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Flash Quiz With External Animation

The Project is a Quizgame designed in Flash, and the best way to describe it is when i just write down the client interaction.

1) There is an endless Animation [1] running (loaded from an external file) untill the client clicks on screen. When client clicks on screen a random userid will be genrated in Flash for the user.

2) Animation [2] will be loaded an displayed. When the Animation is finished a picture will be set as background and a Quiz to the Animation will be display. (for example – how many male were there? [2] [3] [none]).

3) Client Answers the question. (Answer will be send to a PHP-script which store the information related to the generated userid)

4) Seamlessly Animation [3] will be loaded and displayed. Step 2 will be repeated X-Times.

5) After the final Animation a PDF Symbol will be display. By clicking on the Symbol the Client can download a certificate how many points he had.

6) Endless Animation from Step 1 Starts until the next user clicks on screen.

1) Very Simple: There must be a Reportingsystem. for example: Like 200 User have played this Quiz. First question was answered in 50% correct etc…

The order of the Animations, Pictures after the Animations ends, and Quiz must be defined in XML-Files oder Database. You can choose what you like. But Keep in mind that the Quiz not always has got 3 Answers. Somtimes it got 2 or 4 or 5.

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Flash Quiz

Hi guys,
Just need a quote at this stage. This is my first time using this site… so here goes.
Basically its a quiz, multiple choice, 10 questions. And I need an action script guy to calculate your score at the end of the quiz. I can supply the designs for the 10 pages with buttons & rollover states if required….. I have basic flash knowledge. But im not a programmer so Ive managed to get by with the basics.


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Flash Quiz

Price: $30 USD
Days: 2 Business Days to complete
Skills: Flash programming

I need a simple flash quiz program that asks "yes" or "no" questions. The answers are recorded along with the time to respond to each question (in milliseconds). The test results open up in notepad, which the respondent can email back to me.

For further information please contact me.

This is a very easy way to make $30 bucks!


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