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Arp Poison Router

I need an ARP poison router written in C# using the library sharppcap.

The ARP poisoner needs to be able to dynamically find hosts on the network (by listening to ARP requests) and poison all hosts and the gateway and route any poisoned packets to its desired location. More information on ARP Poison routers here.

If packets coming from both external networks and packets going to external networks are being routed through the computer running the program and then reaching their correct destination. It is considered finished.

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Elemental And Poison Skeletons – Abelsoftcons

As per agreement – for Abelsoftcons only

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graphic design – claudia only

i want a word 2003 template designed which will function as a membership certificate. For speed of printing I would like to keep the density of graphics to the lower end of the scale, but I still want a professional look. I want our poison logo to be present and our contact details:Veterinary Poison Unit

78 York Street



Poison helpline (24/7): 0203 368 6298 – this telephone number should stand out from all the other contact details as this is the number that our clients will need in an emergency situation.
General enquiries: 0845 838 4571
Fax: 0203 137 6357
contact at veterinarypoisonunit dot com

In addition I will need space for a ‘user ID:’ and ‘Registered address:’
I will add details to this section before printing.

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