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We are looking to start a web hosting company and need 2 servers properly configured. We have had other that say they can but fell short of the target.

We have:
cPanel License
WHMCS License
1 Dual Xeon Server (Looking to add second one)

Server 1 located in datacenter A
Server 2 located in datacenter B

What we need:

1. Synchronize Server 1 with Server 2 for redundancy and backup. (Specify technology such as rsync and why) also see below.
2. Properly, install CentOS with cPanel
3. Configure permissions and all security updates
4. Configure DNS properly.
5. Install a Dynamic DNS Server. Must have a easy to use web interface for managment
6. Setup scheduled backups
7. Setup WHMCS for billing
8. Provide documentation for each step completed and command line used. We need to be able to log everthing ever done to the server.
9. Provide .iso image of each server for recovery and replication.



Discussion is encouraged to design the best setup.

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need some1 to write articles by taking them from the net from various min 5 sources. he/she can draft the article using references accordingly and then need to rewrite them properly. This sud be original and could be properly rewritten. It sud not be catch by copyscape at all. keywords will also be used.

article must be accepted in, ezinearticles, and other good sites…….

Each article appx 400 words. 1$ each. monthly 60 to 80 articles.. need min 6 articles on daily basis. No advance escrow will be done, will pay for every 35-40 article received.

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WordPress / Buddypress Theme Styling Or Adjustment

Hi, i have a little job to do on my site, i want to do theme adjustment. and also make my iframe show properly. its a simple job for someone, i cant just figure it out. here is the link

activities dont show as a full page.

and also create space between add friend and follow

and move search box in the home page to the buddybar

lastly i have i want my iframe to allign properly.

all am looking to do is adjustment

you can contact me before bidding if you can do it.


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Make Menu IE 6 Compatible And Style Changes

I have a project which needs to be finished quickly. The menu we are using does not display properly in IE6. It also does not display properly in other browsers, but I am only concerned about IE6, we can ignore all other browsers.The menu is being generated by a series of .jsp files on the server side, so you will need to be comfortable working with .jsp.

I cannot give access to the actual site until the project is awarded, but here is an html version of what we will be working on:

If you view it in FireFox you will see the way it should function, but in IE6 it doesnt seem to work at all.

Again, time is very important. It would be good to have it done in at least two days.

Please contact me with any questions.

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V-Tiger CRM Installation Shape Up…

We have implemented lately Vtiger 5.1.0. In the current installation we have some issues configuring it properly. We require support for:

– Set the email server configurations to work properly.
– Set up the regular backup server, either the internal or other.
– Set up the work-flow configuration (Workflow cron script configured) so they can be implemented and used.
– Customer Portal up and running properly.

Remark. If a re-installation or upgrade is needed, current database shall be secured, current extensions reinstalled and overall configuration restored.

Also we want some Extensions to be installed…

– Add and configure a plug-in for Accounting, so Vtiger has Accounting capabilities. There is one in the market place (aXaccounting) but maybe you know other.
– Set-up the PDF template plugins (One of them PDF Configurator for v5.1 by crm-now) so we can configure different templates.
– vts projects modules
– Free Email Maker
– vttwitter 1.1
– vgcal for vtiger CRM 5.1.0

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Host My Video File Properly


I have a video file with mov extention. It is close to 1GB. My developer compressed it and it become 55mb. Right I try to host on my site I know my site is fast. The video comes so slow. But when I post the same video to Youtube it comes so fast. I want host my vide effectively so it comes fast.

Also I am looking for way to promote my video.(Optional)


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Joomla Template. Anyone Got Movie Plazza To Work Properly?

Have you gotten the movie plazza quickstart from template plazza to work the same as the demo?

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Swf Tools ,xpdf, Install And Config On Linux Server

Hi, i install swftools on my dedicated server and i successfully convert pdf into swfs files.
the problem is that only the first 2 pages are showing text properly ,and the other pages show only graphic.
what i need is someone that know the swftools and xpdf ,to install it on my server properly and config it and fix the problem so when i convert a pdf it will show the texts in the pdf properly.
its a fonts the freelancer that will get this project need to install fonts from the xpdf library and to config it properly.

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Copy A Website From 1 Server To Another Server

I have a Joomla/virtuemart website on a linux server. I need that website copied exactly and moved to another server, while keep the site we copied intact. The site we are copying MUST keep the e-mail and domain up.

