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Need Fish Images

i need the following images in high quality made all facing to the side:

These images must be on a transparent background and be cartoon like:
– A puffer fish
– A gold fish
– A Piranha
– An electric eel
– Fish flakes
– Fish pellets

– A background wallpaper (approx px 2000×1000) that is of underwater with sand at the bottom as if looking into a fish tank from the side but no fish or anything in it


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Remove Letters On Brick Wall In Photoshop

I have 3 photographs of a car in front of a wall. There are big black bold letters against a white brick behind the car. I need to REMOVE the black letters from the white brick wall, while still keeping the pattern of the brick. It is very important that we still see the pattern. There are also elements in front of some of the brick, such as smoke, which must be matched and blended.

I need these three images done FAST. So anyone working on this will have to start immediately, come on Skype to discuss with me and be finished within a few hours.

Please provide a few images of your work removing elements from photographs for the job. The final folder with the images to download is about 500mb. (they are very high resolution.)

Thank you!

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Talent In Demand

Help me to build a website that can produce some money every day, as much as possible. There are no restrictions on how the money is made, but of course should be a legal subject. Use your imagination to create something outstanding that is very attractive to people in general.
Most be sharp on SEO and a valuable content. You choose domain name and the hosting company.
All operating cost ( expenses) belong to me, as well copyright and other legal items.
Please provide complete information of what you can do for this project. Be specific in your PM.
Send me your ideas for this project and how much will cost. Ill answer to all persons interested in this venture.

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Forum Posting Needed

Need forum posting and NOT PROFILE LINKS, all forums must be a Google PR 2 or higher and we want you to add our URL in the signature with the text. All postings must be reported and all links should be "DOFollow", the forums must be subject related which is "electronic cigarette".

I dont want FORUM links or any other kind of links, so PLEASE DO NOT BIT Offering me some other linking packages or links, I stricly one forum posting, where you register at the forums and go and leave a comment or have a discussion at the forum having my link in the signature section.

If you do good we will have you working on for us for the long term, interested in a long term relationship as well. Please provide sampel of your previous work.

I need 200 forum post on 10 related sites, so 20 post at one forum, paying $30 for it, DO NOT BID More, will be ignored. We will just pay for a completed work and approved posts that stick for 14 days. If they are removed you must replace them.

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E-commerce Website

Need to find someone fluent in Magento who can create a scalable e-commerce platform. Very broad-based description, but will provide more detail upon contact.

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Ecommerce Site

– NOTE- I signed up for Ecommerce solutions with my business site. However, I dont have the time nor am I sure that the site fits my needs. Ideally, I need someone that can using 1and1 tools to develop the site or if that is not possible given my requirements to develop and design a site with the following capabilities or some combination:

Depending on the cost and your capabilities, I can divide the site into two types of business:

1. Ecommerce Site for consumers and small retailers (two types of accounts) to be able to using shopping cart place orders for our products. Small retailers – mom and pop stores that can order product using business tax id # to order products for their stores.
2. The above + also for our larger wholesale and retail customers to place orders directly on oursite. These types of customers would not need shopping cart but would need capability to do the following depending on the class of trade-

A. Retailer Trade (not mom and Pop retailers as per #1, but larger retailers with multiple locations that can purchase minimum # of cartons) with volume discounts and capability to assign salesperson/broker.

B. Retailer Wholesale Distributor- Distributors that purchase larger volume and distribute to retailers. Pricing model with volume discounts.

C. Vending Operator- Similar to A above.

D. Vending Distributor- Similar to Be above

For each customer2 A, B, C and D require ability to provide customer with tracking information when orders are processed and shipped. For 1 above ability to offer Fed Ex or UPS ground integration to track shipments using applications provided by Fed Ex or UPS.

Ability to send automatic emails ie Product Shipping with Pro # and/or Tracking #s.
Send email marketing based on type of account.
Ability to automatically recommend products with POP up when placing orders.
Possible integration EDI if customers require.
Automatic Billing (order once it ships, creates an invoice and sends reminders)
Customers can set up automatic reminders through site to remind to order more.
Possibility of offering Frequent buyer program or rebate program based on either case or dollar purchases by account.
Dynamic meaning we can offer promotions or contests to create demand. Example- win a trip for two to XXXX….

Again, the objective is to use platform if possible but if not possible, I would consider having someone either develop 1 consumer and small mom and pop retailer using 1and1; and website geared towards larger retailers and wholesalers using a non ecommerce site ( I dont beleive we need necessarily need ecommerce except for smaller retailers that may want to pay with credit card).

Want to create social network links for the consumer end under 1 above with Twitter and Facebook.

In short, I need someone that can advise how to create a site at minimum expense with above preliminary functionalities.

Want very smart and interesting website ideally with flash. Product line is a wafer product.

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Facebook Likes

I need someone who has access to thousands of FB pages to do "Likes" for a page on another link/website that we provide you. Please bid per 1000, and this is ongoing work, I need someone who can do thousands of these every few weeks.

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I need a native HK people.

1:young lady.
2:professional talent.
3:sweet and cleanly sound

Please provide the smaple and CV.
The native HK people.

