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PHPMotion V3.5 Video Embed & Video Player Embed Feature

Add a feature to PHPMotion v3.5 to allow embedding videos and/or alternate video players from other video hosting and streaming services.

Concept is to paste video embed codes AND/OR alternate video player embed codes from other video hosting services into a form in PHPMotion admin area along with video title, description, tags, PHPMotion category classification, sub category classification, (plus a new data field indicating the source video hosting service or Amazon S3 bucket, etc,) and then have PHPMotion manage and display the video thumbnail and code and/or alternate players as if the videos were locally uploaded files on the PHPMotion server.

PHPMotion v3.5 provides a PowerTool add-on that allows embedding YouTube Videos and it has functionality similar to that described here; however we are interested in displaying videos and alternate video players provided by other video hosting services. (Kaltura, iPlayerHD, Limelight, etc., etc.)

We are primarily interested in displaying secure streaming videos and preventing user downloads.

We would like the option to display externally hosted video files (i.e. stored on an Amazon S3 bucket, etc.) through the Flow Player already on our site (we have commercial license) which has been installed as another mod.

AND we would like the option to display a different video player for videos hosted on remote specialty video hosting services. (iplayerHD, Kaltura, Limelight, etc.)

For example, videos hosted on iPlayerHD (Hi Definition and mobile video hosting) can be configured with their video player and we would like to be able to display their video player in PHPMotion behind the PHPMotion Subscription Manager paywall.

All videos and/or video players would appear in PHPMotion search results, categories, restricted access inside paid subscriptions, etc. and would play in the PHPMotion site.

This video embed // video player embed feature needs to work seamlessly with all existing site features.

We will be selling streaming video subscriptions (no downloads) and we need secure streaming and file download prevention.

Current plans are to host the PHPMotion site on Wowza Media server 2, use RTMP streaming and implement streaming security features accordingly to secure any locally hosted video files. Of course alternate video hosting services will have their own video security methods in place, so we would just be limiting user access to their players as embeded in our site behind our paywall.

Please ask any additional clarifying questions or propose an alternate means of achieving these goals.

Phil D

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Fix YouTube Grabber On PHPMotion 2.0 Site


I have a PHPMotion v2.0 site that has a YouTube grabber feature. The script is now broken (grabbed videos show up blank). I dont know why it doesnt work, it may be a change in file location on YouTube, or it may be an issue on my site.

The site is (remove xs)

The script works using a Cron.

I need you to fix the script for me.

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Customize Phpmotion


Im thinking about getting phpmotion (

Could someone customize the template? I need a certain color scheme.

And if possibly tweak the script a little, just so it looks like my own site, not a phpmotion site.

And is there a way to get a custom video grabber?
I would like to grab videos from,, by their URL


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I would like to develope my phpmoiton script , i want the jw player to be same as the youtube player and i need to devleope some icons and i need to make the video results to be same as you tube instead of related it would be suggested

and i need it as soon as possible

thank you

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Troubleshoot And Modify PHPMotion V3.5 For HD Video Support

Timeframe: Immediate

Task 1- Resolve this issue
Site currently has mostly default PHPMotion 3.5 installation by Cirtex autoinstaller and users have always reported random issues with uploads completing, but never encoding and never displaying video to the user. No error messages are presented to the user. The uploaded files just seem to disappear after user upload. Some users report the upload process hangs at the conclusion of file upload. Admin inspection reveals the original files are on the server in the upload directory, but not in the encoded file directory.

Task 2 – Modify PHPMotion v3.5 installation for high definition video encoding support
Modify the existing PHPMotion v3.5 installation to be able to encode and display uploaded videos in High Definition.

Client requires step by step documentation of issues discovered and actions taken to resolve them. Documentation should be detailed enough to recreate HD video support on other sites on the same servers with the exact same PHPMotion installation.

Additional Job Opportunities
Upon satisfactory completion of these tasks, freelancer will also have 1st opportunity at three other PHP programming modifications jobs scheduled for immediate implementation on this same installation.

