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Making My Classified Advert Site More Dynamic Before Launch

A couple of years ago, I purchased a classified advert program for which I have been working on to create my site. The software is written using php, sql, css and jquery I believe and is set in a way that when I log in as an administrator, I can create categories, sub categories as well as custom fields for these categories. The software is quite dynamic and pretty neat but I have been requesting particular features for a long time now that I would like to see to best suit what I would like to see for my site but have only now been told I will need to find an external developer to make the modifications I require.

At the moment, the program will only allow my users to place an advert in one category – I wish for them to be able to select more than one!

I wish to integrate an advanced comment/feedback and star rating system as well as an advanced promotion system that are linked in a way that my customers can be rewarded for their time by gaining ad credits (this would require some sort of control and settings by me in the administrator control panel).

In the current software, i create custom fields that a user can select/interact with when placing or searching for an advert but I wish to be able to make this more dynamic by the use of chained selects. for example: if i create a custom field called "Manufacturer" in the "Cars" category, I can set it so that a user has an option of manufacturers to choose from, but once selected, thats it….I can then create a list of models but the two would not be linked. I want to be able to set chained selects up so that once a "manufacturer" is chosen, a list of "models" appear to select from that are only relevant to that particular manufacturer!…..The system is there in the software to create good detailed adverts but the data created on the sql database surely could be sourced to do what I require?

It is possible in the software to integrate paypal payments, so that users can sell individual items using their own paypal accounts, but I wish to give them the option to set up a shop if they wish to!….So an option to have a shopping trolley would be good?…

I have a few people requested that when my site is launched, they are able to sell photographs and pictures….So what I would like setting up is a way that when a customer purchases a photo or picture, and payment is received – the download only then appears! Ideally, items should be watermarked so they cant be just copied!

I wish for my users to be able to search adverts by setting a distance from their post/zip code…this would need setting up!…

Another feature I would like to see is a "memory" feature in my forms….along with suggestions……As users type, I would like suggestions to appear based on the entry box use/website content. If someone begins to type something in a particular box…. suggestions appear, but if there are no suggestions relating to whats entered, the word(s) entered are saved/stored to appear in future suggestions (due to misspelling etc. it may be an idea for these to be saved temporarily in the database, lets say 60 days and only appear as a suggestion/option if more than ____amount of people enter it within that time period)….I hope this is possible!?….If so, it would be useful in advert creation if a particular type/model number etc of product is not listed, because it could be added by the user . Ideally, anything added should auto notify to admin!?

I hope these things make sence!….it is really hard to explain without you viewing and understanding the site as it currently is first!

I hope someone can help!

If someone does take this job on, I would like to pay monthly if possible towards the total charge because I currently do not have access to large amounts of money in one go!

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E-commerce Web Site – Php

I need a php & mySQL e-commerce web site created that will sell accounting software. Specific requirements:

1) Layout and design per attached sample screenshot mockup. All graphics, fonts, color codes will be provided, along with more detailed layout and screen mockups.

2) Paypal shopping cart integration will be required.

3) Custom configuration of the products by the user – the main product selection screen will need to dynamically update based on the users choices and a set of rules that will be provided. Similar concept to buying a computer – user selects a base model, and depending on their selection different configuration choices and optional add-ons are offered. This will need to be database driven.

4) Site design must follow web best practices, must include all typical on page SEO such as keyword and description tags, and must make good use of includes for scale and efficiency.

Cpanel and FTP access will be provided.

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Update/Improve GUI On Existing Dynamic JSP Web Site

We are looking to improve look and feel on the existing dynamic website. The changes will have to be made only in CSS, HTML and javascripts code.

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Web Site PHP Problems

I have already implemented a very basic online store using tutorials, etc from the net. It works very well and is great for a little site I am doing for my wife. However, in the admin backend when adding products I can only add 1 image.

What I want is the ability to upload 1 main product image + 4 additional images and have these displayed on the products page – and if possible, get them to open in a lightbox, or when the additional images are selected, have them replace the main image.

Should be quick and easy for those with the know-how!

Very very urgent!

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Tuition Marketplace Web Site In PHP

Need to develop a complete web site for Tuition Marketplace

– same genre as
– Info from web site captured to store in database
– Must be a content management site

2 REPORT (Login Required)
Reports to be generated from parameters captured from:-
Demand Side:
Supply Side:-

– Provide a web form to query
(a) Demands based on Student Types (see
(b) Supplies based on Tutor Type

– web app to be suitable for mobile phones (especially iPhone)

During final evaluation of short-listed bidders, we need
– to see sample design (can be in low-res JPG/GIF format)
– design must be vibrant and zesty to attract customers
– even if it is low price, any poor designs will not be considered

– during development, bidder will host the site for review
– for deliverables, web site will be delivered within a ZIP file and
– Setup Instruction must be provided to upload this at hosting provider
– Instruction on how to configure the MySQL database is also required
– We will be using to host this site

– 10% upon confirmation of project
– 35% upon completion of look-&-feel design (Home & Inside Pages)
Layouts must be approved before actual coding of site begins
Note: Every Inside Page must have its own graphic banner
& design that best represents the content of that page
– 35% upon completion of web site in PHP format including database
– 20% when final ZIP file of deliverable is presented

Note: First 10% is upfront payment
Balance 90% will be in Escrow Account pending completion of milestones

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New Web Site Development In PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

OBJECTIVE: We need a developer to develop a brand new web site.
EXAMPLE: A good working example of what we have in mind is a site by the name of — aa rr tt ii cc ll ee cc ll ii cc kk dd oo tt cc oo mm — which belongs to SOMEBODY ELSE!! No, its NOT our site!!

