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Earn Passive Residual Income Recruiting Members To Our Site

Help us grow and we will pay you monthly passive residual income. This is a big opportunity as YoHolla is still in beta stage. There are recruiters already making residual income of $1,000/month. For further details check us out at

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A Faciliatator(Broker) Site Where Members Buy From Vendors

About the Website

The website will be a facilitator between two types of members – Vendors and Buyers .

– Both categories will sign up on the website for a yearly/one time fee.
– The vendor will put on the website details of his service for eg:- a truck with space available to carry X amount of freight between two cities at a certain time on a X truck type for $x.
– The buyer will search the website for parameters such as Truck Type , Date , Amount of Freight and Cost and Keyword.
– The buyer will chose any of the options and will buy xyz service with his credit card.
– My website will charge a fee and will send the vendor details to the buyer.

Features of the website

1) A highly efficient and good search system as it is the core of the website.
2) Two or Three types of login categories . Vendors , buyers and brokers .
3) A simple way for the vendors to put the details of his service on the website 5-6 parameters max. and a small note/paragraph about his service in brief.
4) The buyer should be able to set up alerts for the service for any given day , truck , originating city , cost etc for his email.
5) A section on Latest listings , Just Sold, Ending Soon ,Featured, Cheapest, Archives etc etc which should also be searchable.
6) Web 2.0 Social Media features like Twitter , Facebook etc
7) Live Support capability from a human assistant who i may/may not feature should be able to communicate with voice and chat.
7) Testimonials , About Us , FAQ , Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Gallery , Contact Us , Customer Service etc etc The usual stuff
8) Newsletter and opt in box for emails and basic information

More Information

The website will be brokering a high cost service and should look and feel high quality, elegant and reliable.
The graphics have to be top notch.
All on page SEO should be taken care of during development.
There will be lots of interaction with Facebook and Twitter fans
A highly secure website as transactions will be of high value.

This is how the website will be launched. More features and changes will be added to the website in Stage 2 for which you will be given highest preference..
This project has huge scope of repeat business and scalability hence we will not compromise with the quality of the developer.
Regular updates and inputs will be shared on skype.

I have given all the details required to make a suitable bid for the project.
I will given further details on the Clarification Board if necessary.

Feel free to ask any questions and bid only if you are serious and have the capability and prior experience in handling such projects.

– ZK

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Adult Site Members

Ok I have seen various requests here for adult site signups and one way back-link requests.

I understand what these are but I don

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Repair or rebuild access DB system

This will need to be done via remote access. Here are described issues by user.

System does not populate "Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code" Fields with information entered. Instead, it automatically plugged in "Name (or a two digit number) , Address, City, State, Postal Code". This did not effect all the database just certain members.
If I need to search for a particular member, the database doesn’t recognize it by name because it plugged in a number (i.e. if you enter a #10 it brings up all the members affected).

Cannot send out membership cards because the information in the Contact Info. Screen formation also populates the letters that are to be mailed with membership cards.

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