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Need Animoto Video Creator.

I am looking for a long-term animoto video creator. These videos will be used to submit for SEO purposes.
You must be proficient with video creation via tools like

1. Ill provide you a paid account.
For each video: an article on a topic and 3 keywords.
2. I need a video made that slides in related pictures of the article given as well as highlights the main points in the article using bullet style formatting.
3. You will need to provide the images (legally). The music for the video could be taken from
4. Videos need be 1 – 1.5 min. in length.
5. You will then send the completed videos to me in a format that is best optimized for video submissions to various video sites.

*Cost per approved video: 1,5 usd.

If work is satisfactory, well look to create multiple videos every week.
You could also be asked for promoting approved video on youtube and other video websites.

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Android Internet Timer

I have 3 pads I want to rent out internet time on them. I want customers to be able press a surf the net button on the Android tablet. I want an end surfing button which ends session after a code is put in and calculates the charge.I want the net only to be surfed and maybe a number of free games. After that I want the pad locked down and pass word protected. The program must keep a log of time the pad is surfed for and must send this info to me. It must be able to deal with being turned off by users so that it does not reset the machine and we must have a way to restore the machine easily.

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Invisible Keylogger With Email Send Functionality

I need a program that is key logger

when i put it in the computer

anyone insert his usb will get it on his usb

and then if he goes to another computer the keylogger is released from usb by autorunning invisibly into the computer

and start recoding the keyboard and send it to my email as soon as there is an internet ability exist

conditions :
1- everystep is invisible including injecting the file – releasing it in the other computer
2- i need ability to change email if i like to
4- Key logger dowsnt show on the process or anything else just work perfectly invisible

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Soccer Bettors Emails At Least 50k

I need at least 50k of football (Soccer) bettors email addresses. Please indicate your source. Will pay $250 for 50k emails. Send 1k for samples and verification.

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Small Changes In MAGENTO

Small changes in MAGENTO


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Myspace Profile Increaser / MP3 Increaser

We need a professional who can create a myspace mp3 song increaser and profile view increaser that works with the newest myspace changes.

Program MUST be written in Delphi 7.

if you have a program ready to go please send a sample.

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HTML email design

I need a HTML email design URGENTLY that I will send this my user. Please provide mock ups of complete design.

Budget: $15

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Project for sans300


I will send you the info by PMB.


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Client-Side Encoding With VP6-E

This project is the construction of a java applet that will download libraries to convert a user specified video to the vp6-e flv format on their computer. When done, the applet will send the finished video and thumbnails to Amazon S3 and create the required MYSQL tables in our database for the new video.

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Automatic RSS Parser

scan several rss feeds for very specific entries

1.rss feed urls
2.keywords with weight, say "video"=3, "edit"=2, "clip"=4

3.scan feeds say every 15 minutes, so there will be always fresh data
4.result will be a table with rss feed text (short and long), sorted by entry weight. weight counted as summ of keyword weights founded.
5.display rss entries ordered by weight in time span for last day, last 3 days, since last visit
6.should send email (configurable) if some entry has very high score by found words (say score>10), threshold should be configurable this app will be installed on some hosting, scan rss feeds and notify on most important entries in automatic mode.

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type 4800 words into word doc


I have scanned some documents out of magazines. I need you to type the words of the artciles out into a word document for me.

I will send the pic files to you and you type out.

Its approx. 4800 words in total

Please only accurate typers. I dont want to have to fix your errors, so only bid if you are competent.

Please private message me with your best price and time frame.



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two Header in wordpress


Have looking to find a good way to interface two header with linking to two directions in the wordpress i have.

– The header nr 1 is the Logo and should link to Home, but for the moment its only a short strip of line that link to home.
in wordpress admin panel, i have a banner tool for random header image.

– The header nr 2 should link to another page i have, like a addvertisement banner, but i can only get it to show, but not link further, and also mix the code badly for the moment.

( i have try this before and working)

Have try to make id-tag 1 and 2 and 3 but do not work in explorer 8.

You may have an alternativ way to solve the problem, thats Fine, but the display of image have to be the same!.

Put a bid or make a contact here for more info, i will send you here a css file and the header file, in one txt.file, that you can split up to two files.

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Professional Digital Images Required – ASAP

I have a requirement of taking Good Quality Images of 25 Leather Cuttings.

I intend to use these images on a furniture website/brochure therefore the images will have to be an exact likeness of actual samples provided. Photos need to be taken on an SLR Camera with Good Lighting. (Something similar to

I will send cuttings of actual leather to winning bidder by post/airmail. Previous experience of a similar project is very benificial.

Samples of previous work will be required.

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Watermark and Upload Adult Videos for Tube Sites

Im looking for someone to find adult videos, add a watermark with a url that I give you and upload these videos to every adult tube site that will accept them. You will need to have adult video clips or know where to download them, and you should know which adult tube sites allow watermarked videos.

Before you submit I will need a list of sites you will upload it to and a screenshot of the video you choose. I will give suggestions for the types of videos to use. You will need to write the titles, descriptions and keywords for these video submissions.

I want to approve the first video/title/description/keyword set but if it is satisfactory I will trust your judgment for future submissions. After submission you will send me a list of the active video urls and login information for each site submitted to.

