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Record RDP Sessions And Play

I want to record the Microsoft remote desktop baseed on the rdp protocol.

Then the record can be played.
the server is linux, the user use client to login in the server. So the record is run on the linux. the recorder must record the rdp data,not jpgs,not avi; A player(must be java) can play the rdp data in IE browser. open source is ok.

some reference is xrdp & rdesktop

thank you.

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VB Vps/Rdp Bruter

I want a visual basic app that will scan lists of ip ranges for open rdp open ports and i want it to try to login to them as its scanning for more i want it to load user and pass from txt files and i want it to try each user with each pass i want this multi threaded and i want hwid auth built into it that connects to a server and checks to see if the pc its running on is authorized i can show examples of what im looking for if needed i have another app similar to this

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RDP Remote App Freezing – Windows Server 2008 R2

RDP Remote App Freezing – Windows XP SP3 (Client

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Record RDP Sessions And Play

I want to record the Microsoft remote desktop baseed on the rdp protocol.

Then the record can be played.

thank you.

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Terminal Server / Citrix for a MAC. I need you to build a Citrix like piece of software that will run on a MAC and deliver the MAC UI to a client device using a RDP or X11 protocol. RDP integration can be done by leveraging the sourcecode from the XRDP project :

MacFrame requires a Apple Mac based connection broker to manage user connections and maintain session state. Users connect thru a connection broker to a MacFrame server for their desktop from a thin client device. Active directory login support required.

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Virtual Mouse Driver For Windows

Software on the remote server is designed to place mouse-click on position X,Y under certain condition.
It performs correctly when RDP session is running, once session is interrupted the mouse gets disabled and click does not happen.

I am looking for the virtual mouse driver that keeps the mouse active when RDP session is disabled, with active RDP session it should not be noticeable.

Looking for software for Win 2003 Server and Win 2008 Server

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RDP RADIUS Authentication

I need a solution for the above that can work with Windows NT, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. If the solution is a method, you will need to provide the implementation method – Windows API to call, and a demo script or program that proves that it can work. If you can provide the solution in Delphi, that will be preferred.

Youll also need to provide an installation method – using dos script, code, etc to deploy this solution.

All solutions provided must not involve copyrighted software (including GNU).

You may feel free to clarify the requirement, but please do not ask me questions like –
1. What is RDP?
2. What is RADIUS?

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Opentaps 1.4 ERP + CRM Installation

I successfully installed Opentaps 0.8 server with demo data for testing and review and now wish to install the most current version for production use. As a result the required Java SDK, Apache server and ports are already in place and fully functional.

I need the following tasks completed on a server via RDP:

1. Install Opentaps 1.4 ERP + CRM (or later version) with the following configuration:
2. Configure Opentaps to run on Microsoft SQL Database
3. Configure Opentaps company file locale and currency settings

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Flex Rdp Client

I need a Flex Project (as3) that implements a Client rdp.

I found a java project ( that may be used as base or model.

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Setup Linux Script To Make It Work On Windows …

Hello ALL,

– I have bought the MEDIASHARESCRIPT3 from for discounted price of 200 USD
– You can see DEMO here

– This script is intended to run under Linux environment while I need to run it under "Windows XP Apache server + PHP + MySQL etc …

– From the support people, I know it should work under WINDOWS with PHOTO feature only
– The bad thing is I am not able to make script work properly, I have already tried to "debug" it with partial success, but the rest would be up to you …

– Among others, script uses the ADODB Library for PHP

– I will provide you with credentials to login to my so called server 😀 via RDP or FTP
– I am willing to pay 50-60 USD (25%-30% of the price of the script)

Thank you for you possible interest

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