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Another Data Entry Job, Post 100 Real Estate Descriptions


I am looking for someone to get the following job done:

1. You will receive a username for my website

2. I will send you a list with 100 links to property descriptions

4. You will enter the property description and 4-6 pictures, using my data entry form (see attachment)

5. You submit the form and also include the direct link to the original listing.

6. I will check the quality of your work by cross-checking your work with the direct link to the data source.

7. You will get paid quickly

Please have a look at the attachment and send me a quote for 100 sets of data.


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photo editing

We require photo editing for 200 – 800 real estate photographs each week (40-160 per day). 90% involves color correction, sharpening, and brightening (very quick).8% adding blue sky & clouds. The remaining 2% some more advanced editing such as removing vehicles, objects, etc.
We want to upload photos to an ftp by no later than 7:00pm Mountain Standard time and have them edited and returned 12 hours later. If you are interested in bidding please enhance the attached 5 test photos. We do not expect to pay more than $.25 per photo for the 90%, $.50 for 8%, and $1.00 for the advanced photos.

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Photo quality controller

DIAKRIT (THAILAND) CO.LTD provides services in visualization and 3D modeling to more than 1300 clients in the real estate and retail sectors worldwide.

DIAKRIT is now hiring a photo quality controller and photo editor.

Your position will be to control quality of retouch work made in Photoshop, and also do some retouch work. You will be working in our Bangkok office. You will start working 50 %, if you proceed well it´s possibility for 100 % work time.

Applicants must be living in Bangkok and speak fluent Thai. You must also be able to communicate in English. Of course we expect you to work fluently in Photoshop and understand the process of photo editing. You will use our internal database and intranet for file transfer and receive client orders. At the moment we are looking for both solo freelancers and outsource companys working professional with photo retouch.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us your portfolio (examples of photo retouch work)and your CV, together with a estimation of your price on monthly basis.

Your Sincerely

Mikael Lorentzen

Please note: only answer in this forum or by email, not by calling us.

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