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We need high skilled PHP SYMFONY programmers, minimum 3 years exirence. Possibility to work onshore

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PHP / MySQL Programmer Needed

We have a classifieds website and we need some updates:

1. We use a online classfieds software called 68classifieds. The software has a coupons and discounts module. The discounts work, but not the coupon. This may be because the original programmer hid the functionality. The coupon administration is currently working in the backend. We just need to get it to appear on the front end. There should be a field that appears on the payment page for you to enter your coupon. This should be a very easy fix as it is existing functionality.

2. Ads show a Listing Date. Can the listing date be hidden.

3. Ads show a Description text box. Can the Description text box be hidden.

4. In IE there are some of the fields that are right aligned when they should be left aligned. (One page)

5. In the admin section, when you make an update to a user profile e.g. username the information is not updating.

6. Add javascript (four lines) to the head of each page of the site (will supply javascript)

Other General Requirements
1. Bachelor degree preferred, but not required
2. 4+ yrs programmer PHP / MySQL
3. Available to work on project full time, not available to part-time developers
4. Able to start work 10 am IST (or earlier)
5. English: Written (excellent), spoken (good)
6. Access to phone / internet phone
7. Resume available
8. Broadband

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Web Designer, Programmer. PHP, MySql, Jquey, Ajax, Ecommerce

Looking for a highly motivated and experienced web designer to produce designs to pass over to backend developers. Must have a proven track record with an up to date portfolio of projects or full list of links showcasing your bad ass talents.

JQuery skills are a must together with an up to date knowledge of the latest skills and best practices for CSS and XHTML. Your Photoshop skills must be second to non as you will providing the face for our services. Think clean Web 2.0 with a wow factor. All our sites are dynamically driven and use AJAX. Backend needs to be implemented by you our your team.

You should be able to design your layouts based on best practices for the end user making their customer journey a pleasant one and the same time as thinking about fast loading times.

Location is not a problem and you must speak perfect English.

All the best and look forward to hearing from you.

Budget: $5,000 to $12,500


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PhP/ Mysql Programmer Needed For Website Implementation


I am looking for an experienced PHP/MySQL programmer/developer to help with the intergration of my new website.

Gamespaceuk has just under gone a new re design containing Flash/Html and CSS layout.

The new pages to be added are the homepage and catalogue pages of my current site which is currently programmed on a PHP/MySQL interface.

I have all files required to change the design and all access to the ftp information which is currently in place.

Gamespaceuk will be looking at being moved onto a different server within this task so only please apply if you are able to apply this.

I would possibly like new funtions added to Gamespaceuk so the full details will be discussed with the right applicant.
e.g Players could play for 5 minutes or 5 games then the system will ask them to sign up to the site to continue to play free.

Kindest Regards and Good luck


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PHP Qcodo Ajax Programmer Needed

I have many clients that use the same e-commerce system that is written in PHP and uses qcodo and ajax heavily. They are constantly asking for modifications that are beyond my abilities as a basic PHP programmer. You need to understand overloading functions and extending classes. Work is frequent but on a pay-as-you-code basis. Freelancers welcome… remote is ok… I pay immediately upon completion. Pay is based on your hourly rate. I will give you a task and youll give me an estimate in hours… if the client goes for it, youve got the gig.

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PHP/MySQL/JavaScript Programmer

I am creating a custom computer website. I have created all the pages but after doing the compatibility check, all the pages worked fine except the customization page which was very slow in many browsers for it contains a lot of javascript. I need someone to make a custimization script similar to ibuypower that reads every item from a database. This must be easily editable by me so I can change the design whenever I need to and I should be able to add a new item by simply adding it to the database.

You can view the customizer script I currently have at You can also view ibuypowers script at

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PHP & C# Programmer Required For Work NOW!

I have a portal with a MySQL backend with extensive stored procedures.
the front end site is PHP with MySQL.
the secure ordering process is in C# talking to same MySQL database.
there is a partial backend that lists some orders written in C#.
I have access to all source code.

The secure order process currently only adds information to the database.
I need to create an edit & delete function.

You qualify only if you know & understand C#, PHP, and MySQL stored procedures.

There isnt a lot of work to be done. this should take about 10 hours.
I have exact requirements as well as most SQL statements in place.

The successful bidder will work closely with me using instant messaging platform.
You need to be available online between 8am and 6pm USA EST time (GMT -5).

You should allow for 1-2 hours to familiarize yourself with the process.

I will PM a document with some basic requirements after you post your bid.
I would like to award this project today!

in your bid please mention @php so i know you read this and not using automated bids.

good luck.

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PHP & MySQL Programmer Needed To Customize PHPMotion Site

I need someone to integrate some Addons to my site currently running PHPMotion 3.5
for information about PHPmotion visit

For Addons that need to be integrated in to this are

I am not sure if you guys do this sort of work but if not can you please suggest someone who are willing to do.

If this sounds like you please let me know

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Ajax,PHP,Mysql Popup Alert

We have data being pushed via HTTP. We have the data being stored into the database, user(s) are assigned, and email alerts being sent.

We would like to add one feature:
While that user is logged in (session) and the server is processing the data, we would like a pop-in window alerting the user of the data entry WITHOUT a screen refresh (thus ajax).

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PHP, MySQL, Javascipt Programmer Needed

I need someone with proper php, mysql, javascript, Ajax, Jquery and css skills to build lots of attractive corporate websites for me.

