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PHP / Magento Expert To Fix IE Problem On Magento

I have an online shopping cart and it seems that anyone using IE8 ends up having problems with the site. Some people cant add to their cart and some people have all kinds of weird problems with clicking and scrolling.

Ive watched the traffic closely and signed up for Clicktale just so I could watch the video of people coming to the site. What I saw was that only IE users were having problems with it.

Now, I am a PHP developer (at least I thought I was until now) and I cant seem to fix the problem.

Ive researched and it seems that a LOT of people are having issues with IE, but were losing a LOT of sales because of this and its only been in the last couple of months.

We upgraded to the latest version and everything seemed to be fine, but we never caught the problem until now.

Our computers all had IE and it worked fine for us, but people kept complaining so I need someone that can help me out with this one.

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Magento / Google Base EXPERT For A Small Problem


I have built a website using Magento ( and am getting a problem with the Google Base integration. I had the exact same problem with my previous site – it might be my products but as all 3 of the products listed on my site are available on Google Shopping from other sellers I dont think this is the main cause. I need this resolved as I am looking to start a bigger and far more important site soon and dont want to start off my getting my Google Base account disapproved.

So the 2 minor problems you need to resolve are:

1. The 3 products you see on the website have been disapproved by Google Base and I would need to you edit them and contact Google with regards to getting them approved. I need to be shown that this can be done as it is important for my next website. I will give you access to the website and email address to edit products, attributes (I have the condition and price attributes set up) etc. and contact Google.

2. After I built the website and uploaded the 3 products, I uploaded the products to Google Base in 1 go. But as soon as I updated the product details any time after that and clicked "Save", the products would not synchronize with Google Base and the message "Cannot update Google Base Item for Store Default Store View" pops up. Again, I have experienced this problem with previous site and would like you to resolve it and tell me how its done. I have seen this problem on Google Forum but could not find solution, though people have said it may be linked to the disapproved status of products.

If you bid on this project I need your assurance that you know exactly what the problem is and you will be able to fix it quickly. Payment will be made if the two problems are resolved. If you have any information that you would like to provide me with regarding these problems without bidding feel free to do so!

My budget for this project is around $30 as I dont expect this is much of a project at all for someone who knows what the problem is!


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Magento Expert Needed To Fix Problem When Upgrade To 1.4

There is problem on my site when upgrade to version 1.4, product not show when click product image, and no product in category page, as if there is problem on database. magento expert needed to problem, milestone payment will be released when problem solved, I did not found other problem till now, please also fix the other problem if you find out, and please give us a 1 month support free if we found other problem, thanks.

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Magento Advanced Search Display Problem

We have a Magento website, which have installed our own template.

On testing website, search works fine. However, on live website, the Advanced Search (Shop By block) doesnt show up properly – it only shows up on several pages.

Urgent Help Needed.

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Auto Scrape Selected Ebay Stores And Post Items To Magento

1.Need to create a scraper that will scrape selected Ebay stores (editable in config file) …

2. Post products with expiration date of 24 hours before listing ends in magento
3. Will only work on buy it now products
4. There needs to be a price multiplier (ie if it is sold on ebay for 5$ it can be set in configure file to *2 so the price shown in Magento will be $10, cost would be added as the $5)
5. The ebay stores scraped use different templates for description. Be prepared to make it work on scraping 3 stores. ( Template should be easily modified with xpaths to grab the description.
6. Info like title / pictures… should also be passed on to the magento store

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