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Member/ Credit System PHP Script Additions

Hi m

I am looking for a programmer who could help me with a simple member / credit system script.

I already have a member script and I need the following addition.

Visitors after becoming members can search on my site.Members buy credits, which will be required to search my database. Visitors must be able to see how many credits they have remaining everytime they search the database. Also they can set an alert for any keyword, and when I update my database , they should be emailed.

One credit = one search on the database,( admin sets the credits required for each file viewing ) .Visitors can then pay by means of Paypal or Moneybookers.

I am looking to spend around $50 – $100 on this script addition, .

Before bidding I can give access to to the admin panel of my current script, so you can know what sort of additions are to be made.


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Translation Script From Bulgarian To Romanian Needed!

I need the following SAMPLE 5 pages translated from Bulgarian to Romanian.



1. When a visitor loads a page, the web page need to be transmitted to Google Translator or any other similar programs.
2. The page needs to be translated and then cached locally on my server in a MySQL Database.
3. The newly translated page is displayed to the visitor with all links actively pointing back to my other pages.
4. The cache is automatically updated based on a value decided on (the number of days between updates)

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Changes In PHP Script


I have this script.
I hired another webmaster but he did not finish the project.

I would like to add some features.

– Facebook and Twitter connection. Admin will enable and desable.; (developed but not working fine)
– The Gift Option like working with Paypal and not credit card;
– Live Help; (Admin can add operators, manage chats, and Enable and Desable)
– In users page, add Users can get money inviting people. The invitation link actualy exist in the script.
– Multilingual; Admin can translate the script by admin panel or the PHP file located in languages/english or languages/portuguese folders. I´ll create subfolders for each language. Admin user will change the language in admin panel.
– Automatic installation as the original version.
– New Layout. (Please send me a demo of the layout before starting the project.). You need change all colors and images.

I need this project developed as quickly as possible.

The webmaster that I choose will be hired in the future for other updates in the script.

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