I want this to turn into an on going project but lets start with one video for now. I would like to begin immediately.

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I require someone to do seo work for a limo hire web site, I need to get ranked as high as possible on google. Succesful bidder will send pm explaining the steps you intend to take to complete this task. Better explanation = better chance of being chosen.

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I require someone to do seo work for a limo hire web site, I need to get ranked as high as possible on google. Succesful bidder will send pm explaining the steps you intend to take to complete this task. Better explanation = better chance of being chosen, especially if specific to the web site I have shown.

site = limtek . co . uk

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Flash for website

We need to get a flash done for our new website. It is not the whole page, it simply sits in the top right for example, the same size as .

It will be quite basic just highlighting some key sentences and incorporating our logo.

Our budget is $30 so please only bid this amount. Payment by escrow.

We will send details to successful bidder.

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fix a error easy

Hello everyone!
i have a really small problem regarding clone madebysofa dot com,pls take a look at this site,and my site almost be done ,maybe you can fix the error in 10 mins
i will send details via PM.thanks

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Re-writed Articles Needed !

Hi ,

Im looking for writers to write 50 articles (400 word each) for me at $1 per article. The topic will be on cruise travel & cruise vacation.

Here are some more DETAILS:

* I will supply you with original articles. The keywords I provide you need to be used in a normal and conversational way throughout the articles. The main keyword needs to be in the article title. The main keyword & other related keywords need to be in the article body at least 2 times for each.


* All work must be original and 100% copyscape pass. No plagiarism.

* All work must have correct grammar and sentence structure must flow well and sound well.

* If your work is good, I have a lot of long-term work in the future as I always need good writers.

*This can be a very lucrative opportunity for you if your writing is good.

* Please keep this in mind when bidding on this project.

* Payment will be through Paypal

* Turn around time for 10 articles should be a maximum of 4 days.

* Please also let me know how many articles you can do everyday

* No use of spinners or article writing software. I have used these before and have many of them. I can tell if you have used these for my writing.

* Copyright is solely mine after work is produced and payment is made.
Before hiring you as my writer I will send a sample topic of my choosing to make sure your writing standard is what Im looking for. Please leave your primary email address s I can send the sample topic.

**Your bid is for 50 original new articles to be RE-WRITTEN**
Please DONT bid if you cant agree to the above. If you are interested please PM me your information.

Please mention "I Agree" in your bid to signify that you have read this entire description and agree to it before bidding.


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Math Tutorial Videos

We need tutorial videos showing how to solve math problems. The person explain how to solve the problems on a whiteboard. There will be 500 Math Questions with solutions that we will send you.

*1 or 2 people to make the math videos
*Very proficient in English
*Very strong at teaching in math

Ideas of what we want include:

Should have expert understanding: Algebra, Numerical calculations, Conversions, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Word Problems

In order to be seriously considered for project, please send us a video demo showing how to solve the following question:
There are 2 oranges, 2 apples and 3 papayas in a basket. What is the probability that a boy picking up 2 fruits without replacement one after the other picks up 2 papayas?

Open to negotiation on payment.

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Call 2 web services

I would like a php method that I can use to create an account. This account requires calling a Business webservice and then a User webservice. Any exceptions encountered will send me an email and return false.

Args: BusinessName, Description, etc.
Returns: BusinessId
Calls a Business.asmx web service

Args: BusinessId, Username, Password, etc.
Returns: UserId
Calls a User.asmx web service

Args: UserArgs, BusinessArgs
Returns: true if successful
BusinessId = CreateBusiness(BusinessArgs);
UserId = CreateUser(BusinessId, UserArgs);
If an exception send email with details and return false.

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WordPress plugin – product rating

I need a WP plugin that will enable users to rate products. It may be the case that we can work on an existing product rating plugin ( ) or just start from scratch – whichever way is best for the project.

I will send a sketch to each interested developer. To summarise:
the idea would be to click a product to select the product you are going to rate > then click the star rating (5 stars) ie. click your rating ( ala ) and the rating and comment is posted (using WP normal commenting system).

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private project for joykita1


I will send over the brief description through e-mail once you accept the project


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CL and BP poster for hire

I need an honest, hardworking, dependable, intelligent, with excellent communication skills to post ads on CL, backpage, and other sites. This is an ongoing assignment.

You must know how to post effectively, with multiple IP accounts, PVAs, etc. You must know how to post without getting ghosted or flagged. If you do, you must replace the ads with new postings. You must post in USA timings. You must offer your services at $.10 per post (this is a long term deal). And, you must know how to post ads in JOBS of CL. You will send us reporting in the form of links of where ads are posted, urgently, after they have been posted (the whole lot at one time)


Well pay 1 day after the posts have been satisfied, through PayPal.

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Need 10 Articles With Min Of 270 words

Need 10 articles on puppy training with minimum of 270 words in the body not including the title. I have instructions that are 1-2 pages long that must be apply so only the best will do here. Articles must be accepted into Ezine with flying colors. I will send instructions along with keywords. If you have never written for EZA or if you dont have any samples in EZA then dont bother bidding.

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