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Socail Content-Squidoo-Hub

I want some Squidoo and hub Pages created and posted
20 Squid and 20 Hub
Please provide example

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Socail Content-Squidoo-Hub

I want some Squidoo and hub Pages created and posted
20 Squid and 20 Hub
Please provide example

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Burmese Translator

We need a 2 page Burmese document translated Asap
Please provide rate deadline

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The GadgetGUY Column

Need someone fluent with WordPress and website design. Have an established blog in the tech industry and trying out a new theme. Need someone to round out new design using existing theme, as well as setting up widgets, plugins, logo, etc. WordPress coding, theme design experience preferred. Please provide portfolio or list of other blogs youve worked on when bidding.

Look forward to working with you.

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Bloggers Needed

Los Angeles pop culture website is looking for bloggers that can cover one or all of the following areas:

Celebrity News/Entertainment News
Tech/Web News
Los Angeles News

Living in the LA area is a plus but all applicants will be considered. Please provide your rates and links to work samples. (This is my first time on this site so they may be provided here.)

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Create Database Of Outdoor Advertising Companies

We are looking to build a database of as many outdoor (out of home) advertising companies as possible. Focussing on North America and Europe initially, with plans to increase database to global companies very soon.

We will need the following data:
Company name
Type (media owner, media broker/reseller)

If you can quote for both capture and an initial call to the prospect to gain permission to email, that will be great. i.e. 2 price options: Data only, where we build the opt in email list, or qualified opt in list.

Please quote either per contact or based on hours with some kind of guarantee or at least estimated number of contacts per hour – we will request an option to cancel entirely or reduce hourly amount if your performance is way under what you estimate.

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Password Recovery

Looking for someone to assist with a password recovery job. Please contact for further information.

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.Net Skills

I am ;looking for good .Net programmers for India. Companies/individuals who are keen to work for contratcs ranging from 6 months to one years pls contact with resume through PM. Please note only professioanals from INDIA need apply as this position is based in INDIA

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C# Facebook Connect

I want to use facebook connect on my website.

Please provide a library for me to do this.

12/19/2010 at 23:06 EST:

I need to get the users facebook name and email address.

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Essay Editor And Proof-reader Required Urgently

I need someone to edit and proof-read about 5 essays. I am offering to pay $2 for each essay (flat). The person might also be required to add a few points to 1or 2 essays.

S/he must be a native English speaker with extensive experience. Please provide samples of your work along with a C.V.

The 1st essay needs to be edited and proof-read immediately.

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Amazon Reviews Sites


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Traffic For My Site

I nee a person who know link building, SEO to upgrade my websites.
Please contact me for futher information.

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Help To Facebook Script

Hi all,

I need help to a Facebook script. Its a very simple and short problem I have. Please contact me for more information.

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Bulk UK Email Markeing Lists

I need a Bulk email Business list for the UK, it should be fresh and also segmented into categories if possible. Please pm me with the information about your list and the price.

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3 Broacher Design For 3 Different Products

Dear Designers,

We are looking for a designers who can develop 3 broacher for three different product lines for our company:

1. Training Contents Sales: to promote different training contents bundles (total of 4 bundles) and a minor option
2. Printers/Computer Hardware Sales
3. Promotion of ecommerce website for sale of lighting and sanitary products

We will provide the required information, but need your creativity for the creation of the attractive and descriptive brouchers ready to be sent to the print shop.



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Translation Of 4 Bulgarian School Certificates Into English

We need 4 Bulgarian School Certificates translated into English
Deadline is Sunday 11/21/2010 at 5PM CST
Please provide rate and availability

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50 PR4 Permanent Links

Need 50 PR4+ Links. The PRs apply to link pages, not homepage of the domain.

– PR4+ static html, and permanent, unique
– OGL should be less than 40.
– no redirects, cloaking, framed pages, No gambling, adult & porn sites, illegal websites, Not labelled sponsored, paid links, ads etc.

We reserve the right to refuse links that in our opinion are unsuitable, Please provide samples of your previous work

Reporting: in Excel with:
– Link URL
– Google PR of the URL
– Anchor text
– IP

open 50% by escrow.

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Private Bid For WebsiteFast

Private bid for WebsiteFast
Please provide contact info after you are awarded bid.

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40 Short Reviews About Our Company Needed

Need 40 different reviews written about our company. We will use reviews in Google Places. Will provide company information in PM.

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400 Profile BackLinks – Pr4+ Domains Only

I need 400 profiles created from only Pr4+ domains.
I want 2 URLs per Profile
Every 100 Profiles the Anchor Text Will change for each of the 2 URLs
We require a final report with Domain/PR/Profile URL and Login Info

The budget is $30

Please provide the following in a PM so we can make our decision

1. Provide an Example Report
2. Timeframe you can start and finish the project

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Locate The Template

We have a graphic designer who has been developing some designs for us. However, the designs appear to have come from templates though the designer denies it. We would like for someone familiar with many web templates to review our designs and tell us if these designs were custom designs or if they did indeed come from templates. If the designs came from templates and you can prove it to us, we will offer a bonus.

Please provide information on your background and why you would be a good candidate to help us investigate this issue.

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