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Integrate Phpmotion And Aweber

I want to integrate phpmotion v3.5 and 3.0 to use an autoresponder of my choice.
Aweber, iContact, infusionsoft, constantcontact.
You will create a template for setup for phpmotions admin interface (adding it to the menu)
and you will also create a call to verify license.
It must be packageable to license.

Source of phpmotion script:

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Phpmotion Theme From Psd

I have a psd file that I would like to create a template for in phpmotion. Please be sure you are familiar with phpmotion and can make the psd to template for version 3.0

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Make Phpmotion Theme From Psd

I have a psd file that I would like to create a template for in phpmotion.

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Customizing Phpmotion Template

I will be using the phpmotiontemplate called aqaurius black along with the SMF forum for the site.

I dont want the site to look like the template. I want it to look and function more like these sites. This project is the first of four projects that I want to have customized so I am using pre-built templates in order to save money & time. This site will be for a website that will host and market for contest that I have on monthly basis. This first site will be built towards hip-hop rappers and rhythm and blues singers. I will have a section that has a fee to enter into online contests. I need customization that is exciting when the site first comes up. Here are sites that i want to be comparable to. is the look that i want to have but catered towards rap & singing) this is a site to better understand the full functionality that the i want to have inside of my sites and this is why i chose the phpmotion templates.

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Php Mysql Programmer Needed For PHPmotion Integration

I am basically looking for a PHP & MySQL Programmer to Customize a PHPMotion Site, there are a few standalone scripts that needs integration and apart from that there will be more on going work, mostly with customizing and cleaning up the site.
If this sounds like you please contact back
It would suit someone who knows about the operations of PHPmotion
ALL the scripts and instructions will be provided, you will need to customize them and integrate them in to the database.
More details would be shared if you are interested.

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Planetxtube 3

I have php pro-motion website
I am looking for someone well versed in php & who speaks english well to make the following TWO changes for me

1. Embed a copy of the existing phpmotion "own player" into the template for the MEMBERS HOME PAGES

2. Embed a copy of the existing phpmotion "own player" into the HOME PAGE (Replacing the Adobe player)

The home page embed will be the same as the ADMIN member page (so that is basically a more minor part of the job job)

I like nice neat work and I pay as soon as job is completed and checked

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PHP & MySQL Programmer Needed To Customize PHPMotion Site

I need someone to integrate some Addons to my site currently running PHPMotion 3.5
for information about PHPmotion visit

For Addons that need to be integrated in to this are

I am not sure if you guys do this sort of work but if not can you please suggest someone who are willing to do.

If this sounds like you please let me know

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Help With Installation Of PhpMotion

I need help with the installation of Phpmotion script. Anyone who can just guide me about how to install it at my server. Please bid for the same.

Urgently need help!

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PHPmotion Template

We need one fully developed modern, professional PHPmotion template. We

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Phpmotion Mod Needed (sub-sub Category)

Hello phpmotion developers.

Im looking for someone who can make me 3 levels of categories instead of 2 as it is in V3 of phpmotion.
To be clear enough, I want the next structure of my categories (video channels):

– Funny videos (category)
– Animals (sub category)
– Cats (sub-sub category)

So it should be completely 3 levels of categories (video channels).

They should be visible when people explore video section of my website as it is in V3 phpmotion plus sub-sub category column.

It should be also implemented into the siteadmin section, So admin can create 3 levels of video categories.

Please bid with the price for the complete mod.

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Write IPhone App For PHPMotion Tube Script


PHPMotion is an open-source tube script application

Im looking to develop an app that works with PHPMotion.

Please look at the demo of PHPMotion to see what needs to be shown
on the APP.

Budget is not big and Im looking to get the very best deal possible.

Just because you bid low doesnt mean you will get project. You must show proper skill level.
If you have proper skill but bid high, then that wont work either.

