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UK Builders

Looking to have a website very similar to to be built with the following additional features:

1. Site needs to enable "House Builders" & "Building Companies" to register their business for an annual fee.

2. Each "Builder" listing to display number of user "ratings" and an associated average "ratings value".

2. Website users need to be able to carry out a local (5 – 50 miles- selectable) UK post-code search for a suitable builder without having to "Post a Job".

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500 Subscribers, Comments And Ratings For YOUTUBE Channel!

– No bots
– No fake accounts
– No youtube violating techniques
– Real people
– Guaranteed results

Please – bids from serious providers only.

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Horse Racing Program And Database

Im looking for someone to create a program that captures information from various websites to create historical performance ratings for Australian horse racing. The programme then stores this information in a database so that i can then produce a ratings worksheet on racedays, do individual horse searches, etc.

Based on the results of a race, the race is assigned a Class figure and then each horse is assigned a Performance Rating for that race.

I do this manually, but it would be a great time saver if a program could do it automatically. Im not sure if this is easy for a programmer to do or not as I am no techie.

A brief run down of what i would like to achieve with this is:

I run the program and it searches for information on a few websites. (namely and, but would also need info from and maybe
It parses the required info it needs to produce the ratings, the ratings process itself is quite simple.
These ratings and some info about each race is then stored in the database for future retrieval. I may even want an early pace rating, a 600m sectional rating, etc
Im not sure how much this project is worth, as I said I am new to this.

If you are interested in this project please leave a message

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University Community Site

Basically I need someone to build me a university community website
The website features will include professor ratings, course ratings, note sharing, and networking features which will all be classified under different universities in North America
I would like the design to be clean and optimized for faster browsing
and also a fully functioning admin panel to configure site settings and administer users

Please pm me for more details

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Hi there,
I have a really easy PDF to HTML job.
I need it done in 2-3 days. I will only be selecting new freelancers who dont have any ratings for this project.

I only need on page done. Ill provide you with:

1) the PDF
2) the images
3) the text

Please only bid in this project if you are a new freelancer with no ratings.

My budget is $30

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Hi there,
I have a really easy PDF to HTML job.
I need it done in 2-3 days. I will only be selecting new freelancers who dont have any ratings for this project.

I only need on page done. Ill provide you with:

1) the PDF
2) the images
3) the text

Please only bid in this project if you are a new freelancer with no ratings.

My budget is $30

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Ratings And Reviews


I would need to insert several ratings and reviews to popular directory.

Validated Requirements:

– 5 star rate with proper title and description (top position in rankings)
– unique IP
– different Countrys
– different emails(accounts) in directory
– 15 reviews within 3-4 months.

Each review can be contacted by Directory to validate.

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PHP/MySQL Website Clone

I want to copy the functionality of a webiste I can point you to.

There is nothing extraordinary or innovative, I just want normal functions integrated in this particular way. Basically php and presumably MySQL

It is vastly easier if I point you to the URL, but in essence:

There are hundreds/thousands of "topics".

– There is one page for each topic.

– There are files associated with each topic, of different sorts, including pdf.


a) various ways to categorise/index topics (alphabetical, by ratings, etc)
b) facebook "like", download, print options on each page
d) ratings, (which relate to the index pages with top ranked topics – #a)
e) message board for users with captcha type thing

A few more basic features along these lines – again, though, I want these features integrated in this particular way.

I would be interested in the feasibility of an interface or simple system to add new topics, including their associated files, eg pdf, etc. However, I am open to the idea of needing to do this manually for each new topic.

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Existing Website Project – Ratings

Website name is

Need to change the current ratings out of 1-6 to a rating out of 1-10
Website is run from joomla community builder

Bid with accurate time of how long it will take.

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GPS Based Venue And Rating App With Connected Website

I need a simplified version of Yelp Iphone App:

What I require is as follows:

App Users:
1. To search available venues by categories, nearby locations
2. Select Venue from Map and view summary with details: Venue Name, 5 Star Ratings from app users
3. When viewing full venue details, info is as follows: Venue details, list of reviews, contact details,
4. The App automatically request User to give ratings. Users gets to select star ratings, full text description of reviews and even upload photos take from camera
5. Once ratings uploaded, the User will be given a discount coupon to flash at Venue

1. The app ratings needs to be updated to a website using google maps so that it can be accessed from PC as well.
2. User account creation can be done from Iphone or Website as well.
3. Website needs to be developed in CMS to update contents for admin to add new venues, manage frontend details

Do also provide cost indication to have this created on Android, IPAD 3G and the possibility on Blackberry. For the launch, it will just be the Iphone.

Please provide portfolio of what you have done previously. I look for clean and attractive designs.

