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Add Button In Magento

I need a magento programmer to:

1. Add a button in the backend that when clicked, runs a php script in a popup window.
2. Inserts the returned info into a database.

The code that needs to be run is already written. I just need the button in the backend of magento and the returned values entered into the database. This is an urgent project.

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PHP XML Web Service Submission

I have an existing form in HTML and need to update it and add some php code where once the user hits the submit button on the form the code will take those 10 values from the form and submit them to a XML WebService for processing. The web service will return a status via XML. If the returned status is good, I need to redirect users to the returned url, if its an error message, Ill need to display that message to the user.

As I said the form is already built and so is the Web Service, I just need something to take the form data and interact with the webservie.

I also have the specs for the XML that will need to be send and received.

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Reporting And Tracking For Large Mailorder Database

We have an access database with 140,000 entries, and 10 fields (name, address, etc). We send 2 mailshots every year and then depending on the response need to make the following entries into the database with a FAST and EASY method:

# Purchase (record paying customer and payment method)
# Kept Goods (record non-paying customer and schedule reminder)
# Returned Unwanted (customer did not want goods)
# Returned Wrong Address (customer needs to be removed from the database)

Our company also needs to start tracking these returns for the database over several years.

We imagine a barcode tracking system to speed things up but we would need advice on how to implement this.

There is no reason to keep an access database if another system like sql will do the same job.

Creative solutions are required, and good english required.

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PHP – MySQL DB Move And Custom Query

PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, OR YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIGURE THIS OUT. I need someone who can do this in their sleep. If you waste my time I will find someone else and you will not be paid.

YOU MUST READ/WRITE EXCELLENT ENGLISH. If not we not be able to communicate and the project will be over before it starts.

1) Copy existing DB, Admin Access etc. from website A to Website B
2) Create a Query that is similar in function to

Parameters for the query needed are:
Bedrooms: 2+, 3+, 4+
Bathrooms: 2+, 3+
Garage: 2+, 3+
Square Foot: Minimum – 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, 2750, 3000, 3250
Square Foot: Maximum – 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, 2750, 3000, 3250, 3500
Area: areas from the db
Community: communities from the db
Minimum Price: 75,000, 100,000, 125,000, 150,000, 175,000, 200,000, 225,000, 250,000, 275,000, 300,000, 325,000
Maximum Price: 100,000, 125,000, 150,000, 175,000, 200,000, 225,000, 250,000, 275,000, 300,000, 325,000, 350,000

As with the Classic American Example, the end user should be able to use all parameters, some parameters or none to perform their search

The results shall not be in tables but instead CSS – DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS. Returned results should be returned sorted by community.

There are more small projects behind this. Ideally if you can do the work and do the work quickly we will use you again. The ideal candidate should be highly competent in PHP and MySQL, there is no training or learning afforded here.

We pay weekly every Friday.

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Install Livezilla Chat (The Remote Server Returned An Error)


we used to have Livezilla chat system on our joomla site and just tried to reinstall with new version and its failing at server test giving
Test started..
The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

its not permissions as reset all to 0777

need somone to re install and overcome the above problem
its usually only a 20 min job max

looking for possible completion today so if a good bid who is confident they can do it its a fast quick payed job

DO NOT quote if you dont know about prob above or think ill prob be able to work it out !!!!

also please state " i know how to fix" in your reply or we will just ignore your bid to avoid spam posters and wasters


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JQuery Tools Modification (AJAX And FadeIn)

I need to modify jQuery Tools ( Tabs and Scrollable

– Tab should run in slideshow mode, load via AJAX, run JavaScript functions on the returned content before fading in.

– pane must load via AJAX then run other functions on the returned content.

In both cases, the code must not interfer with the exsiting functions. The changes should extend the library via the API or be something to contribute to the project.

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Indeed And SimplyHired API Integration (Oodle, Linkup?)

Looking for a developper coder who is familar with Indeed, or Simply Hired API and DB/Server environment.

