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Iphone Ipad Newsreader App

Im looking for a quote for an Iphone (Possibly I pad too) app. It must be able to publish NEWS feeds from the RSS feed on my website.

Additionally, it must open up a "Quote of the day" as a pop-up on the phone in some way. This Quote would be delivered to the users desktop at a random interval each day.

All News stories and pop-ups would have to be branded and have navigation back to the website.

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Pop Art Illustrator

We are looking for designers for my concern. the actual work is pop art conversion from photos.
you can see some examples here
This is regular work, please bid if you have capable to do 2 pic per day

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Need Script That Opens Up A Pop Under Window On Click

I need a script that does the following:

1. When a user clicks on a link on my website, they are taken to that page in the same window AND at the same time a pop-under window appears with that click.

2. I want the option of having it work in all browsers and only having it work in FireFox. For example, it should work in all browsers, unless I tell it to only make the pop-under appear on FireFox browsers.

This should be a pretty simple script, so please send me a link SHOWING me that it works.

The first freelancer that can show me it working gets the job – even if you have no ratings yet 🙂

Looking forward to seeing your work.

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Quick Copy/paste Webpage

I need someone to take 5 PSD files and turn them into a single webpage with 4 pop-up pages. Most everything is informational text and copy/pasting graphics from the PSD to create the same look in HTML.
There is one small catch, as instructions from must be followed. I have already completed all steps prior to step 6, and only need someone to design the pages. I estimate that an experienced designer can complete this project in 8 hours or less and should be very simple if you know what youre doing. I have uploaded the images in JPG (to save space) to if you want to take a look at the pages. The website JPG is the main page and the other 4 would be contained in a pop-up window. These pop-ups need to happen "in page" in some way to avoid being blocked by pop-up blockers. If this needs to be done in something like flash or something else to accomplish it, I am open to suggestions as long as it works.
This site needs to be done as soon as possible, and I am willing to pay a premium for someone that can deliver it quickly.

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Develop Exit Pop Script For WordPress And HTML Sites

Hi I need a wordpress plugin developer to build me a plugin app that works in WordPress, as well as a simple HTML version for non WP sites.

This script will be an exit pop script, that will pop up when a visitor closes window to exit the page. On this exit pop, the exitor will need to see 2 CONTEXTUAL ADs, that is relevant to the site he/she is leaving.

The pop up will need to tell the user, they have 10 seconds to choose their new location or one will be chosen for them. If they dont choose, it pushes them to the next site.

There are several more specs, but I do not want to leave them public, so PM me if you are expert WP developer and want to see the rest of the specs, cause you already can do the simple stuff I just mentioned, and Ill share the rest in a PM.

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Customizable Flash Cards

Im looking to have a customizable vocabulary application developed. I recently downloaded the LangLearner Lessons app and found the layout useful. Its simple and easy to navigate.

I would like the main screen layout to be just as simple, perhaps have the option to choose the color. When I click on the lesson I dont want to get a bunch of preset phrases. I would like to be able to enter my own words with definitions. I imagine a pop up with the word to come up and if I know it I can click a button that says that I know it. If I dont know it I can click "dont know" and the word will continue to pop up until I have clicked "know" at least 5 times. Before I forget, I would like the translation to be displayed when I click that I dont know it, too. Perhaps be able to assign a sound so I know how to pronounce it.

Linking to text messages…I figure if a word pops up at the end of a sent text message or after I receive one, email too, I will be exposed to those words far more than if I sit down for an hour a day and try to learn them. Id like the color of the pop up message to be customizable also.

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Editable Vocabulary App

Hi, I was interested in creating a customizable vocabulary application. The idea is simple. I am trying to learn a foreign language and would like to enter the vocabulary words myself. At certain (customizable intervals) I would like the software to pop up a message with a word similar to flash cards. I will then try to remember what that word means and if I dont remember I can click on the word and the translation will be revealed. Options on the pop ups include two buttons that I can push if I guessed it correctly. After I guess the word correctly 5 times the word will no longer come out.

