timetables from (source site), section "Timetables and Purchasing".
The source site has
– a first page asking for informations (from, to, date, time).
– a second page showing a summary of 5 results and asking which to choose
– a third page showing prices and availabilities, depending on some presented parameters (class, tariff, seat type etc)
My site should join the second and the third page, showing all possible prices and availabilities for all parameters automatically without unnecessary clicks in the second page.
The user should also be able to select some parameters in the first page to get shorter results.
I need the site before 01/05/2011.

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Flash Animation Project

We need to build some Photoshop designs and then use them to create a flash animation.

So, The candidate should possess photoshop as well as flash skills. The user should have to ability to create a flash animation which can take values as parameters from PHP, ASP.NET or HTML. These parameters will affect the animation.

Please PM for details of the project.

The Project needs to be done as soon as possible, so only serious candidates please

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Share Time Cycle Finder

We Require a program that will read an Excel/csv file, and automatically find Time Cycles in Shares(stocks). The Excel file will contain the HIgh and Low price for each trading day of the stock.

The program will need to cycle through each day, and find possible turn date time cycles. For example, Starting on 4/4/2010 there was a Low, and every 100 Days after that date there has been a High or a Low on that day with a 80% Accuracy Rate.

A number of parameters will need to be customizable in the program. For example

-Minimum time cycle periods to search for (For example, only search for time cycles greater than 10 days)
-Date to start and finish looking for time cycles
-How long the High or low needs to hold for it to be a successful turn date (for example, the high price of that day was not exceeded for (X) number of days.
-Minimum % accuracy required to display in results.

The finished program will have the above parameters plus some others, and will be able to select a CSV file, type in the required parameters, the program will then search through the CSV file and return all of the results that meet the parameters.

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Visual Basic And Flash Work

I am looking for some individual or team having expertise in visual basic and flash.This project is for a flash player movie (SWF) that reads the contents of a notepad file and displays text, text parameters, and effects applied to the text. The swf file needs to be able to be loaded into a VB6 project so that when the VB project loads the movie, the established parameters within the notepad file are utilized.

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Joomla Blog/layout Issue

Im having issues with defining the parameters of my joomla blog layout. I can change the numbers in the parameters but this isnt reflected in the website.

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Joomla Blog/layout Issue

Im having issues with defining the parameters of my joomla blog layout. I can change the numbers in the parameters but this isnt reflected in the website.

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Delphi 2010 Code – Scraping Of Google Search Result

I need a component/code to implement into a Delphi 2010 project which does the following:

Given a name and company name string, execute a Google search using these parameters plus an additional (static) string value as Google search parameters.

Then open the first 5 search results and do the following for each page:

1. save the webpage in MHT format (use Chilkat MHT component for this – they have a free trial version on their website)

2. convert saved webpage into plain text format (ie remove html values) and save as txt file.

This is a very simple and straightforward task. Fixed budget 50 USD.

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Very Simple Joomla 1.6 Template

Very simple Joomla 1.6 template project, for a website rebrand and redo.
Output should be an installable template for a Joomla 1.6 plain vanilla installation with these general guidelines:
-very clean and minimalist design (logo + description of the design provided), max 10 pages
-selectable language (minimum 3 – contents and translations to be updated through the admin platform later by me)
-links to facebook, linkedin, twitter
-rss feed
-site should be able to resize appropriately for mobile browsing
-SEO optimized
-All general parameters should be placed in 1 single configuration file with parameters for colors (background, foreground, text, …), default language, how many languages, links to twitter/facebook/… pages
More details to be provided on request.

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Dynamic Charts Associated With Large Amount Of Data

I will need an interface to chart very large amounts of data (500,000 data: one data every 90sec for 1.5 years). We have about 200 parameters (with all of them 500,000data) stored automatically on a MySQL database.
We will need to be able choose some parameters (maybe up to 5) and chart them on the same page. All the parameters are to be plotted on a time axis, where we can zoom-in.

