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RubyOnRails Programmer

need Ruby on Rails developer for a smilar website to this,
Small differencies are:

– Everything smothly loaded in the background:
– Instead of rectangle Tabs under the banner, there will be a circle shape tabs
– After clicking the product there will appear (loadad in background) Circle Tab for details of the prodcuts- text, pictures or you tube video)
– Site will have 2 language version,
-CMS for whole banner images and text description(both languages)
and for the category TABS, their products images and prodcuts detail, inculding Text , pictures and video).

This is just for coding purposes all the graphics, dsign will be provided.

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Data Feed Import Scripts

I am using a feed that a supplier has provided to load products into my oscommerce cart. i need a script that will load the prodcuts into there correct category. i need a second script that will take the thumbnails and preview images off the supliers feed and use them in the oscommerce cart. i need to be able to change pricing based on category and brand from wholesale price to MSRP and i need the prodcuts to update via cron job once a hour and the images to update once a day. I need this completed by thursday afternoon 12/3/09.

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oscommerce manufacturer category

In OSCOMMERCE when u choose a MANUFACTURER a drop down box appears at top which says SHOW and u choose ALL CATEGORIES or a particualr category

i dont like this

is it possible to have the categories for a manufacturer appear on left side as a list of links (NOT DROP DOWN)

or if it says SHOW all CATEGORIES to have it display the prodcuts with the CATEGORY TITLE appearing in PRODUCT LISTING instaed of a continuous list of PRODCUTS

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