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Magento Expert – Help Required For Multiple Sites

I have Magento 1.4.2 installed with a product category of about 800 products ported from an existing VirtueMart website.

In Magento I have set it up so that I have five websites all pointing to the same Magento installation and database. This seems to work ok – and are examples.

However, I cannot get it so that different products are showing in the different websites. While I can get new categories to show up no problem in all the domains, products are only showing in the default domain (specsandsunglasses)!?

It may be just me being stupid (!) or there may be something incorrect with the installation or migration from VirtueMart.

I need someone to fix this problem and let me know how they did it. Fee will only be given when the issue is resolved.

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I will be launching a series of websites over the next few months and I will need a PHP developer that can customise CMS templates and install them on the server.

I will mostly be working with WordPress templates but I want to try some alternative CMS platforms as well such as sNews with CCS templates


I will also be working on some projects in the future that might need advanced functionality such as social network profiles or membership sites so I will need an objective opinion on when it may make more sense to use Joomla or Drupal. I will also need someone that can fix the bugs in WordPress templates as well as provide advanced PHP code level customisation.

If you are good at what you do but only can help with one part of this brief, feel free to place a bid for your specific skills.

Thank you from

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External Dbase Plugin To Update Content On Multiple Sites

I want to Create / Modify article content on site A

Sites B,C and D on different domains will check the articles on site A and create / update the same articles in their own databases

This all must be written for Joomla 1.5.20

The plugin is available is called: "ExternalDB" and is available on written by chris williams

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Design And Populate (collect Content) For Multiple Sites

Design and populate (collect content) for multiple single page shopping sites. Same template is OK. List of themes will be provided.

$5 per site.

I will order in large quantities if satisfied with the results.

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Basic PHP for mosets tree

I have a single search form that do conflict with the form submission on my joomla and it is conflicting my other component. I know that it is fairly easy since this is just a module (a single php file). I can only give $35 max. Warm regards! I think the problem is it is using html instead of php.

the demo site is at
http dot easy w e b s ites dot ky / projects / erabahamas (see the basic search function)

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