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Website For Verification Of .. Websites

We are looking for someone who can build (or help us with some elements) website (TheWebsite) for verification of other websites.
Here is the description:

1. Website will host Business profiles incl. name, email, URL.
2. Any business can signup, using simple form and PayPal payment

After successful signup "TheWebsite" suppose on daily (or weekly basis) check the status and some parameters of all urls in its database.

Status of checked parameters suppose to be recorded after any check and visualized on members profile page.

Every Member will receive Stamp (small logo of "TheWebsite") and can place this logo on his website.
It will be good if status and be color of the logo is changing based on status of the parameters of the site and PCI Vulnerability Standards

Some of parameters that may be tested and checked suppose to be:

– IP addreess;
– location of the server;
– SSL sertificate for the server;


– server information (OS, software, etc.)
– posible viruses on the website;
– Cross Site Scripting
– POP-ups on main page;
– Alexa rank;
– PR rank;
– listed in SPAM providers etc.

Most of the site we can prepare alone – incl. signups, and database building. For sure well need help for verification processes. We would like to create really nice, working website, so well apreciate any sugestion and additional ideas.

Please, do you offer based on different options you can realize – full website; only verification processes; design; additional ideas, etc.

For the website, please consider open source platform as base too (wordpress, joomla, etc.)

Helpful Examples:

As website

As gesting gadgets

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Need For Iphone Code To Get 3G Parameters

Hello, i need this for a personal project: the code for iphone SDK so i can get printed in the screen:
– location (long/lat)
– RSCP , EcIo of the signal levels
– cell id where the cellphone is camped
– Know if the cellphone is on call or idle

i need the information each 1 second if possible, i supposed this is just some commands lines in the development tool, so thats what i need. this must be available for the latest OS of the iphone

then, i just need to know if the same is possible to get in the blackberry, but not i will only pay for the iphone informacion

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Automate Process Of Creating URLs From Csv File

We have a registration page that looks like this.

Our clients register for the first meeting, they are giving an option of register for the remaining meetings. We can run a report that creates a csv file with all the people we want to register for the following meetings, without them having to register on line for each one.

We then want to insert 9 parameters. The parameters will be used to create a separate URL for each registrant.
Here is an example using only 3 parameters:(first,last,email)

We would like a script (or batch file) to run every URL so that all the names are registered. Since the url will pop up the browser, we would like the browser to be closed so we dont have 300 windows open

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Create 3d Pricing Matrix For At-cost Calculations

I need an openoffice/excel worksheet (or whatever you suggest) created to calculate an at cost pricing matrix for my widgets. I have 3 linearly priced parameters ($x per y), this table should lay out the calculations for the quanity of these parameters within specified ranges.

Prices per parameter can vary, based on the type of parameter. Some parameters have multiple classes which need to be priced differently. In addition to parameter properties, there are also some fixed variables used in calculating the associated cost. Such as amortization, fixed operating costs, and a variable cost that varies with the total number of widgets sold

Send a private message and I can give you more details on the widgets, the parameters, and the properties of said parameters

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Copy Java Application To C++

I have a trading software application that is built in java but it is very slow and i need it the application to be copied and remade into C++. It deals with financial markets and OCR application, where it reads data from the screen and then based on parameters set, it takes action such as mouse click etc when parameters are met. the Java application works fine overall however the whole process is slow (reading, analysis and then taking action) and i am hoping to have it remade in C++ to remove the delay in action which is causing the opportunities to be missed. So the whole design is already made and all i need is just reprogrammed in a different language

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Modify Modal Window Plug-in

I have a joomla plug-in which calls a modal window when a page loads. At the present time, the parameters are set to connect to an article ID. For my purposes right now, I just want an image to show. Unfortunately, I get scrollbars which detracts from the effect.

Its a simple script but I want the plug-in parameters modified so that I can simply point it to an image which would eliminate the scrollbars or point to a module ID.

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Rating A Complete Order

In the account of every member there is a tab which is called

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PHP – MySQL DB Move And Custom Query

PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, OR YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIGURE THIS OUT. I need someone who can do this in their sleep. If you waste my time I will find someone else and you will not be paid.

