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Sports Betting Function – Php

I need assistance debugging a script that will login to, compare odds and place a bet based on parameters passed to it. The issue is the last page has some javascript that does some type of timer before sending it to the final page which my curl script never hits. Script will be provided, and curl functions are used.

<script language="javascript">function OnTimer(){window.location.replace("ProcessWagerRelay.asp");return;}setTimeout(OnTimer(), 5000);

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SimpleXML Function Config And Php Project Support.


Im building a demo website to show some off back end functionality, the demo site is html and php.
Its a long time since I built a site and never in php before, so im looking for some assistance.

The first task is to add a php function to render some external xml content to connect the demo to some external cms content.

Id like a simpleXML function where i can easily specify the end point.

Although this task is simple, probably around 30 mins work, id like to chat (IM) through the process so may take a little longer.

Following the initial task there will be several other items to attend to so Im looking for someone to support me through the rest of the build too. Although unceratin what this will contain at present.


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Medical Marijuana Site

We need a site built that lists medical marijuana dispensaries. We also need it to feature a geo-ip function to automatically suggest a users location. it also should have interfaces for iphone, etc for mobile users.

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Update PHP Twitter Application

I have a twitter PHP application that needs to have updated features:

DM Inbox: Archiving & anti-spam
Archive DM messages older than 7 days:
De-spam your DM inbox

Follower Manager
Keyword following
Mimic following
Location filtering

Smart Tweets
add single/multiple Tweets
Tweets Group Schedule

DM Outbox: Rules-based messages

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Malicious Code Scanner

A PHP function that searches HTML and JavaScript for common exploits that could automatically download a file, or install a worm on a users computer.

The function should consider any type of automatic file download to be potentially malicious, even if it opens a download prompt. It should also consider all embedded objects to be malicious, except for Flash Player.

The HTML or JavaScript should be inputted into the function as a string parameter. After searching, the function should return a boolean indicating whether the file is safe, or if it contains potentially dangerous code.

The function will need to be written exclusively for this project, and must not be encrypted in any way.

I just wanted to add some clarification about this project…

The scanner function doesnt need to search for specific exploits, just some of the common methods that are used to install or upload them on a users computer.

For example, it should flag any embedded objects except for Flash Player. It should also flag attempts to download a file, or access system settings on a computer.

The code will be provided to the function as a parameter, so it just needs to use something like strpos() to search for these potential exploit methods.

If a programmer is familiar with the common exploit methods, this function shouldnt take longer than a few hours to code.

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