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Phase 3 – Turn Key Website – Rework

following steps are required:

– rework layout (color scheme, details, interface changes) based on mockups.
– changes to the website mechanics and content
– polish some features / admin functionality
– security review, code check

from the day the project is awarded allow a few days so we can deliver the mockups, flowcharts etc.

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The project involved here is about Security, hence if you have work something like this is a plus. I will be offering $0.4 per 100 words. The articles we are talking here are 500-words. Payment will be made every weekend, preferably Saturdays, whether Paypal or GAF (dont worry, we really DO pay and DO NOT run away like the others).

Any incompetent writers will be deemed terminated without recompense (pay) of their undelivered articles.

Kindly check the qualifications in order to be entertained. If you do not meet the qualifications, do not continue and bid as well as waste my time.

Phase 1 Qualifications:

– Must be native english speaker
– From US, UK, Canada
– 10-stars above

Phase 2 Qualifications:
– Daily turn-over of 3 articles
– Can deliver UNIQUE, INFORMATIVE, and HIGH QUALITY articles
– Must be willing to write ONE short sample, just to evaluate your capacity to my work.

Phase 3 Qualifications:

– Your bid must have a sample of your previous work attached in order to check your capabilities. If you dont have this, dont expect to be replied back.

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Promotional Launch Video For Retail Microsales Tool (phase)

Hi all,

I am after a promotional video for the launch page of our localised, social buying tool, to be put at

The video needs to convey the concept clearly to the customer, which we consider to be small to medium sized businesses. These businesses will use the too to connect with the ultimate end user via an iPhone app. Its a brand new concept! We want the video to be around 60 seconds if possible and to basically highlight the situation in which a business should use Phase.

You will be required to provide:
– The drawing / animation: I want this to be very simple and clean. Flash or the like is fine, but i want it to be cartoon based with simple characters using one or two colours and nothing fancy. Either dark grey (#3e3e3e) and white or orange, dark grey and white would be ideal, as in the first video below. Here are two videos that I like. I would ideally want ours to be somewhere between the two; and

Please find the storyboard attached, it has rough images drawn by me which merely show the story, not the style I want. I will do my own voiceovers, or outsource those, but Ive included the text along with each frame / slide so that you can bear it in mind when animating and the time required on each slide. Ive also included extra notes to help with some of the animation.

I am open to some design flair and if you could show me some of your previous work when you bid (a link or something similar) that would help me greatly in entrusting you with this project!

If you have any questions, ask them up front and along the way, its better to work together on this as I dont want to get to the end and have lots of nasty surprises!

My budget is ideally < $300.



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Update Internal Helpdesk Web Site – Phase 2

This project for Superpt..

Update existing web site with addition menu option for accounts.
This option is to show information about outstanding invoices for clients.

Full details to be sent.

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APTECPYME – Phase 1 – Schedule Module Partial Integration

Project for APTECPYME

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APTECPYME – Phase 1 – Appointments – Activities – Notes

Project for APTECPYME

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Phase 1 Of Exciting Iphone APP (programming Req)

I am looking for a programmer to program the 1st phase of a very exciting APP. This includes integration of data using iphone std templates, QR encode/decode, photos and email.

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Web Site Re-factor Project & .NET Razor MVC Implementation

This project is a project in two very distinct phases and has deliverables throughout each phase

Phase 1. HTML re-factor of an existing web site and delivery (no change in the viewed page as a visitor just implementation in a lean div/CSS/JS standards compliant html set).

This encompasses just 8 types of template page

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Private Project For DevWorkshop (Phase 3).

Private project for DevWorkshop.

Stage 3.

* Extensive bug testing
* Cross browser testing

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Content Writer For Music Kids

Need to write script/lyrics for a 15 minute animation film and a small music game for teaching kids( 6-7 years) about string instrument family. The whole activity has to be done in two phases:

Phase 1: Collect all info about string instruments and write point by point what should be taught to a grade 1 kid. This will not be very long but will be very precise. You can tell them about how the instrument makes sound, how to make a simple one, about some specific ones etc. keeping in mind that they do not know anything about string instruments as yet. Note that the sentences should be short, definitions precise as you will tell to a 6 years old.

Phase 2: Once I approve the document of phase 1, you have to write a script for 15 minutes animation film which is a part of a master plot the characters of which I will tell in pmb. This will necessarily consist of a song lyrics about string instruments which will not be more than 12 lines and will consist of info about string instruments.

