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Change PHP To Apache Or Rebuild PHP With FastCGI

We have a WordPress website that was moved from shared hosting to VPS and now it is loading slowly. We spoke to the web hosting support and they told us that the reason the site is slow now is as follows:

"Regarding the slowness, it looks like its caused by the fact, that PHP is running as CGI, which causes high disk io during every single request to every single page on your site. Please try to switch PHP to run as Apache module or rebuild PHP with FastCGI support."

We need someone who understands the needs to resolve this issue, and has a knowledge of WordPress and MySQL databases, to perform the needed and help our website to once again load much faster.

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Valaqua Website Rebuild

We are looking to rebuild our website with an updated look and new logo. The basic structure of the website ( is sound (but open to suggestions here) but we want to make it fit a new look (more light, airy, summery, less dark) and optimize it for search performance and functionality. We can provide images and logos but would like help with the design. The copy is more or less good. It also needs to be possible for amateurs (namely me) to update the site with new information and links season over season.

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Django / Python Programming

We need to rebuild all URL to optimise URL of a certain website.
This website is programmer in Python / Django.
We will give the list of url needed, we need someone to rebuild all of theses URL.

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Asterisk Server Rebuild

This project required the rebuild of a Asterisk server and stress testing.

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Magento ExtendCustomer Form Issue

Had contractor unable to finish last small piece of website. I need the current form on website to post into the Magento database with the address showing in the customer admin section. WE had to rebuild the website and this form worked correctly at one point, but not after the rebuild. I cannot reach the person who designed the form to have them correct the issue.

Will give FTP, site and admin log in if awarded. When I asked the last contractor to fix the issue before the rebuild it took him less than 15 minutes to update the form. I do not have time to update the form myself.

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Rebuild Website

I need to rebuild my website. It is a very small website.
1. get rid of few tabs from home page.
2. Add flash on home page. I will provide with graphic.
3. Edit few lines from my current website.

I need it quick. Should not take much time if you have proper tool.

Happy Bidding.

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Kacys Restuarant And Accomodation Web Upgrade Rebuild

Redesign our web page

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– 3900 For Sanjay2004 Rebuild Some PDF Presentation Of Sofwa

Rebuild some PDF presentation of sofwa

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Small PHP Ecommerce Rebuild

Small e-commerce section of an existing site needs fix or rebuild. About 50 products. Payment system is setup. Just need to fix some functionality, esp. notifications.

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– 3560 For Sanjay2004 Layout 3 Variants Rebuild CS

Layout 3 variants rebuild CS

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Website Rebuild

I have an online shopping cart site and I need some one to change the existing template. Also , i need some one to load products and images manually and make it functional.

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Rebuild A Webpage – All Design And Assets Already ~(jquery)

I require somebody to rebuild a webpage for me so it will work in all browsers.

Here is what the site looks like:

It needs to work in all sites, perhaps in jquery, and the loading bar must load within the B from top to bottom. The images have to change quicker and they will be 30% smaller. The images are quite quick already but this is the desired effect.

This needs to be done in the next 24 hours. I have all the images ready and the B as a transparent PNG.


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Rebuild And Design Of Html-prototype

We are a software company and want to outsource the design of a non-functional /static silverlight prototype. The prototype will be exentded over next four weeks. In the first step we want to simulate a data import process. The final product will be a reporting tool.

Task/Deliverables :
– Silverlight rebuild of an html prototype: please check prototype at:
– Silverlight Design Template for future parts of protoype.
The silverlight design-template needs to be designed with colors used at
the current html prototpe is not very well designed we expect dynamic,modern design suggestions

Timing (best case):

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Web Site Rebuild

I am looking for someone who can rebuild my website to have a more professional look.

I would like to add a forum as well as a webform to capture date and add to my CRM (zoho). I also need the ability to update items like articles, events and photos often and easily.

I would like the site to have a modern flow and use the latest technology in web design. I want a stunning look without the use of Flash.

Please fell free to look at my site at and let me know what you can do.

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Rebuild Website

Professionally rebuilt an existing website. Content is all there needs some brushing up. Additional content can be added. Website should be designed to improve ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We want the website customer friendly and must have a stunning design. Our hosting company is

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Rebuild Search Index – Script For Magento


I have a magento ( based store with 140000 products, the problem is that I cant rebuild catalog search index and Ill need a working script to do this when ever is necessary.

I will pay $30 for the installed script after I will see that my search index is rebuild.

