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Need Modification For A Quiz Script I Purchased

I had purchase watu quiz script here:

I need someone to add a few mods/features into this script:
When they take the quiz and click continue, Instead of having them go right to the result page I want them to go check out a few site first.

Take Quiz (click continue) > Site 1 "In frame" (click continue) > Site 2 "In frame" (click continue) > Site 3 "In frame" (click continue) > Results Page

"in frame": will provide template (

I want to be able to add/edit/activate/deactivate/delete websites in admin panel. So if I have 10 site activated, those 10 sites will automatically shows up after they take the quiz and before the results page.

I will provide template and have created a demo for you to understand: (I have put the generated quiz code in this template, so once you take the quiz, it will go to the result)

So before the result shows up, something similar to this will show up.
For example, if is my activated website.

There will be no limit restriction on how many websites I can add or display.

You must be able to work off site, files and database will be sent to you. completed project files will be able to reloaded back to the server easily. files,code,php CANNNOT be encoded.

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Javascript Quiz

Hi everyone,
I am in need of a javascript quiz script.
Unlimited questions, preferable from an external file.
one question every time (document.write) if possible with 4 answers below in buttons.
When the correct answer button is pressed the answer should be highlighted, if the correct is pressed then the wrong answer is red and correct is green.
next, back buttons on the bottom along with start over and maybe a cheat mode button.

Important: only JS please. No CSS needed as I have my own. Thanks

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Looking For Quiz Script

Looking for a quiz scripts like social quiz network script which will have so many features. User prifile contining user info and some details. quiz result caculators and pionts. API for facebook and twitter. Very good usability containing.RTL Direction and arabic translation for the hole script.and can be add plugins later.
so many features will dicuss later

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WordPress Quiz Script

Hello I am looking for a quiz/test script to be integrated into my wordpress site. I am aware that there are some free modules for quizzes, however I need some features that are not available.

Some key features include:
– ask any kind of question (true / false, multiple choice, short answer, essay, questions with more than one correct answer), and select questions from any question set at your own choosing;
– set up a style for your tests; multiple choice, true/false etc.
– create a bank of questions
– place an introductory text at the start of the test
– shuffle/randomize your questions / answers;
– display one question per page or all questions on one page;
– create a password to access a test
– create administrators, instructors, operators (for entering questions), regular users, and guests, and set their permissions accordingly;
– automatically send out testing results to any group of users by email
– automatically generate and put any data to reports/certificates about successful passing in PDF;
– view/manage testing results for each user or group of users;
– must be manageable from word press backend

Timeline: 3 weeks from acceptance of winning bid.

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Quiz Script Testing


I am creating a quiz script and i want to check how it works on different IPs so at frst i will lke to check it with US ips .So if you go here u will see the quiz plz frst of all try to check the each and every step of the quiz entering the correct data in final step it will ask you a cell no i need to check if u receive the sms correctly or not .And it will be great if u can provide possible script enhancement.So it is not a typical programming job u just need to check the script and provide your feedback .Whoever provide me a bug i will award him this project.
This project is only for US programers.

Thank You

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Quiz script (to finish)

I have a quiz script (PHP script) that I need completed. I have full specs to give and details on how it works but I do not have the database anymore and not even the structure.

So this job is about:
– rebuilding the database
– correct any of the PHP security flaws
– complete the PHP script
– work on my own test server
– move the final application on the on-line server and make sure it works.

My target pay for this job is 80USD, because most of the work is done.

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