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Magento Advanced Search Display Problem

We have a Magento website, which have installed our own template.

On testing website, search works fine. However, on live website, the Advanced Search (Shop By block) doesnt show up properly – it only shows up on several pages.

Urgent Help Needed.

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High Authority Links Needed ( Sexpositive)

Im looking for backlinks from HIGH authority websites for an adult toy store.
This is NOT a porn site! I need high quality links from sex positive websites like sites about sexuality, feminism, social networking sites, edu/org sites ect. ect.

If you can get me links of high quality please post your CONCRETE offer. ( dont send me messages that you can do this: i want to know what im buying, if its sitewide, incontent, follow/nofollow, permanent or time limited.

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Magento Expert needed,very simple job

We need a Meganto expert immediately.We need to change the green drop down menu of and in that place we need to have the menu of have the menu code,CSS and JS files with us.We just need the implimentation in the site.Thats all.Its max an 1/2 an hour job for a magento expert.You need to locate the header file and edit the code only.
But be sure,you are really an expert in the field,cause its magento….:)
Dont send lots of links.just show me your magento jobs only.
And let me know your exprtise also….:)Tell me a simple thing,where can we find the header html file in magento directory structure?….:)
You will get a maximum of 2 hr time to complete the job,and obviously a max of 2 mnt time to get the money in your account also(after succcessfull complition of the job only)….:)

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