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Product Display Feed API

SImple overview.

We have a manufacturer who wishes to add products to his database to include:
Name, description, suggested price, and an image.

He then wants people (retailers) to be able to select any, or all, of his products they wish to offer for sale on their own web sites.

Retailer would make selections in a secure area, and build a "Profile" – that profile would then generate a feed, for which the retailer can place code on his web site to display the feed items.

In your bid, let us know what methods you think would be best for making this happen, RSS, XML, SOAP, ????? whatever.

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Private Project For Renish

Website is in both flash and html.

1) Minor modification to the existing website (both the html and flash parts of the sites) – This is the easy task (change words and change picture add an additional page & add a paypal pay button) &

2) create an RSS feed to display newsfeeds on the webpage (cannot be in JAVA Script)

I need this done very quickly.

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Display Video/events/list From A RSS Feed

Hi together,
i need tree windows under the main app:
1. Display videos from a mRSS feed (incl. playing)
2. Events from a ICS file (all events up from current day)
like first ~50 characters… after press on it expand to complete Text.
3. Lists Taxis from a RSS feed with the choice to call the number.
feeds and videos are hostet on my server.
that it.

i need the quellcode on Eclipse for later changings. Uploaded to market from me.

best regards

PS: if you can convert this project to applestore pls tell me the addon fee. (but is not recomment)

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