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PROS ONLY! Facebook External Chat Application

I need an external facebook chat application which asks the user for the chat permission (xmpp_login i think) and than sends a message to its online friends.


=> The application MUST stay up for at least 5 hours on facebook before getting deleted.

Payments will be only sent when I have tested that the application stays up for at least 5 hours. Than payment will be sent instantly.

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Perfomance Tuning On Production Joomla Website, Only Pros

Only freelancers with lot of projects done, that are capable to minify css , js, eliminate , compress them on one file and eliminate all errors and make the page on yslow work A

I tried every plugin , and know how to use joomla, but cant fix.

you should identify every issue that causes my page to slow load and fix.

This is a live site from 2005, only post your project if you really know what you are doing . If any problem occurs ill use the law.

Got many joomla sites, so if i finally find the freelancer i need for support , we will cooperate in the future many times.

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White HAT Link Building

Hello Folks,

We have a financial related website which needs plenty of inbound links
We Wont discuss the terms here because we want to read your proposals in order to choose (the best one)

You need to bid for at least 50 page ranked links (varying from 2 to 6) – take into your consideration that this job will be endless if you provide us with a quality & unique service

I dont want to write a big list of (dos & donts) —-> (WHITE HAT techniques ONLY will be accepted) – i think the pros will get it very well.

After submitting your proposals which include how you intend to link to us – we will go through our terms (which will not be difficult for pros)

Waiting for your proposals,

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Need Creative Designer & PHP MySQL Guru

I need creative designer & PHP MySQL Guru who create my Golf professional site.If you dont do this Please dont apply.I need best.Now i tell you about my site

1. first of all let us get this straight. – The Pros (lets call it that) are the people that will pay to be listed ok

2. how clean and simple that looks

3.There fore if you enter a city – Like Los Angeles, there will be list of Pros. You can click on one of these, and it will link to a profile page. infure we will say Pros <—– and Visitors <—- to make it easy to skype ok?

5.When the visitor goes clicks on City / or Zip code a list of Pros comes up

6.the Visitor clicks on the Pro they like and a profile page comes up with these features.((Who the Pro is))their Name, Phone Number, Link to Website, Link to E-mail, About them, Pictures, Video they have,like

7.Like that – list (does not have to look like that, but same concept
Here is the profile page

8.So visitor like Pro goes to profile, clicks "Schedule Golf Lesson" and the Pro gets notified of lesson via, E-mail or Text message, and can also log in to see appointments <—–Understand

Ok dear lets start.

I need this site in 7days.And i give you max $150

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Survey Pros Needed

I am looking for people who are able to do data entry and take small surveys. They will only take maybe 5 minutes of your time to complete. Details will be discussed as far as pay and how it all works.

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Need A Oscommerce Pros

I have 5 sites base on one Oscommerce program . you need to work on one site. then do that on other 4 site.

Detailed project :

1, need to make EP support more pictures
2, need to improve URL_rewirte moudule
3, add catagory description
4, can add attribute to one catalog and its sub-catalog
5, if you are good at design . i also need a good template base on my current site.
6, bidder must have regular working time.
7, some little bugs need to fixed.
8, here is my site please take a look first

i wait your fast response

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Need SEO For A PR4 Site. PROS ONLY!!

Why did I say PROS ONLY in the project name? Because what I dont want here is for you to generate some stupid report in some useless software, give that to me, and tell me its your SEO plan. What I dont want is for you to F*** up our site we worked very hard for, using some crappy auto blog commenters which will quickly make the site rank, and then after you get paid, we will watch it crash.

We have many websites right now all handled by a competent team, but we have one site in particular which has just come out of a 1 year period where it was penalized by Google. My current team cannot handle the workload, so I am looking for a competent person to handle that one site.

The site is an e-commerce site with a PR4. It is ranked for many keywords in the top 10-20. We need to be ranked higher for all our keywords.

To prove that you have some knowledge of what you are doing – send me a private message and I will show you the website. You tell me what your plan would be, and tell me a list of keywords you would want to target. I already know the keywords. But anyone with the right tools would be able to tell them to me, without spending more than 5-10 minutes. If you can do this, then you have a good chance of being awarded this project, which will last.. forever.

Oh by the way, I will only respond to messages that have the word "hot" in them. That will prove you took the 2.5 minutes to read what I wrote. And please do not put the word in the public message so that everyone else can see it!! That will also disqualify you.

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Looking For MLM And Network Marketing Pros To Help Launch

We are a 10 year old financial services firm that has recently launched a very lucrative network marketing division of our existing direct sales company. We are currently seeking MLM and Network Marketing Pros to help launch our new network marketing program by enrolling new reps into our opportunity. There will be no cost to you to join our opportunity, and we will also be selecting several people in key areas around the globe to help manage the growth of the overall opportunity.
If you have any experince in MLM or network marketing, we would like to hear from you. Payment for signups to the opportunity range from $75-$250 plus a monthly residual.

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Software Marketing – Experienced Pros

Im looking for experienced marketers who can promote our software.
This must be professional who acutally have good portfolio and can show previous effects.

I wonder main sedcrets of top 50 download shareware (expect seo and good product quality because this obvious works)

Is there anybody who can set up good prootion?
Site has now very low visits rate about 50 daily, needed to achieve at least 5000 daily.

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Craigslist Poster Needed ASAP

Need 20 ads posted a day

Non Pva Section

Will provide content

Only pros please.

type "i am not a bot" to let me know you are not a bot.

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ClipShare Pros

I am looking for pro coders or people very familiar with software to work on a website right away… big bonus to fast workers and longterm work… serious bidders only

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Zen Cart Quantity Box by Attribute (Zen Cart Pros Only!)

*** Will only accept bids below $100 ***


The quantity boxes have been placed in front of each attribute instead of just one box at the bottom. Please see the attached file to see what I am talking about. They only look good at the moment, but if you change the numbers in quantity boxes, the cart still sees every value as "1" when you add them to shopping cart.

*** Once you are done, all boxes must function properly and also do not conflict with other Mods. ***

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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Real Pros Financial Services

I have an Insurance website that I need to add web pages, post on the search engine. some creative stuff, it will be on going…

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