Site to Copy

Copied Site

Copy (I will give you cpanel access).
On new site make sure the proper domain name is activated.
On new site make sure all links work properly.
On new site make sure all image paths are working properly.
On New Site make sure joomla and databases copied over properly.

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We need someone to look at and fix a problem with Paypal sales completions. Currently we are getting clicks on buy now buttons that have come through the sales funnel but when they get onto Paypal they dont complete.

In one period 302 buy now clicks produced zero completions. This is what our SEO/web marketer wrote to us about the issues we have.

"From our discussions and my research I believe getting a developer to properly implement Paypal express could help improve conversion rates. I think that you need to set the payment screen so it sets credit cards as the default payment method. Is there any further integration you can suggest?

Also very important for improving conversion rates is getting Google Analytics tracking properly implemented. Over the past 2 weeks I have been doing lots of modifications and testing to try and get this right to give us full visibility of what happens on the site. I believe part of the problem has to do with the tracking not being implemented properly and this work still needs to be completed. If there is development time left over. Using a web developer to make changes to the home page for the A/B testing could work. Due to the fact the site cannot be accessed via FTP and uses the subhub CMS the code gets very messy which is not good for SEO, which I have mentioned to you before. They may have time with what you are paying them to fix these issues."

So you see our immediate issue is to get buy now clicks to complete in Paypal. Then we need to do some work on the site.

If this works…by that I mean if the current zero completion goes to industry standard completion as a result of the Paypal changes we will a) start making decent money for the first time and then b) reinvest in the site because our product is global, unique, proven to be superior to the market leaders and inexpensive.

Our market, English teaching and learning, is worth literally billions. Our future would, to a large extent, be in your hands and we are small and currently have a very tight budget.



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Joomla Install And Joomala Template Install On Host Server

Need someone to properly install Joomla template on my host server and set up the admin site properly so I can then go about editingthe template. I have the template files I need this done ASAP

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URGENT Need To Change Some Parts Of Magento Backend

we have a problem with Magento.

We have created an online store for a client, but we are having troubles in translating in Italian the product manager section.
What we have found is that there is an error in Magento, so that section of the backend is not properly linked to the translation files (that we have loaded correctly and actually the rest of the site, either backend or frontend, appears translated in Italian).

We just need to see that section in Italian, no matter how. It is a very simple job. You are not required to know Italian, because you can ask us for words you dont know the correct translation, but it is important that you are able to properly modify that part of Magento.

Budget is USD 30, thus higher fees will be no checked. Winner will be chosen within 1 day.

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Existing JOOMLA Based Site Needs Updates

Current Joomla site needs a few changes, nothing to the structure or design, update some images (same size and location, just updated pictures), delete some outdated information, update new. Also change a contact page that uses a script to swap black and white image for a color one if mouse over. All the images are sliced and ready, just need to be properly coded to add a few people to the group photo, the rest of the script may remain as is so a new script is not needed, just changes to current one.

Also need the current site installed properly on my development site, I have the db dump from teh current site and all site files, just need it properly installed for development and testing, and then help to move it back to teh live site (or just the changed modules whichever is easier)

PLEASE do not bid if you can not start work right away, project needs to be complete and installed no later than Monday (currently Friday). If interested please open a PM with your bid and I will send any details you request.

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CRM Software Not Working Or Installed Properly

I am using Vtiger for a CRM. I need someone that can make it work properly. I am unable to use the email system and a few of the other functions that are necessary.

The login screen for customers seperate from employees does not even exist.

I just need this installed and working properly – as soon as possible.

I would like someone that has worked with this software before also you MUST have at least 10 POSITIVE Reviews.

Thank You!

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WHMAutoPilot/ WHMCS Help Needed

We are looking for someone who knows and or uses WHM system. We have general issues with usage, accounts, and knowledge needed. The system does not work properly and certain things are not set up properly.

We need help.

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Fix WordPress Theme

I have a WordPress theme that does not render properly in IE 8. It appears to work in all other browsers. Your Job will be to fix the rendering problems where ever they occur, making certain that the site renders properly across multiple platforms – Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 6-8, etc.

The site appears to already render properly in all but IE 8.

I dont think this will take a competent WP CSS fellow much more than about 10 minutes to fix, so please be fair on the price, and Ill have more work for you.

The site is www dot bestwebhostingreviews dot org

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Misc JavaScript Work

I need all my H tags to be uniform in size as they should be. For h1 – h6.

