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Playout And CG Software For TV Channel

Required Playout and CG (Character Generator) software for a TV Channel. This software should include seamless playout automation system including character generation, chroma keying, SMS, RSS feed etc. For more reference, you can visit and/or www,

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Cable TV Playout Software

Cable channel playout software with no gap between videos.
text image and swf file overlay
plays most Video Formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, AVI, DIVX
pause feature for urgent news or video.
+ other common features in commonly used software like Channel stduio pro etc.

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Television Playout Mixer


I need a DLL for Video playout Key Features
Video output through Decklink Card ( Selectable Video out composit / component / SDI )

Exported Functions Needed
Part 1 Contain video BG

1. PlayVideo(String sVideoFilePath,Bool LoopVideo)
-Format support of AVi (compressed /uncompressed), Quicktime.
param : 1- String = Video File Path , 2- Boolean = Loop the video.

2. OverlayGraphic(Graphics image)
-The Graphics will be overlayed over the Video
param : 1- Graphics drawn image.

Part 2 Contain no video BG

1. DeliverFrame(Graphics Image)
-The Graphics Contain alpha it is composed from ARGB. The alpha has to be translated as Black and White Alpha Channel, played on the card together this mean that the graphics should work as a source and key to go on the mixer

2. RunLiveKey(Bool ActivateLK)
-this for running the Live key in decklink

Their Should not be any memory Problems.
The package must be desgined to run 24/7 non stop.

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