I would like to have this done as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a nice day

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Integrate OpenX And Geotargeting In PhpMotion.

I am running PhpMotion.
I need to have control over the advertising slots on the site, so that
ads are related to the blogs/photos/videos/audio.
I believe the best option would be to use the tags that users enter.
But to avoid users abusing tags with unrelated words, which could cause unrelated ad campaigns to appear, ideally the admin should be able to click an edit option and modify those tags easily, by adding or removing tags, without it effecting the users tags.

I need to have geotargeting.
For example, I need to be able to advertise various banners to people
within an admin defined distance: ie: 25 miles, 75, 150 etc from the
online user. It needs to be able to cover as global as possible, meaning this wont be for just the US, but also UK, Mexico, Canada, Italy, etc…

I am open to an alternative banner system, just to my knowledge OpenX
also has a geotargeting plugin… I am hoping to keep the costs down
when it comes to the maps, as low cost and as accurate as possible, prefer


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Phpmotion Video Embedder Needed

Hello php programmers.

Im looking for a mod for my phpmotion website V3, which will allow my members to embed videos from youtube instead of uploading them to my website. I believe someone of you already got that kind of mod. Im just looking to buy it cheap instead of paying $50 to phpmotion for single domain name license.

It should be usable for multiple domain names.

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WordPress Expert Needed $300 – Design And Code

I want to integrate the opensource video script PHPMotion and the opensource SMF forum with WordPress. I want the users to signup at the PHPMotion and once logged in, the user will be logged in all 3 scripts with the same username and password and if any changes are made, it reflects in all 3. The universal login should work for both users and admin.

The WordPress will be mainly used for Admin purposes, yet I want the profiles of PHPMotion and SMF Forum to share some information. I want the latest video posts of the user to show in the forum profile and I want the latest forum comments and threads from forum to show in users profile on PHPMotion.

I want a design similar to www.m e ta l inj e c t I can provide a WordPress template and its source files (PSD/HTML) that you can edit to look like that or you can start from scratch. I want similar colors used.

I want the look to be seamless, like its 1 site and not 3 different sites. I want the Video from PHPMotion to be on WordPress homepage as in sample site.

Lastly, I want to add the function to click back to site as on the flash player on the sample site. So for instance, if someone has copied the code onto their Myspace page and others watch video. They can easily click the button on the lower left and redirect back to my site.

I want to work directly with freelancer. good communication is a must and must be prepared to start as soon as they have been selected.

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Web Designer Familiar With Phpmotion Script

I am looking for a website designer familiar with phpmotion software. I have a phpmotion site and it requires some branding and seo work done. Mainly cosmetic and with to logo done etc we would like someone who can handle on going maintenance and ad features.
Requested Information:
1. Have you used phpmotion script before?
2. Have you built video hosting site before?

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WordPress And PHPMotion Bridge


I need my wordpress bridged with phpmotion so that there is
1 login and the scripts share users/users info.

If you already have this mod, let me know.

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New "Like" Video Rating System For PHPMotion Video Site


I currently have a PHPMotion v 2.0 video sharing site (located at remove xs)

I want to change the rating system from being based out of a five-star to being a Like-Dislike rating system. I want it to look similar to YouTubes rating system, (except maybe the "already voted" bar will appear more full, as opposed to YouTubes which makes it look empty unless hundreds of people have voted.)

It must, however, light up with color the way YouTubes does, with similar thumbs up/thumbs down icons.

Please note, there is some type of issue on my site which causes all videos to currently begin automatically at 34 votes. This needs to be fixed.

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Dedicated Server – Clip-bucket Script Install *and Ffmpeg


We are stuck with the install for clip-bucket, or phpmotion (either one)
This is on a dedicated server, we need someone to get install ffmpeg so that either phpmotion or clip-bucket will simply work.

The server is only for the 1 domain, nothing else on there.
Tell us what OS to install and we put it on now, you get ssh access and can do the above,

Easy 20 minute job.


