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VB Download Files With Custom Ref. And Upload Via Curl/ftp

Im searching for an software developer who can create a VB/VB.Net program for us. We got a link list with like 30000 links, but they are only downloadable with a custom referer. Once they are downloaded, the files need to be uploaded via Curl or FTP (we need both options).

More information only for project winner / choosen developer.

King regards,

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Webshop: Watermarking Audio Files Before Download

We have an Audio Loop Pack Company and we would like to watermark the packs (each pack contains between 100 and 700 WAV files along with 10-100 non Wave files which shouldnt be watermarked) with a unique id tied to the invoice record of the purchaser. This is an invisible watermark embedded in WAV files. Our website is based on WordPress. Were looking for a solution where we upload WAVs to a secure server. After the customer paid via paypal, he should be forwarded to the download site, where the 100 to 700 files are uniquely watermarked with the invoice number. Then some type of progress wheel should appear, telling the customer that his files are processed with a unique piracy tracking technology. This should not last longer than 10-15sec. Its also a possibility to watermark just every second or third file for maximizing the processing speed.
After that, the individual files should be packed into a folder (along with other files which are non wav files and non watermarked) and be compressed into one zip file for download. 
The object is to simply protect against having the audio files placed in a Torrent site or more accurately, know WHO uploaded to a Torrent site.  Wed like to do this as inexpensively as possible. 
This system should be easy to add new sample packs / products. Your job is to completely implement the system into our WordPress webshop and to make sure that it works 100%.

02/16/2011 at 14:00 EST:

This system is also called Steganography, just for your info.

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Website Move And Minor Changes

I have a website that is currently live. The site consists of photo and video galleries and is a sunbscription site. I need some minor changes made to the galleries, I need a shopping cart added and my payment processor integrated (currently paypal is working but want my regular cc processor as well). I am also changing hosts so I would like to have the site as it is moved to new host then have the changes made right away. Please do not ask for escrow as I am not putting more money in an account for someone to not finish work and I have to fight to get money back. I can pay through here or paypal but I will not pay for half work. If the job is not complete you will not be paid. If you complete the work you will be paid within 24 hours of completion provided I have full backup copies of the entire site and all files and admin information. This project is very time sensitive and I need the current site and gallery issues fixed and live on my new server immediately and the shopping cart and payment modules within a few days. Please bid with specific details and do not bid if you can not complete the job or can not do it in the time frame you tell me in your bid.

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Android Versioned Updater

We are delivering an application to customers that they can install at their own server. We also have an android client wich communicates with the server over hessian. The problem width puttng that app in android market is that the interface can be different from the server if the client does not upgrade their server.

The project is to write a simple andoid application that acts as a wrapper.

it should save one setting and that is the adress of the server to check the version of.

Get the version of the server,

Next if not installed download the correct version of the Client app.
Launch the application.

It very understandable and a common problem. We figure there are people that have build this or know how to do this. Message to the end user are considered acceptable.

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Technical Blog Writer

Looking for a technical writer to write blogs for a cpa firm website. Must have detailed knowledge of tax, accounting, bookkeeping and financial business consulting matters and must develop creative topics tto write on these subjects. Require 250 to 300 words per blog to be written approximately every 10 days. Project to last until the end of May 2011.

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1. Nature of the website is an Actor/Director

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I Need A .net Programmer To Assist Me With A Simple Project.

I need a simple software to automatically log in a Website of mine and download files from the main login page of my website. I will show examples and a draw up beta example. This is a very simple project and I need it done ASAP. I will only let this bidding go for one day since I need this done ASAP.

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200 Website Directory Submissions

200 geographic website directory submissions

Must be able to follow doc details

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Freelance Business Writer

Hot, media advertising company in Chicago is looking for a freelance writer with a diverse background in business writing to develop multiple articles. Experience writing about process-engineering, advertising, outsourcing, digital ad operations is preferred. Examples of what we

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Develop Open Source CRM (Sugar CRM)

Hello Freelancers,

My company is looking for talented people who can help us modify/develop an open source CRM known as Sugar CRM. Our goal is to program it in such a way that we can easily check the companies listed in the system for emailing purposes.