YOU MUST READ/WRITE EXCELLENT ENGLISH. If not we not be able to communicate and the project will be over before it starts.

1) Copy existing DB, Admin Access etc. from website A to Website B
2) Create a Query that is similar in function to

Parameters for the query needed are:
Bedrooms: 2+, 3+, 4+
Bathrooms: 2+, 3+
Garage: 2+, 3+
Square Foot: Minimum – 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, 2750, 3000, 3250
Square Foot: Maximum – 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, 2750, 3000, 3250, 3500
Area: areas from the db
Community: communities from the db
Minimum Price: 75,000, 100,000, 125,000, 150,000, 175,000, 200,000, 225,000, 250,000, 275,000, 300,000, 325,000
Maximum Price: 100,000, 125,000, 150,000, 175,000, 200,000, 225,000, 250,000, 275,000, 300,000, 325,000, 350,000

As with the Classic American Example, the end user should be able to use all parameters, some parameters or none to perform their search

The results shall not be in tables but instead CSS – DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS. Returned results should be returned sorted by community.

There are more small projects behind this. Ideally if you can do the work and do the work quickly we will use you again. The ideal candidate should be highly competent in PHP and MySQL, there is no training or learning afforded here.

We pay weekly every Friday.

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Heuristic Algorithm Job Scheduling

Looking for Talent out there to create a library for Job Scheduling and route optomization. The Library should be able to handle multi threaded operation (map data can be provided or can buy if a certain is prefered by developer) for job site resolution, to calculate travel time between jobs and various parameters such as TIme at Site, Job Priority, Origins, job owner preference, Delta and a lot more. The results need to be sent back as ordered jobs using these parameters as perfect routes for the field technicians.
Due to the nature and high volume of jobs the Algorithm needs to be Heurisitc and Genetic in nature to output a fast result.

If you do not know what I am talking about, please do not bid here. People with similar work and experience will be considered. Australians prefered due to local presence.

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Performance Tuning For Ecommerce Site Configuration

The platform is CENTOS 5.4, dedicated server with Apache, PHP and MYSQL
Detailed traffic projection and hardware capacity will be released to the winning bidder.

The task includes the following:
1) optimal parameters for apache HTTPD configuration and complete configuration file that includes port 80 and port 443, also includes compression, rewrite

2) Optimal parameters for PHP.ini file

3) Optimal parameters for MYSQL configuration my.cnf (my.ini)

4) suggestions on tuning procedures, including coding, caching techniques, etc.

You must have done similar projects in order to qualify for the bidding on this project.
The deliverables will include the following:
1) httpd.conf
2) php.ini
3) my.cnf or my.ini
3) Word document that outlines steps to fine tune or trouble shoot performance issues for a Ecommerce site with Linxu/Apache/PHP/Mysql

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Upload Form Security And Additional Parameters

The project requires adding additional security, parameters, and features to an existing upload form.

Features to add:
– E-mail Validation
– Unique filename via md5
– Cron Job eraser

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Nokia Phone Auto Configuration

We need an experienced symbian developer who can write a program to configure (out of the box) Nokia S4 generation phones [3720 classic]

the configuration includes adding a few contacts, setting call barring options, adding shortcuts to main menu, setting up time and date automatic sync parameters, installing un MIDP (.jad) to the phone.

We also need to include automatic APN configuration (connection parameters) via SMS (over the air) to this project.

more information is available upon request.

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Web Based Database (small)

I am a small clinic looking to develop a web based botanical database that I can interrogate using specific parameters or sets of parameters. Also I should be able to add more content to the database on an ongoing basis. The database will be password protected.

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Hebrew Website With 30-40k Database Entries

Building a website with 30k-40k of unique entries(each one has about 20 parameters), smart searching system, link-ability between entries and their parameters, option for comments by visitors, designing the website and promoting it.
Good Hebrew knowledge a must.

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Private Project For MQL Programer – New EA & Indicator

New EA I would like the following features

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Joomla Article Copy

I would like a Joomla plugin at that places a button at the beginning or end of articles. When clicked the button would copy the article, including images (not the source code).