Phase 3: Write an idea of a flash game which helps in enforcement of the concept taught.

All content language should be original. The copyright will be completely with me.

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APTECPYME – Phase 1 – Reference Tables

Project for APTECPYME

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Project For Novaxtreme (Phase 1)

Project for novaxtreme as discussed.
Please bid $500

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Tune Performance And Security Of Drupal Site (Phase 1)

We would like to tune the performance and security of a Drupal site. The site contains many community and custom modules. As such, we need someone who is comfortable working with and tweaking custom code.

We would like for you to look at all layers in the stack for opportunities given the budget.
– Linux
– Apache
– Drupal
– HTML/CSS optimization

We may be interested in a phased approach if there are more complex opportunities to increase performance and security…but there needs to be some quick wins in this initial phase.

You will be responsible for:
– making a copy of the site and data,
– tuning it in a separate environment
– taking the production site offline in maintenance mode
– migrating the tuned site to production including any data changes since you made the last copy of production
– testing production
– flipping the switch back online

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2 Parts Job-1st Part Everyone Can Do,2nd Part CPA Leads Pro.

Greetings everyone.

there are 2 parts to this project.

Phase 1 – Easy as filling up forms! [anyone can do this]
You will be paid once for filling up a certain number of forms from a website.
You may do this only once.
Do check the project clarification board time to time.
pls bid according to per 100 forms and state in the bidding its phase1.

Phase 2 – CPA lead provider for 1 month*
This phase requires professionals experienced in this field to bid only. More will be discussed after knowing individual more..

Thanks everyone.. theres opportunity for everyone. So u may bid accordingly, pls state on the main bid board which phase u are interested in and more will be discussed in PMs.

Thanks again everyone.. Im using the GMT+8 time zone so i may not be able to answer all msges at ur timing..

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Phase 1 Development For PHPMystro

Phase 1 Development for PHPmYSTRO

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Magento API Guru

Looking for a Magento API Guru with experience on exporting data from Magento to external DB. Apply for phase 1 first. There will be a phase 3 + 4 as well in the nearby future, depending on your coding skills.

Phase 1: exporting from:

– Mage_Customer
– Mage_Catalog
– Mage_Sales
– Mage_CatalogInventory

Phase 2: importing from:

– Mage_CatalogInventory

All data should be stored in separate MySQL DB.

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Requirements Specification For Openbravo 3

I am looking for experienced programmers/ solution architects to plan out a software requirements specification document for some customization work for Openbravo 3 ERP+POS for a retail chain. This is to enable a smoother implementation phase that will also be made for bidding on Freelancer.

The winning bid for this planning phase will still be able to bid for the implementation phase.

Work includes:
1. Understanding the constraints and requirements of the retail chain and proposing adequate customization to the stock Openbravo ERP solution
2. Design/ Recommend a customer loyalty module to be used to replace legacy loyalty program including migration strategy.
3. Design changes to the Openbravo POS to accommodate new client features (multi-tiered pricing, customer log)
4. Design/ Recommend a logistic/shipping module to be used to replace legacy loyalty program
5. Production of a final SRS document that will be used to guide the implementation phase
6. Skype calls for a min 15 mins to max 1 hour every day to debrief on work status

Milestone 1 (20%) – Initial draft of SRS that includes item 1,2,3
Milestone 2 (70%) – Production of full SRS with item 1-5 with incorporation of changes from Milestone 1
Milestone 3 (10%) – Incorporate changes made from Milestone 2

Operating conditions:
1. Your emails with questions and clarifications will be replied within 24 hours.
2. Release of Milestone payments will be done after a management review of submission (2-4 days)

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Senoir .PHP Dev Nedded To Fix Search Results!


PHASE 1 Budget: $30-$50

My Site ( ) is a Local Business Search Directory – your location is autosensed base on your IP and if not found it prompts you to set your default location.

Right now my search results are displaying all records from any company in a state – I need it to first display the results of the current selected city and state that is entered into the search field and then display the next closest cities results in that area.

Example: florists in Houston, Texas

results: any florist listed in houston texas then all remianing cities and states florist results surrounding Houston Texas.