What we would require is a very simple system which can be done in a short period of time. Please bid only if you know what I am talking about.

Happy bidding!

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Joomla – Client Area

the home page currently consists of a client log-in, but its just for show, as I didnt know how to create client areas!

I now require a log-in client area, so my clients can have their own personal area, which will consist of:

1- Download area – I want to upload PDFs to their area, for the client to download.

2 – Calendar – I use google calendar for my client to monitor my work, google calendar provides code to embed multiple calendars into a website. (I will need to update this myself)

3- Latest News page

4- Quote page – (form)

5- Client Details

If you have anyother ideas would be happy to hear them

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I need a program that allow me remotely (via command prompt) to logon a specific user locally on the target machine.
Windows 7 Ultimate.

The Windows vista only sends the command to the Windows 7 to log an user on Windows 7 itself and the scripts are .bat files that I put on startup folder in Windows 7 start menu(all programs).

I have a Windows 7 Ultimate with a user named: door, with logon scripts.
What I want is when I execute some command line in another machine (Windows vista)It sends by local network some command to a service or program(to the Windows 7 machine)that logon the user door on the windows 7 machine executing those logon scripts.

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Polishediting Website

I would like to start my own editing company based from Sydney, Australia. I would want to create a website that is very much like this one: (I will call it

But I want to add additional pages that the above site doesnt have:
* business services and government
* not-for-profit, senior citizens and students

I want to be able to edit it fairly easily by adding text, pictures etc.

Also, for clients – I would like them to be able to complete a form to be on the clients list but also to be able to submit jobs online – so an attachment option and to be able to fill an on-line form as well.

A basic logo design is also requested.

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Need a website built that follows the same idea as and pretty simple platform i would assume.

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Redesign Website (dataconsultants)

Dear friends,

Like to redesign the following web site: It is a mess at the moment as the design isnt working properly on different browsers. Yes I am an amateur 🙂 Content should stay the same and i still want to have the possibility to change the website myself in a wysiwyg editor Just want a complete different look with the populars widgets (share,like etc,…)connecting to it. Furthermore i want to rebrand the company name.

Looking forward to your bids,

Edit: this is a reopened project for a specific freelancer. No need to bid.

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Upload / Download Files

We want to add some functionality for The functionality should be to add some .php or optional .ext files form admin panel and user can download the files form front end and can add the comments if any against the file.

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File Downloader

I need a download software for mac and pc this software can only be use by loging in with a vbulletin site username and password from a usergroup this software most have a admin cp where i can add files url and name of files when a user clicks to download a file from software…it must do the downloading from software and not the web….for more info plz pm

this most be done with a $80 Budget

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Webpage That Gets Header Data From Client

I need a ASP webpage that gets header data from client to redirect different clients to differents webpages.
If the clients are: wmcGuideServiceProxy.exe or Bigscreenepg.exe It redirects to a specific webpage.
if the client is a webbrowser It redirects to a specific webpage.
if the client is any other It redirects to a specific webpage.

(I can send the installation files to the wmcGuideServiceProxy.exe and Bigscreenepg.exe for test purposes).

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VA Someone To Run My Photography Website For Me

I run a social photography business in the UK mainly photographing babies and families. I have a WordPress website that I setup myself and need someone to run the site for me. I will provide the photos and basic wording, you do all the rest.

I need someone to –

Write content
Add content
update content
article writing and submission
link building
Web design
Youtube promoting
Lead generating
graphic design

****Must have previous and proven experience****

I need someone who can develop the site for me. I want to keep with the WordPress theme I have and someone to run it for me. Also with your bid can you let me know how many hours a week you are to work on the site and the price for each week.

This is an ongoing project with regular work.

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Access To Admin Area In Cre Loaded Store

Hi need access to the admin area and password set up in my cre loaded store .

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Download Photos From Web, Upload To My Server

I will provide links to slideshows on the web which contain a series of photos portraying the features of different hotels.

Id like you to go through each slideshow and download each photo (using right click save as), giving each photo a keyword filename and sequential number. hotel-name-1.jpg, hotel-name-2.jpg, hotel-name-3.jpg etc

Once you have them all downloaded then simply upload them to my server. There are around 1500 photos in total.


a) Must know how to save and rename images.
b) Must have access to and know how to use ftp so you can upload files to my server (server details will be provided)
c) Basic English for us to communicate.
d) Reliable broadband internet connection.

