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Copy A PHP Site On A New Server

Project is about copying an existing website on to a new server, site is in PHP, MYSQL.
Budget is 30$ and can only be paid after testing the new site

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Website to be Copied + PHP installations

I need 3 Pre made website PHP installations on 3 separate websites asap

Please do not bid over $30.00

Thank You.

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Ecommerce Webdesign(ZENCART)-Adjustments needed

We are urgently looking for experienced designer to do the following.
Please read the job prior to submitting bids, copy&paste bids will not be considered

1.Need to modify an existing system to comply with server mailing rules of no more then 500 emails per set if time.(set it to 1 email per 6 seconds) Write a crone to accomodate that
ONLY designers who have succesfully done same job need to apply
Alternatively can install PHP List, but would need to provide training on how to use it.

2. Activate reviews features(would prefer to have it on the home page, or individual products.(Some training will be required on how to manage it)It is already installed just needs to be activated and modified for our needs

3. Add about us page(need to be easy to modify by me)

4. Some minor alterations to the email(orders format) sample will be provided, again already installed in the system

5. Save/back up all files in case of crash or changing servers. Also provide instruction on how to do same myself.

6. Install/change/suggest good "live help" software, currenly using liveleader, but would prefer if possbile to link to M S N or Skype (for stability purposes)

7.Thumbnails on the site(homepage and most likely all others) are not proper thumbnails they are fullsize images squeezed into thumbnail size). This is causing the site to load slowly
Need to install a mode that automatically resizes/turns into thumbs
probably "EZ thumbnails" mode or something of a kind).

8. Adust/Fix order submitting. We offer 2 payment options through 2 different payment getaways, for some reason, one (paymate) accepts the payment but does not submit the order. IE Customer places an order and pays for it, but system does not register the order, so we have no way of knowing whats been purchased

I will ONLY consider personal bids that address the actual job

You would be available on Skype for an ongoing communication
Do NOT need to see 1 or 2 pages of your skills and jobs done.

In your bid please include your experience with each task stated, addressed in point form.

If you have any questions, please contact me to discuss

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