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PHPMotion Template Coder

Im looking for an expert coder who have worked with PHPMotion before. Please contact me via PMB for more details and your past work relating to PHPMotion. Only professionals please.

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Integrate PHPMotion With Vbulletin 4.0+ And Modules

I would like someone to integrate PHPMotion with vbulletin 4.0. We would like the header, navigation, search and footer the same as the one in vbulletin. We would like video, audio and picture modules to show in vbulletin under header or sides and “related topics” from the forum to show when users view videos, audios and photos. Anymore questions you can ask us, thanks!

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Looking for someone who knows PHPMOTION and implement a design for me…I have the design in PSD ready.

Budget is 50$.


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Looking for someone who has worked with PHPMOTION and implement a design for me that I will provide….

Low budget but lots of future work ahead…

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PHPMotion Site Design / Setup

I have phpmotion installed on the domain we are going to launch for a video hosting community. I need a site template designed for this site and it installed and setup as well. PHPMotion has a very good template engine as I have heard and shouldnt be to hard to implement the design. Shoot me a message with your recommendation and portfolio info if you have one. I am looking to make a decision really soon and will be deciding fast.

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1) Replace Phpmotion video player with flowplayer.

2) Integrate and set me up to be able to stream live video on the main player, also ability to have links/ads/commercials on the player. (Maybe a chat box under the live video, but not a current necessity.)

3) A dynamic ad box next to the live feed that I can manually post links as the live feed plays.

4) Add an extra advertising slot below the video player.

5) Add an extra advertising slot on the members profile page. Top and Side.

5) Better integrate OpenX, ads should be relevent to the tags/keywords/search/video/photo/blogs/audio. But also I need to have certain ads show up for certain videos. Catagory 1 should not have ads in catagory 2 or 3, unless I want them to.

6) Ability to geo-target ads based on distance.

7) When a user signs up they can select male or female.

8) When a user signs up they can select if they are a regular member or also group1, group2, group3, group4, group5 and ability to sort/view the different groups in the members list.

9) Only group 1 and 2 are allowed to upload audio files.

10) When a member profile is viewed it will show that they are a member of group 1 or group 2 and 4.

11) Integrate a community calender.

12) In members profile dates/events can be added, I should be able to have those dates show up when videos they, or others have uploaded pertaining to them.

13) A global community map should be searchable by distance, and a filter to show group 1, group 2, group 3 etc. A text list and using the visual google map API.

14) Under the event in the community calender a link to that groups profile, And a"whos going" list with a comments section about the event. After the date expires the event/comments should go into an archive.

The additions such as the player and calender should have the same look and feel of the current phpmotion template, along with adding those buttons on top, and 1 extra button that just says shopping, and integrating it into my current phpmotion site.
I will also need to know what code was changed and added, I plan to have multiple sites with the same format, and also for upgrade purposes.
I also want to eventually have the site as an iphone app with gps targeting and user video uploads from their phone, and just mobile phone friendly.

so I would be interested in a price for that.

Thanks, Id like to get started ASAP.

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Mobile Version (Blackberry/iPhone For PHPMotion V2.0 Website


I have a PHPMotion version 2.0 website that Im looking to make a mobile version for.

At minimum it has to work on BlackBerrys and iPhones.

Right now, the videos are uploaded in .flv format. Im guessing that a mobile version would need .mp4 files, so that alteration needs to be done. I also have a YouTube videograbber on my site, which may also have to be altered.

Included in the modification you will provide is:

– Mobile version located at
– Site will automatically detect mobile phones and will direct them to the mobile version
– Blackberry and iPhone "app"- app doesnt have to really be an app per say, it can just link to the mobile site.
– Change in upload format so that all new videos work on mobile site.
– The ability for me, at some point, to transfer all current videos into the appropriate file type, if I so choose.

Please only bid on this project if you are certain that you know what youre doing and that you can provide a quality product. Thank you.

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