This project will be for a real estate service provider company. There will all standard websites feature and some extended web services thats specially for real estate company. I will explain you more in PM.

Project should be completed with the time schedule. I am very strict about timing.

I would like to work with very experienced provider or may be with a reliable company, one with messengers available and a great support structure.

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Php/mysql Programmer For Short Time

I have website name: [Removed by Admin]
This website is writtein in php and mysql code with cms functionality.
At this stage, I want you to make following changes. please provide the quote accordingly:
1. in search result, picture doesnt display. it displays x. please get rid of this picture display completely
2. in sp registration form, abn number text box is mendatory. please make it optional.
3. i want to introduce paid membership.. so when SP finish their registraiton, there should be option to select paid or free membership. Paid membersihp should be for 2 years listing on website only for $25 with top priority.
4. upon search result, paid members should come first in result with highlighted background.
5. optimise the search result. currently it is very time consuming.
any quesitons, please ask.

thank you

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Need Php/mysql Programmer

Need php/mysql programmer on ongoing basis for website maintenance/enhancements.

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I need someone reliable to design a full functioning website like

We would like everything offers with some additional feature.
We are looking for an experienced PHP/MYSQL programmer who is also very experienced with jQuery and AJAX implementation.

for more information about the website please contact me.


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Need PHP/MySQL Programmer With Good English

Hi there,

I need to hire a PHP/MySQL programmer / online assistant starting at 2 hours a day. Once the quality of your work
is proven, I will increase you to 8 hours a day.

These are the types of WordPress / PHP websites we work on:

Please post a bid for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks (40 hours of your work).

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Need Php & Mysql Programmer For Long Term…

Hello we need an expert php,mysql freelancer on regular basic…Find below the requirement list..?

*Ability to fix the bug asap..?
*Ability to implement new functions asap..?
*Need dedicated coder which means need to available allways at popular messenger..?

Note:- As you can see that i need coder on regular basic,which means this should be long term contract,So 1st 10 or 15 days selected freelancer will be in trial mode…and if we found you good for my work then you will be get an desent amount every months to your selected payment method..?
Accord to my username you can think which types of script we have,so if you have idea in that kinds of site then you will be get 1st priroty..?

*To prevent spamers you must types this message when you will BID,message is ******Hello BUXMAKER***

Thanks & Regards

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Programmer Skills Php/css/ajax/mysql And PHP Telnet

Do modifications to existing script based on my comments.
also creating a new telnet script etc. better css skills is important.

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Need PHP/MySQL Programmer For 4 Month Project

We need an enterprise level software solution that handles the logistics of our daily operations. Our business deals with the restaurant industry, taking and managing orders, and will need to have a web ordering component. We will likely have a third party design the website and mobile apps (iPhone, Android, RIM), but they will need to work with you to make sure the integration goes smoothly.

The software will need to be web-based so that everything can be easily handled in a browser, but we will be hosting everything on our own servers.

The deadline for this project is roughly 3 months from the beginning of July, though we only need a product that can be launched by then. You will spend the month after the software launch to perform tweaks and fixes as they are needed. There may be further work opportunities down the road as we add more features to the software as they are needed.

We need a serious, professional programmer for this project, and we are prepared to fully cover the cost.

====Software Features Summarized:====
(all features are on our end, not the clients end as an online order)

Central Screen
-Manage all orders
-Assign/Manage drivers

New Order
-Quickly take an order (list all restaurants available to customer based on location)
-Ability to quickly edit/view orders is a must

Clock System
-The software must be able to track personnel work time
-Drivers and CSRs (customer service reps) will need to clock in and out

Check Out System
-Software must track what is owed to drivers, and what they owe the company
-This is all basic accounting that the software needs to handle

Accounting Software Integration
-The software must integrate with a common and heavily supported accounting software (Quickbooks)

Promotions System
-A discount/promotion system that works online and in mobile apps

Rewards System
-The software must keep track of reward points earned through purchases/credits
-Allow redemption of points through us and through the website

Online Ordering System
-The layout will be designed in conjunction with a website design firm
-Must include: account management screen, ordering system, rewards program area, etc.

Restaurant/Menu Management
-The software must allow us to easily add restaurants and menus

Area/Location Management
-Ability to define certain areas by zipcode/location
-The defined areas will determine what restaurants clients can order from

Miscellaneous Features
-More features will be needed, such as informative reports that allow us to aggregate customer data to review ordering habits and more
-The total project cost is flexible as there are more features not listed here that will be needed
-Most other features needed are smaller in scope when compared to the core features listed above

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Need Programmer To Create Simple Web Store

Im looking for programmer who could write a simple web store. Store should include a product catalog, some pages (about, contact, terms of use etc), simple user account interface, and also basic back end for product and customer management. This wont be traditional shopping cart though, the store will be based on pre ordering, to gather larger group of people to place wholesale orders to manufactures. A php, mysql, html, css skills are required, some experiences with flash, javascript, graphic handling would be recommendable. Please post your bids and showcases, and also im opened for questions. Thank you.

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Looking For PTC Programmer For Long Time Cooperation

Hello everyone,


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Developer/Programmer In PHP, Mysql, AJAX, Javascript

Hi there,

We our a company thats building websites/webshops , email marketing systems and were looking for a good xhtml, php , javascript programmer who also understands new techniques such as ajax/jquery.

Any interest to work with these things? Then contact us soon.

Payment can be done after 1 project, or after each month.

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Web Development

Need an experienced Joomla,PHP and MySQL programmer to do this job.

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