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Facebook Page Creation

Need facebook page customised and developed for small Film Production Company. To work like this

Needs to be Twitter and Tumblr linked

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Clickable Background Advert

Im looking for a click-able background ad script.

Please visit and click on "ad pillar" to see a sample of what I need.

basically i need a random background and clickable


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I am looking for an individual (not a Company/Firm/Project manager) who has 1+ year experience in the Symfony PHP Framework. I do not wish to work with small, medium, or large software companies, ONLY self-employed freelancers. I have a open project which must be created using the Symfony Framework ( because it has already been started using the Symfony Framework (50-70%) completed. I need someone to take over the project, complete it, and maintain it for me.

Additionally, I have 4 other PHP projects that do not necessarily require Symfony that I would like to also work with you on. I am seeking to establish an ongoing working relationship with a new programmer.

If you can interview with me via skype video conferencing, that would be preferred. I am in New York, on Eastern Standard Time and available 9AM – 11PM most days. You must take your job seriously and respond timely. In your introduction response and bid please outline what experience you have with the Symfony PHP framework.

Project Details:

Duplication of Listing Guide (in our implementation it is used for online Radio Stations). The site foundation (database) is already created and the front-end is 60% complete and back-end is 90% complete. I will provide you with the site URL, login name, and password after your initial contact.

This site requires AJAX, Jquery, Javascript, Doctrine-SQL Skills in addition to PHP programming.

I am a full time developer and project manager at my day job, so I will be able to work with you to complete this project in a timely fashion.

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Need Referral Accounts

I need 1,00,000 accounts. Every 20 accounts use in different IPs.

Here is my referral link.

My budget is low : 20$ per 1000 accounts

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PHP Stock Trading Application

I am looking for an experienced PHP programmer who also has experience in Javascript, AJAX and API integrations such as XML. The ideal candidate must also have experience in Website scraping/spidering and be able to develop an application that can handle medium to high load.
The application is in the area of stock market trading and will require an integration in to the Interactive Brokers API –
Developers with experience in developing previous Stock Marketing trading applications would be seen as a plus.
The winner of this job would also receive ongoing development as the application is expanded.

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Affiliate Programs – Spanish Speaking Programmer??

I am a full affiliate, and I need to customize some process /html template, landing pages, scrips,etc .The "scope" is:

1.Edit the original Landing Page, the idea is build my own list!
2.Submit all package to my server(landing page, sales page, etc)
3.Download all "Silver Bullets" and submit to my server
4.Make Sure the sales pages get my clickbank ID
5.Each product that ill choose have to be submit it to my hosgator account

I m gonna choose 5 products from the list, and also ill buy 5 domains.

All information come from this website:

Please check out the website before bid

Dont Pay Attention about "promo tools" ,this is my duty!

PD:Spanish speaking is required!

This project is"urgent", The product launch is On april 29th.

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