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Assessing Mortgage Performance Under Islamic Financing

Hi the topic is Assessing Mortgage Performance under Islamic Financing:Evidence from UK and UAE (2003-2008)
You only have to do the analysis for one of the parts. i will give you detail of that part which are given below you have to analyse Islamic mortgage as compared to conventional English Mortgage with the help of this formula regression, NPV. Make the tables graphs and then analyse the differences and common features. No of words should be round 6000 words. i need it ASAP

the quantitative methodology. The data collected from relative institutions/departments (such as stock exchange, HM Treasury and from the annual reports of the financial institutions) will be interpreted to evaluate the performance and trends of the industry. Main part of my approach will be to test, using regression analysis with some variables (rental payments, equity share, cost efficiency etc.) the stability, strength and performance of the Islamic mortgage sector.
From the data collected, the simple regression will be calculated by
n ∑x.y – ∑x . ∑y
r = —————————————
∫[∑x2 – (∑x)2] x [n. ∑y2 – (∑y)2]
Where y is the independent variable i.e., equity share.
And we will test weather the correlation is significant or not using the hypothesis methods as under
H0 : ρ = 0
H1 : ρ ≠ 0
r- ρ
Tcalc= ——————–
Where Se(r) is the standard of r

Net present value (NPV) is also a useful tool to measure the time value of money (Watson & Head, 2007). We will also find the present value of a mortgage investment to be received in the future in order to find the future value. The present value is to be multiplied by the Present Value Factor, i.e.
(1 + r)n
Where n is the number of time period given at a particular rate of return which we know is called the rental amount in case of Islamic mortgages.
Let (rental payment) Annuity = A and Discount Rate = r, Period = 4 yrs
So PV of annuity (rental payment) is calculated as under

The bracketed sum is the Present Value Annuity Factor (PVAF) at r% for 4 years. Present value is calculated by multiplying the Annuity with the PVAF

Another method as suggested by Watson and Head is the internal rate of return. IRR is also known as yield on investment and is the discount rate, which make NPV zero.

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EViews – Run Regression Analysis

Dear All,

WANTED: EViews expert, Statistician, Econometric

JOB: Run several standard regressions (6-8) in EViews and some probit-regressions.
First check which independent variables correlate the best with dependent variable, these should be included in the regression.
Results need to be checked with relevant statistical tests, and a short description of the outcomes found is required. Also the EViews files need to be e-mailed.

Database in Excel will be provided. It covers financial data, gently ordered in separate (and descriptive) columns. Cumulative Abnormal Returns need to be explained.

Job needs to be finished this Saturday 28 November 2009!

PRINCIPAL: Private individual (NOT a corp.)

Please reply a.s.a.p., thanks a lot.

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Apply A Genetic Algorithm Through Spss With The Help Of VBA

I want a programmer that can handle SPSS and VBA. The main project is to write a VB code which can read a .sav file from spss (with unlimited variables), manipulates them and apply the method of segregation of data in order to get a new .sav file, runs a regression analysis through a VB environment, analyze the result and if it is not fulfilled specific requirements loop and run from the beginning the regression analysis.

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