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Simple Web Polling System (php + MySQL)

The project is a hierarchical web polling system, in this scenario the polling questions can have multiple and unlimited length of sub-questions (i.e. sub-sub-question) span and hierarchy. The polling questions are scored from 0 – 5 (in 10 steps) with stars polls format. The input data include date, time, ip, geo-location (from ip), browser and OS.

The polling results is presented in five stars format, displaying the total number of votes, it should also support the option of drilling down to the sub-polls (sub-questions) hierarchies by clicking on the poll result. In addition, the poll result can be drilled down by date using a calendar function, the poll scores can be displayed as a continuous graph or bar chart for a specified time period, the display format (either bar chart or continuous graph) should be user-selectable.

Important to have is a script to embed the polling result (specific question, sub-question or sub-sub-question) in an external website, results should be displayed in five stars format with total votes.

Simple Admin Interface to create questions/sub-questions span and hierarchy is also needed.

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mysql optimization


well, i need to optmize mysql server system variables and need some advice on query optimization,indexing on one site. if your work satisfy us then there are couple of more projects for you.


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Membership project

Simple PHP/MYSQL membership system

Client side :

3.Secure area

Admin side

1.List members
2.Manage content in secure area
3.Newsletter (Can send newsletter to members)

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