PHASE 2 Budget: $50-$100 (Negotiable if mojor effort)

My home page is loading slow and I am getting DB errors on not only the home page but also other pages on the site.
this needs to be resolved!

PHASE 3 Budget: $30-$50

I have 4 mockup images of what 4 pages on my site should look like and I want to provide these to you and have you make the physical changes to the site. No functionality needs to be created only moving stuff around and adding and deleteing things.

PHASE 4 Budget: $50-$70

I have a waether API from that needs to be put on the home page – but there is a catch – the autosense location based on IP is configured to update the weather api zip code. I can explain further if need be.

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HTML To WordPress, Inlcuding E-commerce And Classified Ads

Conversion to wordpress from supplied html, will be in 2 phases, 1st phase to build the WP site which will include a related links function on the pages, 2nd phase to include the classified ads and e-commerce.

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Web Design Total 1750 USD

This offer is for the development and design of a web. The website is aimed at real estate, specifically, about creating a web of exchange rates on the one hand demanding office space and on the other business centers offer space.

Sample sites:

business centers do not offer a detailed product price, only tells you the center and a range of prices.

There are two types of partners: the applicants office (the customer) and provider of space in Business Center (Business Center),and our activity be match deals with lawsuits, mostly offline, although supported by some information on the intranet

Basic questions:

Programming should be fully oriented SEO

Down two (even 3) stages of development, each phase will have specific targets for completion and bill collection.

Certain maintenance of the web will be made in home (office work with dreamweaver)

The texts of the website will be incorporated in home.

The website will have a public area and a private area (choice of designer database type, indicate which specifications to meet our hosting service)

It will provide ideas, photos, web-like style. and / or refine the design templates

Initially the site is oriented to the market in Spain.

The website must be designed to be translated into different languages (no translation tool provides for the google-style apps) The idea is that the web has a mirror for each language.

Web Development:

Initially the website will be born with 6 sections.

Unless the section we call "Office Space", the other sections in phase 1, will be text only.

1 ° "Office Space"

Customer may request a demand for space by:
In 1 phase:
– In a form
In 2 phase, the customer may select:
– Through a city map that will be selected in advance between the main cities
– Through a list of a city business centers
In a 3 phase:
– Each description of a business center, may be felt and appreciated by the customer, this opinion may be rebutted by the business center

Private Area:

Two groups for Customers and Business Centers

Each group will have a general tab with your data and documents section

Be more "special" group of business centers, in which each business center will publish each office (it is very common that a company has several business centers), with its characteristics we, photos, etc..

Access to private area will be made through email and password

We understand that the detailed description here is very basic and will require more detail, but initially we want to receive proposals and once selected, the developer will work with the winner

Besides the economic value of the initial development, we also want the cost per hour for future improvements and / or modifications.

Phase 1:

– Design web (images obtained with the main idea) and creation of the web, private area and Database $ 750

Phase 2

– Development of searches through map (think through solutions-style apps google maps) and list of facilities $ 400

Phase 3

– Developing customer feedback and business centers $ 400

Also indicate hourly rate.

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The web order processing system is a multi- phase project. This quote will be for Phase One. Phase two will be assigned to the same contractor upon successful completion of Phase One.

Below are the high level specs. The full functional spec will be made available to contractors deemed qualified to move forward with the project:

The B2B WEB ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM, the "system," is a multi-tenant SaaS application. It accepts inbound purchase orders from a third party and loads them into a MySQL database. This triggers an email alert and/or SMS text message to the seller that a new PO has been received. The PO is made available to the seller through a web form accessed by the seller through a login screen. Seller can view and print or save the PO to their local machine as a PDF file. Seller can also create a detailed acknowledgement of the PO through a button on the PO form. The ack will take specified information from the PO and populate a new ack creation form. The seller can modify select fields on the ack form. There will also be new fields on this form for the seller to add values to. The seller can save the ack form to their local machine as a PDF, save onto the server for later completion or cancel entry. Seller may also commit and send the ack. Committing the ack will validate that fields are properly populated according to the buyers requirements. Once committed, the ack will be exported from the database to a file in a consistent format to be defined by our project manager. The format will be the same regardless of the trading relationship.

The above paragraph defines the high level flow. Below are other high level features that must be included in Phase 1:

– User Classes: Users are Buyers, Sellers, Buyers/Sellers and Admins. A users view of the system is determined by their class at time of login. For example, buyers see purchase orders they have sent. Sellers see purchase orders they have received (inbound vs. outbound). Buyers/Sellers see both. Regardless of class, users can only see transactions that apply to their

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Private Project For DevWorkshop (Phase 2).