We would like to be able to refine further the returned API results using filters/attributes as well as wild searches to maximize logic queries and display. We would like to compare their results against external DBs we have for specific information about jobs, location, etc…and display combined returned results on a webpage and store them on server side (DB) in a registered user backend (logged-in)

Must have experience with REST API and .net/Sql -Ajax/Json – Php/mysql a possibility.

Please respond in your bid your cost, turnaround time, and please give us specific examples of what youve done with the API of the mentioned sites and how youve implemented it on a Server based architecture.

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PHP Zip Code Locator


We require someone to create for us the following:

We need a field on the main page of our website where you can enter a zip code and press search.

This will search a database of zip codes, when the correct zip code is found one of two things will happen:

If only one result is returned (one person for the zip code) then the user is taken directly to a specified url.

If 2 or more results are returned, then the results are displayed in a list. Each time the list is generated the first result must change. (eg: 3 results are found for a zip code, they are displayed, the next time the list is generated the first result moves down and the last result moves to the top)

If no results are returned for the zip code then user is directed to a specified url.

Must use PHP and MySQL.

If you think you can create this please contact us.

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Save Iframe Xml Reposne To File Or Database

I have a service I post an XML file to via POST in a form. A response XML file is returned. For the life of me I cant figure out how to get the data that is posted back to be in format I can use. This needs to be some method to turn the contents of the returned data into a variable that I can store in a database or fwrite to a file. I dont even need you to do the work, just tell me what to do. If it works, I will pay for it and then do the work to add it myself.

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PHP Mysql Excel Script Needed

Hi Everyone

I need someone who can help me with a PHP, Mysql and Excel script.

What I Need:

I have a website with 50+ MySQL databases. All databases have different fields and tables.

I need a script where my visitors can upload an Excel file with many id numbers. These id numbers must then be searched against all the databases.

I just need certain fields to be returned.

The results must be returned to an Excel file, which my visitors can download.


I have a budget between $50 and $100 for the script.

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Innovative Website Needs AS3-PHP-MySQL-XML

We are looking for someone to help us develop aspects of a website that will use a highly innovative UI currently subject to Patent application –
We have set initial tasks as follows (possibly more work to follow).

1) Write a function which allows the filtering or sorting of data which has been returned from a php search of a mySQL Database. Database is currently metadata listing of all our video content items which would be searchable by a number of predefined criteria (from buttons on the UI) including

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Data Feed Via XML Into ZenCart

We previously paid to have this done and as it is discovered now it was done either incorrectly or needs to be edited to work properly. Currently it does not "Real-Time" update quantities and this needs to be fixed.

Below is an outline of the specific task keeping in moind that is is already been created and only needs to be edited or re-worked properly making neccessary fixes.

ONLY the lowest bids to help me will be consideered for this mall project and as well we will consider hiring on for further and all future work for various duties including working with Zen Cart, Drupal and others.


Data Feed

CWR Electronics provides data feeds to our customers so that they can automatically update their own stores and databases with fresh data from our back-end server. The feed is located at /feeds/productdownload.php and when accessed with certain variables, returns a set of data specific to your request.

Required Variables

id – This is a unique ID that maps to your account number. Your ID is: MPB_MzUyMTY4MzUyMTY4Mzcx

version – This variable must be present and must be set to 2. Example: version=2

fields – This is a comma-delimited list of fields youd like to see in your data. For example, if you want to see sku, quantity available, and price in your download, you would add fields=sku,qty,price to the URL you are using to access the feed. A complete list of field abbreviations and their descriptions can be found by referencing Appendix A HERE.

format – This is the format in which youd like data to be returned. Valid formats are xml, csv, and tab. For example, if youd like the output in a tab-delimited format, just add format=tab to the URL you are using to access the feed.