The plug in would have parameters to allow specific sections or categories to be selected so that the plug in only applies to the sections or categories identified in the plug in parameters.

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News Trading EA For Metatrader Of Jforex

The project consists in developing an EA with external service for Metatrader that will trade on the news.

That EA is connected to an external / online database (mySQL – some security requirements will be discussed later with the developer):
The EA will simply look continuosly in a table or query with a set of operations to perform at certain time. If there is an operation set for that exact time it will open it.

One external service automatically update in the database the timesheet of the outcoming news from a web service and extract the exact time and the expected result. In case of a new event create an instance in a table "trades".

In the database there is a list of general events, each one with parameters to set the trade: trigger, expected movement for different result (one to many relation). the instances of that general event list will be automatically joined to the trade table events of the same nature to make them inherit the parameters.

An external GUI is needed to control that parameters and to set autorization for a particoular news.

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Magento Customizing

Need to make buyers guide catalogue based on Magento.

There are only next features needed:
– hide "add to cart" button and cart functionality from Magento frontend (temporary, after couple months it need to activate for some products). I need only catalogue function;
– make category selector like here:|utmccn%3D(organic)|utmcmd%3Dorganic|utmctr%3Dbuyer%2520guide&__utmv=-&__utmk=209827861
– product list need to be changeable to Grid/List. I like grid view here:, List view contains picture, couple main parameters and recommendation strings
– make product page design similar this:, also need to include into product page module with next manageable parameters:

Recommendation: Dont Buy – Updates soon
Last Release: September 09, 2009
Days Since Update: 303 (Avg = 262)

and automated list of URLs – latest news from external wordpress blog tagged similar product name. Look there, those guys did very similar but not so automatic:

– make product compare panel similar this: (right panel) All parameters using in compare panel are existing in product pages too.

I have:
– installed Magento Community Edition
– asquired and installed theme from
– 2 weeks
– some money 🙂

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Web Detection Script


+ This project will be developed in phases.
+ This brief is for phase 1 only.
+ Phase 1 will be help provide the scoping for subsequent phases.


To evaluate what information can be obtained from users, overt or covertly, through a user visiting a designated webpage. There will be a variety of parameters tested for.


1. To establish best practise for obtaining user, environmental and technical data.
2. To determine the set of parameters to be collected based on the quality of the data and the speed of retrival.


1. All code developed for this project.
2. Code should be documented.
3. A webpage displaying the user, environmental and techinical data obtained [function is more important then presentation in Phase 1. A simple list with with parameter and value is sufficent for phase 1]


It is understood many routines exist to collect this information.

Seperate functions for one or more the parameters should be developed as over time not all may be used OR they may be used subjectively.

Please specify when submitting your quote any of these items you CANNOT provide and why.


1. Browser – what browser (and version if possible) is being used?
2. Screen resolution
3. Operating System
4. Language (via OS settings I presume?)
5. Time Zone (via OS settings I presume?)
6. GeoLocation (via IP -and/or- if available GPS/AGPS -and/or- cookie evaluation)


7. Browsing History
8. Email address (via cookie evaluation)
9. Name (via cookie evaluation)
10. Facebook account ID (via #7, #8)
11. Twitter account name (via #7, #8)

Additional parameters may be added by mutual consent.


This code should work on all platforms and devices including mobile.


FTP access to a server will be provided for development.

The successful bidder is in pole position for consideration for phase 2 of this project.

Please identify where this may not be possible in your quotation.

Please contact me with any additional questions.

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Fix PDF With Parameters

I have a PHP application wich generates a PDF with several information. However, a parameter is missing and also need a routine for given a number, print that number in words, in spanish.

Please write a PM to let you know the process and samples of what is need to be fixed.

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Conver Embed Swf File In Html Page To Stand Alone Swf

IMapBuilder creates maps and the output is a html page in which it is embed the map and are the parameters of the swf file and a separate folder that contains a swf file and a xlm file with the data of the flash movie.


We need to transfer the parameters specified in html page to the xml file to have a stand alone swf file of the map.

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