This is simple and repetitive work, I estimate it will take around 5 hours.

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Special Event Website

Looking for build a website that is a total of three pages for a specialty disc jockey booking engine in the midwest. More details to come once provider selected.

Provider must:

Develop site graphics, 3 logo concepts
MUST be Attractive and CLEAN Design page (to include three sub pages)
Highly SEO Optimized
One Form
Provider to submit to search engines

Site to be very simple, clean and bold, think CSS design. No flash. Nothing fancy.

Must be completed in 10 business days.

Do not bid if you dont have more than 10 GAF reviews.
You must have portfolio of past work of attractive pages.
Strong english language skills.
SEO Experience
Photoshop experience a plus.

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Secure Trade Clients For Consumer Electronics Repair Service

I am offering a recurring commission which for a typical single completed deal would be worth to you yearly anywhere between £4000 to £12000 in commission. This commission would be payable to you monthly until that deal goes stale. You would keep earning until that client falls off the books. The reason for this structure is to provide an excellent incentive to get more deals.

We are in the insurance/warranty repairs market and already do work for one large customer…

My pitch is very simple, our service is proven to save home insurance/gadget insurance/warranty clients money on replacing iPods/Games Consoles/Laptops. Due to time constraints and the huge startup preparation for another unrelated but high yeild business (which I will also need sales help with in the future), I have only had the chance to visit one new potential client for this business, a small home insurer. They took the idea very well and even on the very small volume of iPod claims they have (10 to 20 per week), the saving to them worked out around £26,000 per year. So as you can see its not so much selling, as just getting the word out in the right way. We MUST get the right sales representative, because the first impression on these types of clients will be all important, a second impression will not be a possibility. This is why we are offering a high and recurring commission structure.

To give some background, this business is in its infancy at the moment, currently it operates on a revenue of just £124,000 annually on the one trade client we have and on its private work, however this market has a particularly high profit margin and the first objective is to get 10 more clients of a similar size to breach the million turnover, but more importantly to take all of its eggs out of one basket. At this level, the commission payable would be anywhere between £40,000 and £120,000 per year depending on the total volumes of any clients you are responsible for, and you would be expected to help keep the relationship with those clients stable for this commission to continue.

We can provide meeting rooms/office space etc for pitches. A basic salary can be considered depending on your experience, commission levels would be reviewed however.

Depending on the individual, I would be willing to convert this offer to a part directorship with an equity share after the first deal goes through with a reasonable volume. We can make this a legal agreement from the outset that triggers once you bring us in a certain volume of jobs. I want to find someone enthusiastic and business minded like myself, but with the sales skills and experience that I lack.

If you think you may be interested, please provide me some details of your previous experience with professional type clients and I can set up a meeting to see if we think we can work together.

We are based in serviced offices in Brentwood, Essex.

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Require 5000 Facebook Followers

I have three Facebook Pages.

One for India
One for Canada
One for UK

I need 5000 new fans on each page within 2 weeks.

The fans must be genuine and must stay as fans for at least 1 month.

Payment will be made 33% upon reaching 2500 fans for each page, 33% upon reaching 5000 fans, 33% after 1 month providing there has not been a drop of more than 10% of fans.

If you can provide me these figures, you will definitely get bigger and larger work from me.

Bidders MUST have good feedback.

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Upload And Download Files

We want to add some functionality for The functionality should be to add some .php or optional .ext files form admin panel and user can download the files form front end and can add the comments if any against the file.

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Website Build – Directory & Booking Functionality

Urgntly required website development from scratch:

Phase 1 – Design & site build. Directory

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Repair Log

My project is to allow a pre registered users to access the website and log a repair.
Users and repair category / sub category to be stored in a database. On submission the form is logged into a "jobs" table along with the user who logged the job

the repair shop will have 3 engineers who can log in and allocate a job to their name and update the status of the repair when complete.

Must be done in next few weeks
this is a startup company that will require a full time developer to update and upgrade regularly


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