You Must Also Include One of the Following Variables

time – A UNIX timestamp. Only products whose data has changed since this time will be returned. For example, if you want to see products whose data has changed since 01/07/2010, just add time=1262840400 to the URL you are using to access the feed.

ohtime – A UNIX timestamp. Only products whose QUANTITY has changed since this time will be returned. Since our inventory levels are constantly changing, we provide a timestamp for quantity changes separate from other data that doesnt change as often. We recommend that you set up 2 downloads: One for downloading data that changes infrequently using time= which would run daily, and one for downloading inventory data using ohtime= which would run as often as every 15 minutes.
NOTE – When using the new feed, Requests for inventory data using ohtime= will only return sku, quantity, upc, and manufacturer part number.

Optional Variables

skus – This is a comma-delimited list of CWR skus that you would like returned in your feed. If you include a list of skus, only data for those products will be returned. Simply add skus=10000,10001,10002… to the URL you are using to access the feed.

cats – This is a comma-delimited list of CWR category IDs that you would like returned in your feed. If you include a list of category IDs, only data for products in those categories will be returned. You can combine categories and manufacturers to further narrow your data. Simply add cats=2*38,1*16… to the URL you are using to access the feed. Reference Appendix B HERE for a full list of category IDs

mans – This is a comma-delimited list of CWR manufacturer IDs that you would like returned in your feed. If you include a list of manufacturer IDs, only data for products by those manufacturers will be returned. You can combine manufacturers and categories to further narrow your data. Simply add mans=100001,100026… to the URL you are using to access the feed. Reference Appendix C HERE for a full list of manufacturer IDs

special/closeout/rebate/reman – Use these variables to return only those products that are on sale, have a rebate offer, or are remanufactured. Simply set the value to 1. For example, use &special=1&closeout=1 to return all products that are specials and closeouts.
NOTE – If you use these variables, time= and fields= are not required. All products in these categories will be returned regardless of timestamps, and only fields related to sales,rebates and reman will be returned.


1. If you want an XML document containing sku, price, short description, and manufacturer part number for all products whose data has changed since 01/08/2010, your URL would look like this:,price,sdesc,mfgn&time=1262926800

Fields Index (Feed) Back to Top

The category index helps you determine which field abbreviations to use in your feed URL. Refer to the section about the DATA FEED to see in detail how to use this index.

sku CWR Part Number
sdesc Short Description
qty Quantity Available to Ship
price Your Cost
list List Price
map M.A.P.
mrp M.R.P.
mfgn Manufacturer Part Number
mfg Manufacturer Name
upc UPC
eta Next Shipment Date
fdesc Full Description
cat Category Name
catid Category ID
st Product Status (1 = Stock, 2 = Non-Stock)
haz Hazardous Materials
trk Truck Freight
drp Drop Ship
wt Shipping Weight
bh Box Height
bl Box Length
bw Box Width
acc List Of Accessories by SKU
accm List Of Accessories by MFG#
pi Accessories Included
wa Products Warranty
ti Title
imgpath Image Name If Available
re Remanufactured
clo Closeout
sal Sale
reb Rebate
org Sale Original Price
sals Sale Start Date
sale Sale End Date
rebd Rebate Description
rebs Rebate Start Date
rebe Rebate End Date
spec Quick Specs

Category Index (Feed) Back to Top

The category index helps you determine which category IDs to use in your feed URL. Refer to the section about the DATA FEED to see in detail how to use this index.

2*106 Automotive/RV | Accessories
2*20 Automotive/RV | CB Radios
2*21 Automotive/RV | Cellular Amplifiers
2*24 Automotive/RV | Compasses – Magnetic
2*37 Automotive/RV | Fume Detectors
2*94 Automotive/RV | GPS – Accessories
2*38 Automotive/RV | GPS – Automotive/RV
2*42 Automotive/RV | GPS – Motorcycles
2*51 Automotive/RV | Inverters
2*105 Automotive/RV | Satellite Receivers
2*180 Automotive/RV | Vehicle Tracking
5*106 Boat Outfitting | Accessories
5*8 Boat Outfitting | Anchors/Chain/Rope
5*192 Boat Outfitting | Cleaning
5*196 Boat Outfitting | Deck / Galley
5*26 Boat Outfitting | Display Mounts
5*224 Boat Outfitting | Docking Accessories

