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2 Simple Similiar Ecommerce Websites


I require 2 identical OS commerce Websites with shopping cart with interface only to Paypal.

1) Site 1 will be for school uniforms (clothes)
2) Site 2 will be for lady apparel

The different will be that the lady apparel site will have a more upscale look when it comes to colors.

Keep in mind I am looking for a very simplistic look with categories to the left and items to the right in the body.

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I Need A Website

I need a website like with different UI Design. functionality almost same but UI design will be different.
all the source code will be our property. i need that site in php with mysql. i would like to see design first, so if u can send me design mockup that can affect to select the bidder.

Good Luck

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Simple Video 2d/3d Animation

Cartoon/Photo – Video 2D or 3D / Flash Animation for a Website. Only video and sound for max 2 minute.
This is a very simple promo for a dating agency site.
I need also to poste it on Youtube.

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Optimize Worpdress Site News – Wp, Php And Mysql Expert

Were looking a wordpress expert to help us to optimize a News Portal based on WP.

Our homepage has around 161 queries. As you know its a lot of queries for a WP homepage. A lot. We start working with our client with only 1000 user per day and know, we are around 4000 users per day, and the server its going lazy. We have around 17,000 entries.

We deploy a cache application in order to release process, but our homepage its still consume a lot of resources. And when we have around 100 simultaneous users, our system crash and start to show "establish database connection error" message.

We want to make some changes in the code in order to improve CPU processes.

Pls let me know…if youre interesting.

Its URGENT ! Quick Start


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Multilanguage Site, Php, MySQL, Network

I need a multi-language site in English and Japanese. It is for an English school. I would like a social network built with profiles on the students and the teachers. Example site Also the students need to register for classes. Students and teachers may be in different timezones.

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Ecommerce Site With CSS, PHP & MYSQL. Only Experts Apply!

We are currently running two country-specific websites on a hosted shopping carts and we want out immediately. We are looking for you to do one site first and then copy essentially the same thing to the second site that

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Motors Site Inspired By (php/mysql)

I have php script, I need someone customize it including : design, security, make it arabic languge (right to left, I will give him the translation). Also, some part of script is encrypted (simple encryption) just decrypt the whole script before start.

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The VIP Paparazzi Shoot Out


We will provide our brand logo, domain name.

We need a 3-5 page website or word-press blog, 4 641px × 40px Banners.

1. Flash Homepage
2. Rules
3. Register Form
4. Prizes
5. Winners

Simple site like this:

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Site Redesign

We have a site that was developed in ruby/rails and need assistance to redesign it with php/mysql.

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Photo Lab Site Needed In PHP/Mysql

I am looking for a site exactly similar to All features and functionality should be included. Admin panel is also required.

Study this site properly and let me know the exact quote…placeholder bids will be ignored.

Dont ask me for information as i want a site similar to the reference site with paypal payment option.

I will provide you the design in PSD file…so no design just development work is required.

I m not sure about the budget quote me realistic charges.

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Auction Site In PHP And MySQL

I need help designing a page on the similar to
I will provide graphis, I just need the programming, preferably in PHP and MySQL.
I will also need the source code and a detailed explanation as to how the solution is built.
Thank you for bidding 🙂

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Web-site (PHP/MySQL)

We need a website similar to Everything same but with our content (we will provide).
Also we want to apply some graphics. Well provide the graphics to the right person.
Please check the website completely before applying your bid.
Would like to hear which CMS you would propose using.

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Site Modification As Per Our Requirement In Php

Hi All, Proposals are invited to Modify a site in php. We want a yellowpages site with some more features. Mixture of and just dial. Contact immediately. current site name is Only those who will complete the task asap and test also need to bid.

Nisha jain

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Simple Accounts Creation Needed, Quick


I need 10 accounts created and confirmed (confirmation links activated/clicked) to 45 different social media sites (450 accounts needed total).

I will provide with:

– 10 usernames, 10 email addresses, 10 passwords.

– A catchall central email address so you can get all the confirmation links through the same email inbox, via gmail.

– A specific list of 45 social websites to create the accounts into.

– An Excel file for you to complete missing data, the profile URLs. Each account you will create/activate will automatically create you a profile page, this profile page is usually mentioned in the confirmation email, or if not, at the end of your creation process. The Excel file is already completed with each username, email, password. The only data missing is the profile URLs.

** If by any chance a username would be taken at a specific site (i doubt it, the format should be available) you would have to update the username in the Excel file, but like i said, username should be available, if not you add a 1 to the end.

I can provide a few examples of the social sites in PM, these sites have a fast account creation process

I would like this done quickly

Please provide me with cost and when would this be completed

If you do a good job, this could become a long term relationship

Thank you in advance!

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Site Down…Rebuild Custom Php.ini ASAP!!!!

Hosting company moved myu site from 32bit server to 64bit, and now site is down. They told me the following:

If you built your own custom PHP (or php.ini), it may be broken now. This is because the old servers used a 32bit architecture and the new servers are 64bit. Unfortunately, this isnt something we can help you troubleshoot, but youll just need to rebuild your custom php (or php.ini) again using the new servers libraries.

Need someone who can knock this out out fast and seamlessly.

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PHP/MySQL Based Site – Session Security/mysql Injection Help

I dont have a huge budget at the moment, but I need help identifying some issues with my site. Please PMB for the URL.

If somebody would be willing to help for the minimal project fee, Id love that, and of course when I get more funds be able to pay you more.

Thank you.

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Fixing Some Issue In A Web Site (CSS, Php And Mysql)

We have a web site which has some issues related to CSS, PHP and Mysql, we want to hire a developer to fix them.

there are two issues:

1.There is section for user comments, the comments language is Arabic and stored in a database, when ever the comment page is loaded the page fetch the comments from mysql database (the field in database in utf8) and print it on the page but arabic character is shown in different way (strange symbols). we want the page to fetch the comment and print it in clear arabic language (this issue related to encoding).

2. The menu is text menu and positioned on the most left, we want to change the order of the menu, so the last option in the menu to be first and before the last one to be the second and so on. (the menu in arabic, but i can asset you with it)

our budget to resolve these issues is 50$, the issues should be resolved by tomorrow before 11:00 GMT, we will provide the a test web site so he can work on it, and finally the winner will be selected tonight at 20:00 GMT.

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Basic PHP for mosets tree

I have a single search form that do conflict with the form submission on my joomla and it is conflicting my other component. I know that it is fairly easy since this is just a module (a single php file). I can only give $35 max. Warm regards! I think the problem is it is using html instead of php.

the demo site is at
http dot easy w e b s ites dot ky / projects / erabahamas (see the basic search function)

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Simple Site Clonned

We would like the website: clonned

But, we do not want to use their images, we have our own images, we simply want to use much of the same wording.

The site will also use the real time interest rates chart from:

We also want to include all of the options on the left hand side of:

So, this site is simply the combination of two existing sites with a new and much improved look.

Also, we would like cool looking mouse over effects on all buttons.

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I need a basic PHP 5-10 page sites to be built.
All sites will be with CMS ,SEO compliant.
This work needs to be done fast enough i mean max time I can give is 3-5 days per site.
I need a similar look as
For the right service provider, I can ensure year round work.
My budget per site is $100.
May have 10 or more sites per month for the right service provider.

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