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SEO Script PHP

We are looking for someone to build a script like the following sites.

We only need the script that provides the information and puts it into a database… nothing else. We do not need a fancy website etc.

I just want to beable to pass the script a url and it gets all the information need to produce a simular report to the sites mentioned above.

also to get the total site score it would be good to beable to change the ranking of each element so we are able to produce the total score better. (Hope that made sense.)

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Quibids Auction Script

We are looking for website same like QUIBIDS portal as far as functionality and ease to use. It should be with new Bid auction technology .if you have already developed Quibids auction business model script, please let me know for demo. However really just looking for a 100% bug free quibids portal.

Two country currency can accepect.

Please when contacting me give links to your Demo site. Also only respond if you can fit into the budget.
Things we look for in the script: Payment option, Good design , bug free script, fast loading time,and customizable options.


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Clone Kapipal Site For Creating A New Script

We are a French company that develops scripts:
We are looking for a provider who can provide or develop for us a clone.
In simple word developing a site similar to of that we can commercialize as a script on our site
The provider who can sell us this kind of script ll be granted to become our exclusive installator and customizator of this script for our future customers. Our maximum budgt is 250$

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Mirror Creating Script


I need someone to write a web-based script to upload a file to the following websites, similar to (but the pretty graphics arent necessary, it just has to get the job done)

– Someone inputs a file onto the website, and it uploads it to the following websites:


No fancy graphics are neceseary. People upload a file to my site and it returns download links for that file on the file hosts mentioned above. If someone can add account support for the above websites (so it uploads them to your account on the websites) I could tip you extra.

Amazingly enough, most of these scripts are already made and can be found with a little research on the internet. For example, a script to upload a .ipa file to FileDude from your iPhone can be found here:

Consider that some pre-built scripts can be modified to do this and I dont need pretty graphics.

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Script As


we want to made a only german site the same as with the same functions as freelancer, freemarket.

the page should be in german speak

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Site Modifications (SEngine, Zend Framework, Mysql, PHP)

The bidder must be very familiar and comfortable with using the Zend PHP framework to create clean code.

Ideally located in the US OR UK.

Customization for a social Engine, networking site.

and possible maintience too (ongoing support will be agreed in addition to this job).


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Need PHP Coder – Youtube Download Site

Looking for a coder with knowledge of PHP/Javascript/Flash combine (Mostly PHP). This person must know how to design pages decently. Prefer if you live within the US, this job will require you to do a similar work as script works. I also have another MP3 Search Engine site that needs work on due to some bugs. If I am pleased with your work, expect to have much more work later on with me. Warning, I do not pay much so if your into getting over pay am not your person, I pay based on the project and decently. You MUST have Skype or GTalk.

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Big Commerce Jquery Script

Looking to add a jquery slider to my bigcommerce site.

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Creating A Script For An Advertisment

I need somebody to write a script to a 30-45 seconds advertisement to a new Iphone App.
send me examples of you previous works.

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Safe-dealing Script Needed!

I would like to get bids for a following project;
User A & B both made a deal. User A being the buyer, User B being the seller.
User A describes in a post what he should receive and the amount of money he is paying. User B can see both of those and can agree on the deal. User A will provide the money + a 2% fee through Paypal to the service provider (My site). User B can upload the finished product i.e. an image to the website, this is not yet visible to the buyer. My service will approve if it is as the buyer described and add a small preview for user A. If user A approves the preview the money will be sent (manually) to the seller, the product will be sent to the buyer. If you need more information I could send an illustration my PM.

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Download YouTube Videos Script In PHP

I have a YouTube videos download site and since they updated their coding Im not able to get their flvs anymore.

I need someone to fix it.

When someone write a video url of youtube, he gets the url of the flv in best quality.


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Need Simple Script Install On A WordPress Site

I need a to have this simple script ( installed and working well on my site. Here are the step by step instructions in how to do it.

You MUST know wordpress very well.

Here are the links and the anchor text needed for the script:
URL ANCHOR Text Test The New Ipad for Free Get a Free MacBook Air Get 25 Music Ringtones for FREE

Delay: based on how long it takes to fill in the longest form

Before you bid. Go ahead and download the guide and the script, go over them. And use it on your OWN wordpress test site. If you can make it work. Then place your bid ASAP. So I can approve it. When you place the bid, message me your wordpress test site, to make sure that you know how to do it.(When you are running the script, run it in a "test mode", so I can verify that it you set it up well)

Then I can go ahead and award you the project to you as well give you the login info so you can set it up.



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Bulk Mailing 50k

I need someone that can bulk mail my email list , you should be able to guarantee 80% inbox.
I give the hungarian e-mail list (50 000 e-mail adress that Ive harvested from the internet)
I send several texts and e-mail subjects, and sender mail address, these should be used randomly.
No own company logo or link in the e-mail.
The e-mails should be send in one day. A Hungarian “underground download site” will be advertised with the mails.
I need reliable offer only. If I will be satisfied with the job, it can be a long-time cooperation too.
Black Hat senders neccessary…

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Northern Light Orchestra My Space Promotions

we are hoping to find someone to increase our myspace northernlightorchestra profile views. if you are able to do so we are looking to hire someone we have free song downloads on the site as well

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