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Chinese To English Proofreading

I have a Ch>En financial document to be proofread. The doc has been translated into English -We only need preferably a native English speaker with a very strong understanding of Chinese to review the english text and ensure its quality before returning to client- You will be looking at approximately 6850 words into English. The translation need to be returned by 8.00pm GMT and needs to be completed and returned showing track changes.
A small test will be required to be carried out before you are assigned the project.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Webpull Or Webservice Integration Into Website (joomla)

I have an already existing website and want to integrate content from an online resource. They have a few systems setup for me to gather this data on a regular basis (read below). I would need modules setup to show this data appropriately in the front end. Only enquire if you have done something like this before and will not take too long.

Web pull

In the webpull service methods are called using HTTP and the output XML is returned through HTTP also. This has two advantages: there are plenty of HTTP clients for retrieving your data, such as wget, curl or most programming environments. Also, you can verify the data you receive with a simple browser.
The base URL is xxxxx and any function name can be appended to that as in . Parameters may provided by adding a question-mark (?) and setting parameters there with an equals sign (=), separated by ampersands (&), as in xxxxxx
You also have to log in to webpull. Most clients allow separate parameters for that, but you can also put it in the URL by prepending user:password@ to the domain as such: http://user:/soccer/get_competitions?id=68&type=area.
Another example would be http://webpull.xxxxxxx/soccer/get_seasons?authorized=yes to retrieve all seasons you have access to. This is a function you may want to run more often, as outlined in the workflow of the main documentation page.
Errors are currently returned as HTML pages, instead of XML. If you are running an automated script you will have to check for this.

Web service

The web service is called through the use of SOAP. You need a SOAP client to access this, using PHP you could use the (external) plugin NuSOAP or PEAR::SOAP.
The service is located at xxxxxxx but can be accessed by SOAP through xxxxxx The content of the return string is the XML file. Input parameters are the ones listed on the methods page plus a user and password.
Errors will be returned as SOAP faults.

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Software Needed Which Returns Info On Address Searches

Background: I am in the process of building a website in which users will look up specific information which directly applies to the neighborhood or street they live on. The information returned to the user will only be a few words, however, the information is different for each location. I am in the intial stages of building the website and am currently using Adobe Dreamweaver to build the website.

What is Needed: I need software built specifically for my website which allows the user to enter a location or address or by selecting a certain spot on a map. Then once the location has been determined, the software would pull specific information from a database and returned to the user. The information pulled for each location will only be a few words which will need to be returned to the user. Furthermore, I would like to utilize google Maps if possible.

Please let me know if you need any more information in order for you to better estimate the project

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Find URLs for 4000+ Companies

This is an easy project for someone who has the time to do it. Attached you will find an xls file with a list of company names, along with the city and state in which they are located. Ive looked through most and have had no luck finding a website (url) to attach to these companies. Most of the companies are small and dont have their own website, which is fine, but I need to make sure.

Project Details:
Look up each company under Google or other search engine and find its website. I realize that some businesses only have one website for the whole company, but if the company has a website for the specific location, then I want the specific URL for that companys location. If you are unable to find a website for that company, please leave the cell blank and move onto the next listing.

This job is really easy…it just takes time to look up each company.
This task does not take any skill, but just rather some quick research and is quite time consuming. This would be great for someone working from home, a college student, or someone wanting to make some extra money for summer spending.

I am able to pay via PayPal or GAF, you decide.

Payment Terms:
There are 4246 companies to be searched for. Please place your bid to complete the TOTAL file. If you are unable to find some companies, that is fine. As I stated before, some may not have websites.

Please enter the correct time frame in your bid for completion. I would like to have this file returned to me by 11am EST (United States) If not possible, please state what your time frame would be. Maybe we can work out the file being returned in stages of completion.

I have uploaded the test file with the first 50 companies so you can see what the file will look like that you receive. Preference will be given to those providers who can prove to me they understand the job and can supply this file returned somewhat completed to show they can do it correctly.

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