I need to reduce the size of my h1 tag by about 10 – 20 percent. It currently renders fonts too big. After the h1 tag has been rendered to an acceptable size, I want all of the remaining H tags to be 10% smaller than the previous tag.

Example: h1 tag = 100%
h2 tag 90% the size of the h1 tag.
h3 tag 80% the size of the h1 tag.
h4 tag 70% the size of the h1 tag.
h5 tag 60% the size of the h1 tag.
h6 tag 50% the size of the h1 tag.

I have one HTML PAGE that is not rendering properly. The javascript code has been compromised and it needs to be repaired so the page will function properly.

I have another page written in javascript and HTML which works but there is so much code on the page that from the perspective of the web visitor, there is a wide space between the last line of readable text and the footer of the page.

PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS PROJECT. I HAVE someone picked to do this job.

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OSC Pro Needed 4

Have heavily modified version of osc ms2.2 using 1page checkout.

Under normal circumstances, order is placed using, card is charged and order posts to store perfectly.

Problem only occurs if customer enters a coupon code(ccgv).
If code is entered, payment page price is adjusted properly… customer confirms and is sent to to finish… processes/charges the card correctly, but then customer is returned to checkout page where they see an error "there was a problem processing your card…".

So order isnt posting properly to store when coupon code is used, but card is being charged properly at

Im only looking for a pro who knows exactly what to look for and can look into this now and get it done quickly.

Additional note: the only real way to test this is by entering a cc and checking out. I created a product for $.02 and use my cc. I dont expect you to use your cc, so we may have to work together a bit and Ill continue to test with mine.

Please note: I make no upfront payments of any kind. I pay in full upon successful completion. If that isnt acceptable to you, please dont bid 🙂

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Cu3er WordPress Fix

We have a wordpress template that is using cu3er. The control seems to load properly, but will not display any images. We need someone to get it working properly.

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Fix Web Site IE6 Rendering Problems CSS/HTML

Our web site does not render properly in IE6/Windows. We would like the HTML/CSS fixing so that IE6 renders the site properly. Also to tidy up the existing code. Example of a problem page

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Fix Web Site Rendering Problems CSS/HTML

Our web site does not render properly in IE6/Windows. We would like the HTML/CSS fixing so that IE6 renders the site properly. Also to tidy up the existing code. Example of a problem page

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SQL Statement Help – Consultant – Retainer

I have two query statements which are not working properly. I need help getting them working properly. I can do a share screen and I can send you the statements which need attention.

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SocialEngine Server Setup & Ffmpeg Installation

Hello! I have my own cloud server where I control the box. We are looking to have our server setup to run Social Engine websites most efficiently. Server should be setup to handle SocialEngine requirements. Including installation of ffmpeg and ffmpeg-php as well as fix another error I am encountering with my social engine website. It seems that pictures over 1mb are not able to be uploaded even though max_upload size is set to 32m.

We are basically looking for someone to get all the ffmpeg features installed properly on the server so the video plugin will work properly as well as make sure the server is setup properly to run all the other Social Engine features.

We are running SocialEngine 4, on Apache with CentOS 5.5, with WHM/cPanel installed.

The person we chose to hire should have experience with Social Engine as well as installing rpms on CentOS 5 as well as experience with WHM/cPanel.

We already have a website up and running with SocialEngine, we just need someone to get all the php.ini features set correctly and get the ffmpeg and photo uploading issues fixed and make sure the total environment is setup right to run social engine as well as future plugins.


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Adding UK Care Homes To Directory Listing Backend

I am looking for a person to enter in around 8000 different UK Care Home listings (sourced from another external site URL) into the back end (admin area) of my new site which uses PHPMyDirectory.

The listings will need to be accurate and you will need excellent english, they need to be detailed properly. Logos will need to be downloaded from the source for each company/care home where possible and attached to the listing using the script. You should ideally be familiar with PHPMyDirectory and youll also need to re-write the listings as appropriate so they are not plagiarised (directly copied).

Listings will need to be read properly and individually before adding, to ensure they are added to the correct directory/sub directories (e.g. what type of care, etc) using the script.

Thanks for looking!

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MailServer Setup Properly

I am looking for a Linux System Administrator to setup properly:

Mail Server configured with spam protection (ASSP), virus filter and in compliance with all internet mail providers to receive mails (yahoo, hotmail, aol, gmail, etc).

Bidders should be available to work on this project in a timely manner.

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