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PHP Coder Required For A Great Project Opportunity!


I need a coder to make a few changes on my website:

Website :

The changes I am expecting (possibly few more minor things)

1. move newest questions to top (very easy)
2. get rid of welcome (very easy)
3. get rid of email on right side and add another ad (VERY easy, I might just change it myself)

Now the things that take time:

1. Add a function for me to enable or disable approving feature for questions (currently, admin has to approve)
2. Fix a small mistake in admin area for approving question
3. Add a subscribe button for each question to get updates when theres a comment to their email
4. Add a working share on fb, tweet, tumblr icon on each question that users can click on and share.
5. In approving questions, make it easier by adding a bulk approve function
6. Newest question should be formatted so there are 5-10 questions each page with multiple page navigation
7. Allow users to post quizzes as well
8. Quizzes should go on "past quizzes"
9. All quizzes should have a "share this quiz feature like comments AND a boxed URL link that they can copy and paste to share)
10. Questions with most votes should be included in the "top Questions" category (add it in)
11. Report function for comments and questions. Hide question or comment at "x" reports. (Let me be able to adjust that)
12. In admin account, I want to be able to edit, delete, and move comment to different categories.

These are probably all the things you will be working on.

Please do not bid more than 30 dollars.

Also, there are future benefits of working for this right now! I will tell you everything in more detail!

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Quiz Creating , Content Submit , Virtual Assistance

I Prefer a Girl
that know to pick cool stuff
and attractive content

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Quiz script (to finish)

I have a quiz script (PHP script) that I need completed. I have full specs to give and details on how it works but I do not have the database anymore and not even the structure.

So this job is about:
– rebuilding the database
– correct any of the PHP security flaws
– complete the PHP script
– work on my own test server
– move the final application on the on-line server and make sure it works.

My target pay for this job is 80USD, because most of the work is done.

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