Additionally, every time I get a text message or send out a text message, I would like another vocabulary word to pop up. Of course, I want to be able to disable it any time I want.

I am willing to spend $350 and additionally would like to own the rights to it?

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Ecommerce Site

– NOTE- I signed up for Ecommerce solutions with my business site. However, I dont have the time nor am I sure that the site fits my needs. Ideally, I need someone that can using 1and1 tools to develop the site or if that is not possible given my requirements to develop and design a site with the following capabilities or some combination:

Depending on the cost and your capabilities, I can divide the site into two types of business:

1. Ecommerce Site for consumers and small retailers (two types of accounts) to be able to using shopping cart place orders for our products. Small retailers – mom and pop stores that can order product using business tax id # to order products for their stores.
2. The above + also for our larger wholesale and retail customers to place orders directly on oursite. These types of customers would not need shopping cart but would need capability to do the following depending on the class of trade-

A. Retailer Trade (not mom and Pop retailers as per #1, but larger retailers with multiple locations that can purchase minimum # of cartons) with volume discounts and capability to assign salesperson/broker.

B. Retailer Wholesale Distributor- Distributors that purchase larger volume and distribute to retailers. Pricing model with volume discounts.

C. Vending Operator- Similar to A above.

D. Vending Distributor- Similar to Be above

For each customer2 A, B, C and D require ability to provide customer with tracking information when orders are processed and shipped. For 1 above ability to offer Fed Ex or UPS ground integration to track shipments using applications provided by Fed Ex or UPS.

Ability to send automatic emails ie Product Shipping with Pro # and/or Tracking #s.
Send email marketing based on type of account.
Ability to automatically recommend products with POP up when placing orders.
Possible integration EDI if customers require.
Automatic Billing (order once it ships, creates an invoice and sends reminders)
Customers can set up automatic reminders through site to remind to order more.
Possibility of offering Frequent buyer program or rebate program based on either case or dollar purchases by account.
Dynamic meaning we can offer promotions or contests to create demand. Example- win a trip for two to XXXX….

Again, the objective is to use platform if possible but if not possible, I would consider having someone either develop 1 consumer and small mom and pop retailer using 1and1; and website geared towards larger retailers and wholesalers using a non ecommerce site ( I dont beleive we need necessarily need ecommerce except for smaller retailers that may want to pay with credit card).

Want to create social network links for the consumer end under 1 above with Twitter and Facebook.

In short, I need someone that can advise how to create a site at minimum expense with above preliminary functionalities.

Want very smart and interesting website ideally with flash. Product line is a wafer product.

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Build "Pop-Up" Chat IM Script

Im looking for someone to build me a "Pop-Up" Chat IM Script for my Dating-Site. This would be a "geo" advertisement when the pop-up appears on the bottom right hand corner, the link would take people to my registration page. (I have images, text and GEO locater script)

Initial Delay for 2 seconds
Display Duration for 5 seconds
Repeat Duration for 15 seconds

For an EXAMPLE of what Im looking for: Click this link and wait 2 seconds for Pop-Up to load:

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Toolbar Project To Redirect Traffic


Im looking for someone with experience in tool bars. I need a tool bar or a plugin for firefox chrome ie and safari.

The tool bar will monitor keywords and urls. in the back end of this tool bar will be code to redirect them to other websites or make urls load on there screen either pop up or pop under or link to another site they didnt request.

Im trying to make a ppv business every thing is in place but the tool.

Ideally Id like someone who has done this sort of thing before so they can give me some ideas on how it works and also so it dont take to long to build

many thanks

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The Pop Up ART House

*****Opening a PoP-up (temporary) art gallery in Las Vegas. Serious art program with artists from LA & NYC. ****

Need simple but elegant website. White & black/grey text with very sophisticated font. Font is important as it becomes the main graphic/design element. The "logo" itself might be comprised of font/phrases.


