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Develop A Renting Site

We are a French company that develops scripts.

We are in selling scripts business from 2002. Look on We are one of the leader in the scripts business market expecially in France and Germany.

We are looking for a provider who can provide us a similar site to being added in or product list of scripts and selled to our guruscripts customers

The provider who can sell us this kind of script ll be granted to become the exclusive installator and customizator of this script for our future customers.

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Joomla – Fixes – V.3

Fixes into joomla site.

Fix to show all products into one page using Virtuemart
Fix to show price and discount price in product page and categories.

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oscommerce manufacturer category

In OSCOMMERCE when u choose a MANUFACTURER a drop down box appears at top which says SHOW and u choose ALL CATEGORIES or a particualr category

i dont like this

is it possible to have the categories for a manufacturer appear on left side as a list of links (NOT DROP DOWN)

or if it says SHOW all CATEGORIES to have it display the prodcuts with the CATEGORY TITLE appearing in PRODUCT LISTING instaed of a continuous list of PRODCUTS

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