Thank you,

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Rebuild Goldstar Website

We have a website but it is full of errors. We would like to rebuild it with same content but a simple CMS (content management system). Can you do it on a small budget? No writing required. We want a site that looks like

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Rebuild My Website

The flash files for our website were never received by us and the guy who did the work is no longer in business. We need to rebuild our website to match what we already have ( Well want to make a couple of very minor changes in text and and maybe use some different photos, but otherwise, it will be the same.

We are ready to go on this right away.

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Rebuild Existing Web Store

We need to rebuild our online store…we sell 1 product with 3 sizes. Must have car and ability to start ASAP.

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Rebuild Resume Website

I have a website built in php, but the style is very old. I need someone to go in and redo the design of the site, change some of the coding and help me get the site online. Right now the site is together but not online, and Im not sure how to get it there.

I would like to have this project finished in one month.

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Looking For Someone To Rebuild Generate Leads

Looking for someone to add seo and links to make my website ready so i can generate leads also landing pages to generate leads, also looking somene build a social and dating site out of this world looks

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Rebuild Ecommerce Site Using CS Cart

I need to get an existing ecommerce site rebuilt in CS Cart. To include skinning the site to match the current look and feel and migrating and setting up 400 products.

Please also advise if CScart can be hosted on Hostgator (Cpanel) hosting.

Need this complete ASAP and budget is tight.

Please only bid if you have extensive CS cart experience and can provide URLs or previous work in CS cart.

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City Sameday Joomla Website Rebuild

Rebuild and design City Same Day Couriers present Joomla based website.

Make the website less clustered and more funky.

Adding to the website a book online system which will intergrate into our booking system, with a pay online payment section.

Work on SEO to build page rankings.

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Rebuild Site In PHP (from ASP.NET) — European Or American

Need a good developer to rebuild our site in PHP, using existing designs. This job will require approximately 50-60 hours for an efficient and “smart” developer. Looking for either a European or American developer that can think for themselves.

We are looking for someone that can write clean code, using OOP. Will need to see sample of code before awarding project.

The budget is $2,000 + $200 bonus if completed within 14 days of project award.

The job requires mainly PHP, although knowledge of JAVA would be helpful too.

Need to start ASAP. More info about the site will be provided in PM.

Happy Bidding!

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Site Down…Rebuild Custom Php.ini ASAP!!!!

Hosting company moved myu site from 32bit server to 64bit, and now site is down. They told me the following:

If you built your own custom PHP (or php.ini), it may be broken now. This is because the old servers used a 32bit architecture and the new servers are 64bit. Unfortunately, this isnt something we can help you troubleshoot, but youll just need to rebuild your custom php (or php.ini) again using the new servers libraries.

Need someone who can knock this out out fast and seamlessly.

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Zencart Makeover, Rebuild And SEO

I am looking for someone to give my ZenCart website a professional makeover. Make it more user friendly and SEO optimization. Add and update modules and basically be my webmaster for all future dealings. I am not sure how much work is needed. I will provide my website address in private message. I am not looking for someone inexperienced, or that will do a subpar website. I have had Zencart for quite some time, and am looking to be wowed at a new look and feel.

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Rebuild Existing Website For UK And Australian Markets.

We own and operate one of the most heavily trafficked sites in our market.

We want to expand our product offering to the UK and Australia.

I will provide you with the current site files. I need your company to execute the following:

1. Obtain a UK and Australian hosting account and 2 new domain names. (We will pay for these. Just direct me to the host and registrar.)

2. Once the new domain and hosting account is setup, I need you to rebuild the site to be hosted in these countries. There is no e-commerce. Joomla is preferred.

I need you to take the existing site and simply rebuild 2 new sites using all of the existing content, images links etc. etc.. A simple clean design is best. We will use the same logo.

Please provide a link to your portfolio of websites.

If you win the bid, you may be asked to help market these sites using simple linking tactics, like creating reciprocal links with related sites in those countries.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

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Building Pedigree And Showdatabase

I have a show data base build in access
I have pedigreesoftware that needs to be rebuild to my needs
I have an online registrationform that needs to be rebuild and adjusted to my needs

have a lot more info but prefer to talk/write and explain

I do not hace a clue about the costs

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Move And Rebuild Game Server Environment

We have a failing drive on our game server machine. We need quick help in building up a new box in an updated environment and porting game server and other associated systems to the new server. We are coming from a Linux Slackware 8.0 environment and will want recommendations for new O.S. There my be jobs going forward in updating/upgrading other connected systems that the game server is dependent upon.

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Need Someone To Rebuild My Website


I need someone to rebuild my website. It is an online store, however it is not required to build a store – since I have only few items listed.
It is a website with cosmetics.
If you had designed previously something similar – please send links – so I can take a look.

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