5 menu bars at most and I doubt any sub categories


One page will have exhibitions. This page will need to updated monthly. Maybe just "add" new exhibitions to same page so past exhibitions are available to view too

MUST have email program so people can sign up for mailing list and I can do mass "invitation" emails…(I must be able to add email addresses too)

Currently have domain registered with BlueHost and there are MANY free design tools but I dont have a clue or patience to know how to us.

Please join in on this creative project

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Extension/Addon For Internet Explorer/IE

I need is a browser extension/Addon that works on Internet Explorer (IE).

The browser extension should do few things:
– Communicate with server and get URLs to load
– Detect pop-up windows and send pop-up window URL back to server.

Thats basically it. PM me for details. Thank you.

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FB App For Birthdays

I need someone who can create an app that shows all friends birthdays – like the Birthday Calendar. When a user clicks on the photo of their friend they need to get a pop up page that is of my website shopfront.

Pretty basic. Need someone who is good and familiar with the Birthday Calendar app.
– need reminders – option to email them reminders on registration
– need pop up screen to be able to close after user sends their card through my website

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Traffic For Project

We need a lot of country targeted traffic of de,au,us. All souses accepted (redirect,404,pop-under etc..). can pay from 5$ to 10$+ for 1000 uniques. pm for details

02/02/2011 at 12:10 EST:

We need a lot of country targeted traffic of de,au,us. All sources accepted (redirect,404,pop-under etc..). can pay from 5$ to 10$+ for 1000 uniques. pm for details

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Filter And Add Pop E-mail Into A MySQL Database Table

I need a custom script that will run via a cron job…

Please note that I have a mySQL database, accessible via PHP scripting, that supports multiple users. Each user must enter a username and password to log in. Once logged in, each user then has access to her/his own personal records. This is already set up and in place. Regarding the mySQL database, a simple table called "Messages" has been set up with the following fields: A Primary Key field, a Subject field, a Message field, and a Date field.

Next, I have a single POP e-mail account set up for the multiple users. I need a PHP script that will run regularly (via a cron job). I need the script to check the POP e-mail account regularly and filter/identify messages for each individual user and then add each users e-mail message(s) directly into the Messages table of the mySQL database.

For example, suppose I have two users set up: Bob100 and Mike200. Bob100 and Mike200 each write an e-mail (from their personal e-mail accounts) and then send the messages to the multiple-user POP e-mail account on my server. On the first line of Bob100s e-mail he includes his user ID within double brackets: [[Bob100]]. On the first line of Mike200s e-mail he includes his user ID within double brackets: [[Mike200]].

Via the cron job, the script checks the multiple-user POP e-mail account and searches the body of each message for user IDs (within double brackets). In the examples above, messages containing [[Bob100]] and [[Mike200]] are found. These usernames are then parsed, and then the mySQL database is searched to see if the users exist. If so, then the Subject and Body of each applicable e-mail message is then parsed and inserted within the Messages table. Again, when logged on, each user will only be able to see her/his own messages.

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2 Basic JQuery Slider/popups

Im looking for a JQuery slider and a popup (see sample links below).
Must work with WordPress.

– Click on a thumbnail
– Shows content (html + images) below
– Clicking on another thumbnail replaces the content

2. Pop-up like this:
– Click on a thumbnail
– Pop-up that can hold images + html content (text, etc)
– Navigation in the pop-up that scrolls to the next item

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Looking for someone that can find 10 dentists in each of these cities listed for a total of 100 dentists. YOu will need to find them using google and then only use the dentist businesses that advertise on google adwords.

Will need to look them up in google by city and ONLY USE DENTISTS THAT ADVERTISE ON GOOGLE ADWORDS for the city you are searching for.

Then you will need to input the dentist business name, address, city, state, zip, email and phone and a link to their website into an excel sheet. AN example of how to do this is attached.

This needs to be done on or by Sunday. Prefer it to be done Saturday. Information will be verified to see if it correct.

We will verify randomly 5% of these entries to verify their validity. Please make sure to get only dentists who advertise on Google adwords for the city you are searching for.
Attached is an example excel sheet.

