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Create Polling Question And Answer For Website

Hello Freelancers!
this project is to create a mini-poll for a website that will ask users one question. when the user clicks the submit button, they will see the results of the poll (% for each answer) in a bar graph.

I have a working model in php, however the CMS that we are using doesnt play well with the php file, so I need it recreated in javascript.


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Geo-location App Realtime Review And Polling

Iphone, android, blackberry app required. Functions will include geo-location and proximity function of user to locality.

Function of real-time review and polling that enables product to be voted upto a ranking of 1 to 10 feature. A mobile Questionare allows for review, response and voting when user has opted in. Using a longitude/latitude postal code location finder. User will have 3 to 4 choice options to find product. Multiple categories to choose from products. GUI interface is of the upmost importance, style and function.

Option to also develop the website interface for voting/polling functions. User can also be pinged to poll at random times whether by mobile or web mobile function and allows for realtime updates. Site must also provide a registration and e-commerce function for product to provide creative/images and logo.

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Voice Polling

Hi ,

We are looking for FreeSwitch professionals who can develop a voice polling system (VoIP Polls )

our main project idea is our customers create polls online , import their contacts and import the ivr files it can be done in anyway . text2speech or importing an mp3 file or recording an iver message using an access number . and once they do this and click on call all the imported numbers should be dialed and once the customers select the option using DTMF it should be saved in the DB .

for example a travel agency creates a poll where do u want to go on vacatios this summer ? press 1 for Australia 2 for japan 3 for Italy 4 to talk to an agent if they select 4 the call should be diverted to the agent number if they select 1 or 2 or 3 it should be saved to the DB and the customer should be able to see the results immediately after the calls .

If a number is busy or an answering machine the system should hang the call and show in the customer panel that those numbers are busy or unreachable or answering machine .

customer should be able to see the reports using graphs , like no of calls made , answered , graphs based on results and also should be billed according to our plans .

pay as you go plan or subscription plans and also should have a polling scheduler so he can create a poll and schedule when he wants to start the poll .

The system should be stable , scalable and handle as many calls as possible using freeswitch . we need it doneonly on freeswitch and not on Asterisk .

Please bid only if you are expertise in freeswitch and if you can show me any of your projects done on freeswitch will be given priority .

Payment will be done in milestones and also once the project is done well we will hire for monthly support .

Thanks and Regards
Perplenu Solutions

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Javascript/PHP Polling Script


I have a basic javascript polling script. You can see it here:

I want it to be integrated with my website (CSS/PHP based).
Final thing should look something like the polling script on main page of

I will give you the basic script, you can use it or write one from scratch.

The additional tasks are:

1) Each IP address should be able to vote only once. For this, store the votes in a MySQL table.

2) There should be option to view Poll results on full page (rather than just the box).

Looking for an expert programmer who can accomplish the task quickly and efficiently (using minimum lines of modular code). I dont want any libraries used, just plain php/javascript.


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PHP Live Support – Send Notification To All Operators

PHP Live Support is an Online Chat Support System.
I want to add a chat polling type which will enable every operator within a department to be notified when a customer enters the system and is able to pick up the chat. This option will be added to existing functionality which at the moment is –

Available Request Polling Types:

– Defined order that is set in the operator setup area
– Round-Robin style: Operator that hasnt taken a call the longest gets the current call
– Select operator randomly

USD $300

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Simple Web Polling System (php + MySQL)

The project is a hierarchical web polling system, in this scenario the polling questions can have multiple and unlimited length of sub-questions (i.e. sub-sub-question) span and hierarchy. The polling questions are scored from 0 – 5 (in 10 steps) with stars polls format. The input data include date, time, ip, geo-location (from ip), browser and OS.

The polling results is presented in five stars format, displaying the total number of votes, it should also support the option of drilling down to the sub-polls (sub-questions) hierarchies by clicking on the poll result. In addition, the poll result can be drilled down by date using a calendar function, the poll scores can be displayed as a continuous graph or bar chart for a specified time period, the display format (either bar chart or continuous graph) should be user-selectable.

Important to have is a script to embed the polling result (specific question, sub-question or sub-sub-question) in an external website, results should be displayed in five stars format with total votes.

Simple Admin Interface to create questions/sub-questions span and hierarchy is also needed.

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PHP Live Support System – Add Additional Chat Polling Type

PHP Live Support is an Online Chat System.
I would like to add or alter the chat polling type so that every operator within a department is sent a notification when a client enters the system and will be able to pick up the chat. Ideally, this option will be added to existing functionality.

Available Request Polling Types are:

– Defined order that is set in the operator setup area
– Round-Robin style: Operator that hasnt taken a call the longest gets the current call
– Select operator randomly

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SMS Logbook And Polling To And From Website

I need an SMS gateway installed in my admin of my website (php/mysql c-panel programming).No 3rd party.Send and recieve Polling questions to members..Auto pull registered phone #s of members to use from my site.Answers are sorted by incoming area code of phone and placed on a USA states flash map (need the map and install).Incoming phone # allows members to accsses there Logbooks from there cell phones to..Logbooks are existing on website..A series of questions (multiple choice) from there logs will be asked (sms text)..Answers are sent to there logs (php/mysql)..These log results are also sent to USa flash map by area code..Install sms gateway,integrate into USA flash map and Logbooks..Admin for polling questions with results to USA map..Build Flash Map webpage..POrtal to recognize cell number incoming and send member to logbook..Create portal on website to send/recieve

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Network Monitor Tool

I am looking for an application which does a polling on specific network ports on various defined hosts. I support multiple applications which connect to different network ports on different hosts. I am not looking for a ICMP polling application. The application will need to telnet to confirm if the connection is alive or dead. If the connection is dead an email will need to be sent out with details of the connection that is down. The gui should have a frontend with a status indication. Screenshots must be provided for considerations.

The polling interval needs to be optimized.. every 3 minutes to every 10 minutes.

** Scripts should be able to run on Windows or Linux
** Email for alerts

I am open to suggestions if the GUI is not possible.

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