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Record A A Youtube Video For Our App

I need someone with perfect english, dutch, Spanish or french to create a video for our APP so that I can post it on youtube.

I need this quite fast. You have an iphone as our app is an iphone app

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Youtube Video Poster

I am looking for an auto youtube video poster , using multiple accounts from file, proxies, threads, and ability to add messages to each video, with my URL etc.

So basically I will have a bunch of videos with messages , I click start and it will post them randomly from an account/proxy.

Any suggestions will be appreciated too.

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Youtube Video Uploading 2

Need some Youtube videos made and uploaded. Details are the same from the first post.

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FBML – Application

We need to build a FB cool application for a record label page:
This is the page:

Application need to do this (please check the FB rules)

People enter the application
Place a link into a text box (it need to check the domain in the link) it to share a track or a Djset
Invite all his freinds to the page it self (auto select all).
Invite atleast 20 freinds to the application (selected by people)

Once all wil be ready appication will post the link in the FB page.

Application need to check domains:
We wil allow only:

If not in one of this it will show the message that link cannot be published and need to be in one of the other domain.

We loook how to do it and is not that hard but we are very busy with other stuff.
We will need to test the application before accept it.

Please apply only if ur knowledge of the FBML is very good.

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