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ITunes App Store Database XML File

I would like to get the iTunes App Store data for the 300,000+ items available. Ive used some software before to scrape the contents of the store but it doesnt work anymore, so looking for someone to provide me with the an XML or CSV dump of the latest scrape of the store.

These are the fields I am looking for (which I know are available) below. As a demo, I will request a specific app ID and ask you to provide me info on that particular one with the fields below in CSV/XML format. For the final deliverable, it must contain all the most recent data up to a date we agree upon (to ensure it is up-to-date data).

App ID
App name
Category ID
Category name
Is free
Developer Website
Ratings All
Ratings 5 stars
Ratings 4 stars
Ratings 3 stars
Ratings 2 stars
Ratings 1 star
Rating Average
More seller items
Support website
Number Of Reviews
Application Url
Quantity of screenshots
Logo Url
Main Image URL
All Available Screenshots URLs

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Expertise In Fiddler2, C#, .NET And Php

Need a program to autoreset my dsl router.
Have to be expertise in .NET, fiddler2, c# and php.

Have to be 20+ ratings.
Do not bid if you dont have at least 20 ratings. Thank you
Should be done within a few hours.
Less than $40.

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Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,myspace Providers Needed!!

We need a professional provider for fans on Facebook , followers for Twitter and views and ratings for YouTube and also create myspace
We also need someone who have "inside information" on how to actually send out this fans, invites and views and can teach us this kind of information.

Please include the following information in your quotation:

Facebook Fans:
Targeted US & UK and also for Untargeted
1,000 – $
3,000 -$
5,000 – $
10,500 – $
50,000 – $
100,000 – $

Facebook Invites:
Customers has no guarantee
50,000 – $
100,000 – $
300,000 – $
500,000 – $

Twitter Followers:
Targeted US & UK and also for Untargeted
1,000 – $
3,000 – $
5,500 – $
10,000 – $

Youtube Views:

Youtube Ratings:
25 video ratings – $
50 video ratings – $
100 video ratings – $

myspace acccount
1,000 – $
3,000 – $
5,500 – $
10,000 – $

Before you are going to place any bid please consider the following requirements:
1. All fans/followers/views must be real accounts, no fake accounts.
2. No bots or spam or any bad tactics.
3. No Fans, Followers, Viewers with illegal, pornographic, hate, or racist content.
4. Please provide proof of previous work on similar projects.

We would also like to see a small portfolio of your work.

Best Regards

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Rating A Complete Order

In the account of every member there is a tab which is called

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$20 Off To Help Get Ratings

If you hire us, well give you $20 off. Offer valid until we have ten 10-star ratings.

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Need Comments And Ratings – Hubpages

Thank you for your interest in this project.

I need comments and ratings on a my hubs (in I have 5 hubs currently waiting for this project.

Each hub needs 15 comments and 30 ratings.

Ratings and comments should be from unique accounts.

My budget is $30 for this project (nothing more). I need someone that know how to do this job ONLY to bid for it.

A bigger project will be given to you if you do this completely.


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Make WordPress Plugin Better

I have a WordPress plugin already and it works now is good, I just want to add a couple small features..

See current plugin here:

I want this to be more like where after you click
on the album, you go to its own page and people can comment on each album, so it will
be like going to a WordPress post. Nothing extravagant at this point because Im keeping costs down.

I also want a count of everytime someomne clicks downloads, add categories
and add ratings plugin integrated and picture opening in lightbox.

All downloads will be external, so i will not need any music to play or stream.

The plugin also has categories and a ratings added already, but they are just not working.


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List Ratings From High To Low

I have a rating system in place that I need to make a "Display by Rating" for. I have the pages in place so that when one clicks to see agents in a certain state it will display all agents with their ratings and other pertinent information. It is ordered by city by default. I would like to make an option where one can view agents by rating from high to low or visa versa. Same goes for the "search by city" page.

Items already completed:

1. Rating System
2. City and State pages

This is a very quick and simple task so i expect it will be done in 1 day. I can also pay no more than $20 for the task. I have had little luck with finding a good PHP/MySQL programmer with good communication so if you have good communication skills we can work together on future projects.

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Review/Ratings Based App With GPS/Google Maps Integration

All source code and development will be transferred to us for full rights, and a non disclosure agreement is required. We are looking to develop a long term relation with a professional team for future projects. We expect follow-up for any bugs, and reasonable hourly rates after that (please send us your rates).

We would like to create a mobile web app that will be accessible from an iPhone. This app will allow users to enter a location (zip/city) and browse through a particular type of business. We only want 1 particular category of business to be accessible. (integrate with Goggle Maps to pull initial business listings)
The user will then be able to see real time reviews and product availability based on other users input and trending data from user input will be available based on location.
Users will have their own account to log into and be able to see past reviews/ratings from there and also be able to see new entries in real time.
Google Maps integration to these particular locations will also be necessary for quick directions.

