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VC , C# Urgently Developer Need For GUI Of Pc2phone Dialer

Dears ,
We have already SDk for developing Pc2phone dialer , We need handsome progrramer having experience to develop professional and handsome interface (GUI ) along with skins minimum order for skins will be 25~ to 50 Skins , bids will be apreciated only from those developers who have already any previous experience in developing Pc2phone dialer .
more details will be provided and SDk to developer who will be eligible to do that task .

exampled of skins and GUI provider here also .
Fizan Telecom

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Android Dialer/Phone Patch

The goal of this project is to change Androids Phone/Dialer application to handle Outgoing/Incoming calls as follows:

Incoming calls:

Before making the phone ring, upon receiving a phone call, it should connect to a web service (details and address of the web service will be provided) and retrieve some information about the caller. It should then make the phone RING and show the information that is provided by the web service together with the caller ID of the call. It will be like an extended caller ID system.

Outgoing calls:

After the user (phone owner) enters a phone number to dial, the dialer application should connect to a web service and send some information about the call (details will be provided later). Once the dialer application receives the response from the web service, it should continue the process and just dial the phone number that the user entered normally. Basically, we require that the phone connects to a particular web service before making the call.

All other components of the dialer/phone app should remain the same and function the same. The above described modifications are the only changes that need to be applied.

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Simple Mobile Phone Dialer

We are a small company in Greece which needs an application developed for Symbian, Windows Mobile and iPhone. The features should be simple.

The application should dial a pre-configured (by the user) number (e.g. 555) and then the phone number the user dials by hand or through his contact list. (In fact it redirectes the called number through the pre-configured)

To make myself better understood, we need:

1. A menu where the user can enter the pre-configured number he needs.
2. In the menu should be a Bypass Prefix sub-menu in which are stored some prefixes that the application bypasses. (e.g 1, the application does not call the pre-configured number if the dialed one begins with number 1)
3. It should handle the "+" and convert it to "00"

We understand that the only way to achieve this for the 3 operating systems is to develop 3 applications.

We are going to sell the application to our clients (licence) so we would like to offer to the programmer share of this income. For instance, we can buy license from the programmer and resell it to the customers.

Although the budget for this project is small, we are sure that selling further licences to us will benefit both sides, us and the programmer.

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Sip For Symbian Voip

Mobile Client – SRS

Client Target Device

basic SIP steak installer and management client which will make sure sipme service is defined on top of os and will manage it according to the defined in the Feature set section.
Feature Set
PJSIP – Open Source SIP Stack Client


R – 1. Application will provide sip in integrated way with telephony services of operating system, such as Incoming/Outgoing/Missed calls logs SMS and voicemail messages
R – 2. SIPME client will be confront to OS user profile settings such as:
 Silent
 Meetings
 General
 User custom profile
R – 3. Allow initiating calls from regular phone dialer / or contact lists

R – 4. The system will remove domain part of the caller id.

R – 5. The client will enable only service from sipme service and not any other sip provider.

R – 6. The application will be opened automatically when handset is turned on.

R – 7. Application will not allow user to turn it off and will always run in the background.

R – 8. sipme service indicator implementation on handset status bar


R – 9. WiFi / 3G smart management

Always prefer WiFi over 3g – If service disconnected
a. if WiFi available
i. connect to WiFi
b. else
i. connect to 3G

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Voip Sip

We need to develop a sip client for symbian , windows mobile and other os
pjsip is Possible
WiFi / 3G smart management
integrated way with telephony services of operating system, such as Incoming/Outgoing/Missed calls
initiating calls from regular phone dialer / or contact lists
Full srs can delivered

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Desktop Telemarketing Dialer

we need our Desktop Telemarketing Dialer to be enhanced.

It is currently up and running and will dial any csv file imported. It will dial one number at a time and will proceed to dial the next one once use has terminated the current call in progress.

1. The next phone record in line needs to begin dialing automatically as soon as the current call is terminated, currently it stops and ask if you would like to dial a long distance code. This needs to change and user needs to be able to assign ld codes beforehand so that it will continue to dial with no interruption,.

2. The user should have the option to click on play to begin a pre-recorded message to broadcast. Once the message is complete, the call should terminate and begin to call the next record automatically without any interruption

3. Need to be able to do a one click email of pre templated emails and continue calling in the background without interuption

4. Need to be able to use, magicjack.Com as the voip service, it should all interface together so that the end user simply needs to open the dialer and begin calling without much confusion, the dialer should have an option to use dialer modem or Magicjack VOIP internal dialing.. Extremely important feature.

5. Although the program gives a calling report with number of calls made and the time, we would like something more expansive, the following dispostion codes need to be added in order to disposition the call properly for future calling.

Not Interested – IN
Call Back – CB
Disconnected/Wrong Number – DISC
Sale – Sale
Do Not Call – DNC

These codes above should all mark the call in a new disposition field and then terminate the call and move on to dial the next number automatically.

click on this link to download the application:

We can buy a version online for les then $99 so please do not bid more then this amount. You will need to build rebuild the code and self executable files. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks

02/27/2009 at 14:33 EST:

We are not looking for telemarketing service, we are looking for a coder or coders that can create teh dialer application for use in telemarketing. thanks

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