REQUIREMENTS: Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Because, at this point, requirements are NOT set in stone. The following set of requirements is considered preliminary:

PLATFORM: The code shall work on the Windows and Mac platforms.
BROWSERS: The code shall be fully compatible with Microsoft IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
PHP: Pages shall be be dynamically loaded, NOT static. Code/Script shall be written in PHP.
MYSQL: The database shall be MySQL (to include up to 999 users and up to 999 articles)
TEMPLATES: Page templates shall be in HTML/CSS.

FEATURE 1: Up to 999 USERS shall be able to sign UP (Its a process… enter N… enter EMAIL…enter PWD…. read TOS… verify EMAIL)
FEATURE 2: Up to 999 USERS shall be able to RECOVER their own passwords (Its a process… enter EMAIL…receive PWD)
FEATURE 3: Up to 999 USERS shall be able to sign IN (Its a process… enter EMAIL…enter PWD)
FEATURE 4: Up to 999 USERS shall be able to sign OUT
FEATURE 5: There shall be 16 subjects (that up to 999 USERS can upload to)

FEATURE 6: Up to 999 USERS shall be able to UPLOAD. Text only….. NOT doc, docx, PDF, HTML, rtf, or wp files.
FEATURE 7: CHAR COUNTER shall be needed…. the MINIMUM number of characters to upload shall be 2500.
FEATURE 8: Any of the 999 USERS can EDIT….. BUT only their OWN article,,,,,, BUT only within first 30 minutes.
FEATURE 9: Any of the 999 USERS can DELETE…. BUT only their OWN article,,,,,, BUT only within first 30 minutes..
FEATURE 10: Up to 3 ADMs shall be able to EDIT and/or DELETE (everything and anyones).

FEATURE 11: THE PUBLIC shall have permission to READ all articles. But NO permission to edit or write.
FEATURE 12: THE PUBLIC can ALWAYS see the 16 subject headings
FEATURE 13: THE PUBLIC can ALWAYS click/pick 1 of the 16 subjects
FEATURE 14: When THE PUBLIC doesnt pick a subject, 16 random article TITLES shall appear. One for each of the 16 subjects.
FEATURE 15: When THE PUBLIC picks a subject, a random LIST of 16 article TITLES appears in THAT subject only.

FEATURE 16: When THE PUBLIC picks an article TITLE, the whole article shall appear, including the ADS
FEATURE 17: The following pages shall be added: Error404, Privacy policy, TOS, Contact us.
FEATURE 18: THE PUBLIC can subscribe for and receive info through RSS feed
FEATURE 19: The article TITLES shall be generated automatically (whenever a USER uploads an article).
FEATURE 20: Article URLs shall be keywords, similar to the article titles they represent.

FEATURE 21: Article URLs shall be generated automatically (whenever a USER uploads an article).

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PHP For A Hotel Booking Agency Web Site

I have a hotel site I wish to let people book hotels through

Example site

So when a user clicks on a hotel they goto

Can anyone help ?

Also give me a cost on how much


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Modify PHP And MySQL Development

Modify web site php and MySQL

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Web-site (PHP/MySQL)

We need a website similar to Everything same but with our content (we will provide).
Also we want to apply some graphics. Well provide the graphics to the right person.
Please check the website completely before applying your bid.
Would like to hear which CMS you would propose using.

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Site Modification As Per Our Requirement In Php

Hi All, Proposals are invited to Modify a site in php. We want a yellowpages site with some more features. Mixture of and just dial. Contact immediately. current site name is Only those who will complete the task asap and test also need to bid.

Nisha jain

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Site Down…Rebuild Custom Php.ini ASAP!!!!

Hosting company moved myu site from 32bit server to 64bit, and now site is down. They told me the following:

If you built your own custom PHP (or php.ini), it may be broken now. This is because the old servers used a 32bit architecture and the new servers are 64bit. Unfortunately, this isnt something we can help you troubleshoot, but youll just need to rebuild your custom php (or php.ini) again using the new servers libraries.

Need someone who can knock this out out fast and seamlessly.

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php based web site programing

i need a programmer/s that can program a few elements of a built web site for me.

a few important notes
the website is in Hebrew so the you have to have experience with programing in Hebrew.
it is imperative that the job will be finished in two weeks tops i do mean tops!!! if you cant handle it please do not reply

and now for what i need: engine in Hebrew
2.results page (in Hebrew) with the possibility to:
a.saving marked search results to users area records for later usage.
b.printing marked search results records.
c.mailing marked search results records to specific recipients.
d. the ability to save search preferences in the users area.

3.user area – where user can edit: own personal record.
b.view saved search results.
c.edit and add search preferences.
d.move, print, mail and delete saved records.

for more detailed explanations please contact

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building a dynamic web site

We need a programmer / web designer / a team to create a freelance employment platform, similar to getacoder

We need very well functioning website which should be very easy to use.

You should have a very good understanding of how getacoder works. If you have done GAF / getacoder clones in the past

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Basic PHP for mosets tree

I have a single search form that do conflict with the form submission on my joomla and it is conflicting my other component. I know that it is fairly easy since this is just a module (a single php file). I can only give $35 max. Warm regards! I think the problem is it is using html instead of php.

the demo site is at
http dot easy w e b s ites dot ky / projects / erabahamas (see the basic search function)

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Parkayproducts Website / PhP/ Virtual Currency Site

My website needs better SEO and functionality
Id prefer making a PHP based web site rather than my current design..

I have pictures already loaded and folders all set for what I need done..

Basically all you have to do is create a website along the lines of this w/coupon entries, backend discount % ability, and Video gamer related web



The website is VERY easy to create graphically and the hardest part is creating the backend.. I can fully register the games as needed and put the items into the correct spots I just need a backend built for it..

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PHp Website Scraper

A php based web site scraper is needed.

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