Please e-mail us to discuss further details regarding this project. Serious bidders only, please.

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Writer’s Resource Website

Hello there, and thanks for looking.

We require a website that allows members to upload their creative works, including writing, videos and music.

The website needs the following features:

Members have to pay a base fee of 3 euros fee per month.
Members receive 8 ratings to give per month. Each of these ratings donates 25 cents to the owner of the content. Payments must be sent automatically.
The remaining 1 euro will be credited to the sites paypal account.
Non-members can view the works of the members, but cannot comment, rate etc.

When we pick a freelancer, we will provide a design document detailing the exact layout etc. The visual look of the site is your responsibility to create, though a rough idea will be provided for you.

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Youtube Bot For Increasing Video Hits And Ratings

I require a youtube bot for increasing video hits and ratings on my videos.

I need a program written for me that will Increase the video views and ratings on my many Youtube Videos. Using Proxy IPs inside the Software.

It would be preferred to keep my video urls in a database so that I can randomly increase the views on any of the videos.

I will also need you to explain how to get views from certain countries and from urls that I own.

Before any payment is released, I would need to demo the program to make sure it works.

Because I am not experienced in this, Ill leave it to you to tell me to use a web based or window based program. Im not a programmer so Im not sure how to do this. I would like to work on more than one video.

Please bid if you have EXPERIENCE IN BUILDING BOTS.

I do have a small budget but please tell me your offers. Im looking for a long partnership and if you have questions just PM me, I will reply as soon as possible.

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Virtual Marketing, PR, Advertising For Fun Company

Help market our business! Check us out and see were a fun, creative company. We want to push various parts of our projects to customers around the country. Check us out on youtube –

Find pockets in our company that need more advertising and help us setup a presense. You will control our twitter, facebook, and craigslist campaigns. Also, put out electronic flyers, email fortune 500s, and then also give us your creative ideas to make us a bigger company.

We wish to pay monthly for this service. Please list your monthly rate, provide previous clients youve helped, and have great ratings. Someone without great ratings may apply, though we wont offer escrow.

Also, if you want to learn these skills, we do offer a Marketing Internship too –

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Urgent Animoto Video Creator Needed $2 Each!

I need a video creator who is an expert in Animoto. I prefer a video maker with sample videos for me to see your talent. The price is $2 per 60 sec video. I will give you the site url to target and sometimes I give a copy of the things to say/write on the video. This will be a VERY LONG term project.

I will let you make videos at most 5/day, sometimes 1 or 2. Payment through Paypal or only.

I prefer a video maker with ratings. If you have no ratings, at least you can give me great video samples of your original video creations.


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Need Facebook Fans And Twitter Followers Provider


I need a team who can provide me with non-targeted and targeted fans.

And when i say non targeted i dont mean 60% from india/pakistan.
And when i say TARGETED i mean 100% targeted from US or UK.

Who is the REAL pro amongst you, who can deliver me 100% targeted when needed? I will test run the bidder for 500 fans.

I dont look at ratings, i know some of you BUY ratings. I look at the test i will give you. The winner will get good orders from me.

Pm me the following:

non targeted per 100
targeted per 100
twitter per 1000 (targeted and non targeted)

Thank you

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4 Articles Needed ASAP

This project is for writers in the US only. I need 4 articles written asap. Please do not bid if you are not a writer in the US.

English and Grammar are critical, as are the ratings, please bid if you have 5 or more ratings. I will make my decision within 24 hours.

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Facebook Ratings And Reviews App

Need some one who can build a facebook app, where we can drive users from our facebook fan page and allow them to fill out a profile form. After filling out this form, the user should be able to query a set of products sold on Amazon. We need to capture just the image and product description. Need to create a review and rating form so that users can leave feedback on the product. – 5 star ratings, pro and cons, tags, and a text box, after the user querys for a particular product. We will be giving away weekly prizes to users who submit reviews .

Note the objective is to collect 1000s of reviews and ratings for a niche category. We dont want to display those reviews just capture them in a datbase. One for the users and one for the reviews.

Need this built within the next week.

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Iphone App For A Car Dealer


I need someone to quickly develop an Iphone app. All screenshots & process are available. basically a representation of the car dealers website on the iphone. You should have experience working with google maps API. The data for this iphone app will come from the website through an API. fairly simple & straightforward work.

You need to have high feedback/ ratings. Also low milestone payment. Am a good buyer. please see my ratings/feedback.

Will provide screen shots & details in PMB. Bid only if you can start this week & dedicate only to this work for the next 2 weeks or so.

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