Riverside, California (pop 285,615)
Stockton, California (pop 282,015)
Corpus Christi, Texas (pop 281,290)
Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky (pop 278,313)
Buffalo, New York (pop 277,998)
St. Paul, Minnesota (pop 276,978)
Anchorage, Alaska (pop 276,863)
Newark, New Jersey (pop 276,200)
Plano, Texas (pop 250,357)
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Creative/Arty Flash Website

I need a Flash-website that looks arty.

I have 2 example website. Each of them have some elements that I want.

1) (not first page off course)
– menu / hoover has to be the same idea
– popups have to be the same
– slideshow on background

– the scary weird soundscape in the back
– the fucked up navigation en weird sounds

intro page
logo (animated) + age check

+- 20 logos with hoover pop-up. In pop-up can be text, img, video
+- 5 other items with hoover pop-up
slideshow as background
soundscape thingies

There has to be a CMS so I can ad extra menu-items (+content for pop-up).
You have to install the complete thing on my server

You must be able to give me an official and invoice that I can put in my accountings. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)

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Gmail PVAs Required!

I need Gmail PVAs.

All gmail accounts will have to be NEW, UNUSED.
No gmail accounts should get banned or obstructed. They need to be completely pre verified, phone verified, ready to use.

I will need you to enable pop forwarding option on all gmail accounts by going into the settings area. (choose this: enable pop for all mail)

I will need the following information for all Gmail PVA accounts:
First Name
Second Name

What is your pricing?

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Pop Up For WordPress

Create popup

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Exit Pop Up Script

I need someone to write me code for an exit pop-up window for my website. I want the pop-up to appear when people move their cursors over the "exit window" button or their browser "back" button.

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I Am A Billboard

General Requirements : A mobile application that is integrated with a phones GPS location. This application will serve a pop-up ad on the users phone when the user enters a specific set of GPS coordinates. This application will also (instead of a pop-up) provide a text message to the user and/or an email to the user.

Detailed Requirements :
1. An application where a user can register his or hers phone number and email address.
2. A preference page that allows for control of whether the ads are delivered via pop-up, email or text
3. The ability to ACTIVIELY read the location of a user
4. The ability to (even while the phone sleeps or is locked) to activate the phone to deliver a pop-up ad.
5. When a pop-up ad cannot be delivered, it will be cued in a user interface similar to email, the list of cued ads can be viewed by the user at their convenience.
6. This application is good on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry

1. A website where the user can view their account online
2. An administrators website that shows what ads, in which areas have been viewed
3. An advertistors website where they can list ads for individual areas and maintain those ads. Ads can be uploaded graphical content or text.

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Need A Few Specific Small Jobs Done On My Website

I have a few small projects for now and ultimately, I would like to find a new webmaster as ours is no longer doing independent work. If this works out, there is more work to come. I am looking for someone to begin immediately. You must be able to take our site to your own test server and all work must be thoroughly checked. All work must be done in the agreed upon time frame and communication is of the utmost importance. Please include the word "zebra" in your bid details so I know you have read my projects guidelines. I will expect a daily progress email as well and if you would like the url of my website in order to make an educated bid, let me know. Below is the list of what I need done….

1. Someone just recently signed up to our website and I can find no record of it in the admin. This has happened a couple of times now. I need the sign up retrieved and activated and I also need the problem tracked down and fixed so it does not happen again.

2. I have one link that needs to be pointed in another internal direction within users accounts. It is currently going to the wrong page.

3. I would like a pop up created for a particular action in order to verify if the user wants to continue.

4. You can sign up as either 1 of 2 membership types on my website. Once a member, If someone were to click on your username, an informative pop up will appear. Right now, this pop up appears for either membership type. I want it to appear for 1 type only.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Toolbar Development

We would like a toolbar creating with versions for Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers.

The toolbar will monitor the URL that the browser is accessing.

Where a match is found the toolbar will rewrite URLs to direct traffic through affiliate programs – for example they land on a page at – the toolbar detects and redirects the user through our affiliate link – landing back on their original page. The toolbar will need to update its database once per day as new affiliate programs are added.