Private project for DevWorkshop.

Stage 2.

* Admin elements functioning
* Client side elements to be developed

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Business Portal

Internet-based portal that allows businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs a fast, easy way to find business information, resources and services from anywhere in the world, making it easy for entrepreneurs and potential businesses to start a business and for existing businesses to gain more ground. we will provide structured content like "business search", "how to start your business", links to all the relevant government and non government institutions and most importantly applications(products) which replace some of the physical office. With an Online Office
Manager, your office moves with you at all times, and you have 24-hour access to it. Users can get Online Office Manager by subscribing to our service on the Internet.

business portal that should have a dynamic page creation cms for

information about:(all updated by content manager)
opening a business
intellectual property law

services:(all furnished by partners, will only need to integrate)
billing system
business plan writer

the portal should have a business search everywhere on the site and user accounts, will also need to have a banner management system.

think of

we need 2 phase for this project
1 – logo and web design
2 – is web development

please bid on number one first and send bid for phase 2 via message the one that does phase one does not have to do phase 2 but it would be better to have one company do the entire project.

for more information please send us a message

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IGBT Based 3 Phase Invertor

Looking for IGBT Based Inverter for 3 Phase Induction Motor,
Design Prototype may be for 32 Amp
PWM Inverter may have Vector Control

Looking for Design , Prototype

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Daily Deals Site (Yipit Clone)

Looking for a Yipit clone. Phase one to include:

Tasks :

– aggregate daily deals from different different Websites, like Groupon, LivingSocial, and more (will all be from with US, UK, or Australia).

– design logo for site

* Info collected: Deal provider, picture, main title of the offers, description and information, Retailer Price, New price, Discount, Time left, Buyers numbers, Affiliate link to offer website.

* Ability to sort by country, city, by Deal provider (Groupon, Livingsocial

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IPhone/Android Application For Sportsevent


I would like to develop an iPhone/Android ecommerce application for foods/drink/goods specifically targeting live event.

Concept is quite similar to the following;

-Ecommerce functionality
-Location Support (delivery of foods/drink will be made based on GPS info)
-Backend order management system

We would anticipate the design execution to take place in two distinct stages:
1) Demo version

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Facebook Page Application For Universties

I would like to develop an Facebook application for universities.

We would anticipate the design execution to take place in two distinct stages:

1) Demo version

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Ongoing SEO / Website Design Campaigns

Our company on an ongoing basis is looking for a small team of:
1) SEO consultants

2) Web designers (knowledge of WordPress required)

You will need to know how to optimise our clients sites for a mixture of very competitive keywords for both local searces and in certain case multiple countries. We are looking for SEO experts who:

Provide guaranteed results using white hat methods to rank 1,2,3 for keywords.

Have SEO tools to provide monthly reports showing progress of SEO campaigns.

Increase web traffic

Increase conversions rates

We are engaged to take on 5-6 SEO projects per month. Payment will be made on successful page ranking for the selected keywords

Project Requirements

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Database Intergration

This project has been divided into 4 phases.
Phase 1 MYOB Integration
Deliverable: Automated synchronisation of member details with MYOB. Script to be run daily.
Phase 2 Additional database fields and table development
Deliverable 1: Add additional fields to existing tables within the mySQL database. Field information to be provided by ACPSEM. There will be approximately 20 fields with the option to increase.
Deliverable 2: Development of additional tables and interface to capture training data. Schema to be provided by ACPSEM. Interface to allow data input from the ACPSEM (joomla) website.
Phase 3 Integration of ACPSEM e-Learning (moodle) with ACPSEM (joomla) website.
Deliverable 1: Create linkage between TEAP register results captured in a compentency tracker and datafield information in moodle and the training tables in joomla.
Phase 4 Reporting
Deliverable 1: write 30 set SQL queries that can be run through an abobe flex interface
Option 1 Deliverable: Recommend and install a custom reporting tool with 30 pre set reports and the ability to run ad hoc reports with data imputs from both joomla and moodle

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Google Map Integration With Flash

I am looking for a Google Map Expert

Phase I
Integrate Google Maps API into existing website,, under

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