Also it will open pop up windows containing advertisements based on certain matches in the URL. This must be limited by the toolbar to one pop up per hour.

The user can set their ID number in the options menu, this will be used as a tracking code in the affiliate links.

Toolbar buttons: [Home] [Earn Points] [Refer Friends] – these will open the relevent web pages.

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Grants Rockstar

I am building a landing page just like this one:
My site will be almost identical just small changes in the design. Content will be almost identical. Please go through this site, enter email and see how the offers go. there are 5 other offers before you get to the Grant offer. My site will be identical but have different offers which I will give links to incorporate into the site. there will be a traffic regenerator exit pop when someone leaves the site before doing anything. This exit pop will be a slightly different look but will be the grant offer from the initial landing page. there will be a second exit pop with a payday cash loan offer. The initial name and email will be saved and entered in the next offer that the visitor clicks on. each offer that is filled out, the visitor will be directed to the next offer in line until they reach the end "Grant" offer. if the visitor does not fill out the grant offer the 2 exit pops will occur when they leave. If you go through the website listed above you will see the basics of what I want to happen when the visitor is clicking through. This project "landing page" requires design, images, form data to be saved, exit pops, and all other aspects just as in the example site. I need the site loaded to my Godaddy hosting account and made live.

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Need A Custom Javascript/bookmarklet Made(maybe Php?)

The javascript/bookmarklet/php script will have to do the following:

– when clicked (so it has to be a link, thats why I was thinking for a bookmarklet) it has to open a page in the background (pop-under)
– Then it will have to click an a few links on the background page/pop under page and also type a few things on the background page/pop under
– After that it has to close the background page/pop up

This script must work in firefox, internet explorer, safari, opera and chrome.

(in your post, type mullorq so you I know youve read this whole post)

Kind regards

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Pop Up Web Change

Pop up Web change

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Drupal Lightbox2 Pop-up

I would like to add the ability to have a pop-up lightbox display on the homepage that I can turn on and off easily (for alerting or special content).

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Bubble Simulator For Android

Am looking for a bubble simulator app for the android…

Im sure we are all familiar with the concept of blowing bubbles….this simulator is geared towards kids…

If you need a refresher on how to blow bubbles:

Needs to work by the person blowing into the mic to "Blow a Bubble"
If the user blows too hard, the bubble will fail, and if not hard enough will fail as well….
Once a bubble appears, it shall gently float like a real bubble. The user shall be able to "poke" the screen and pop the bubble and start over again. Once a bubble is popped, the app shall make a gentle pop sound.

The app shall feature a freestyle side, that allows users to simply blow and pop bubbles as they wish.
The app shall feature a simple game to see how many successful bubbles ( a certain size required) the user can create and pop within 30 secs. The larger the bubble, the more points the user will get. If a bubble pops on its on, the user gets no points, if a bubble fails to blow, the user gets no points.

User should be able to drag the bubble wand back to the soap to reload for more bubbles…

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Build Black/white Text Website 4pages – All Design Done

I have done all the design.

I will send you this once I award the project.

The website is very similar to a portfolio site for a designer.

HTML requirements:
One main page
All other links are pop ups and do not connect to another page on the site.
approx 4 pop ups (including email form)

This site is easy to do – but I require very smooth design
The whole website is black text on a white background

Please bid and then PM me and I will send you the design and we can talk further

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Exit Pop-up

Im looking for a custom exit pop-up that would recognize and activate our current ad that we have on [Removed by Admin]

As of now, if you click on any tab on [Removed by Admin] you would see a ad pop-up. I want a exit pop-up that once a visitor try and leave [Removed by Admin] an exit pop-up pops up and ask "are you sure you want to leave". If they click yes or no our ad pops up as well.

Exit pop-up must be friendly to safari, chrome & firefox
Exit pop-up must be pop up blocker friendly
Exit pop up must also activate if viewers click back buton

Please let me know if you can make this.

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Need Pop Up/under Script

I need one pop up/under script which support xml .


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