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We need assistance on RESTful integartion using Ruby 1.9.2 & Rails 3.0.3. A sample program will do. We are specific about the Ruby and Rails versions. Please apply ONLY if you have worked on these versions with

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4 Steps Salesforce Project


We are a Company who distribute apartments on different booking websites.

The job that we are posting consists of 4 parts.

1- website with form
2- integration and setup of cloud CRM salesforce
3- third party integration e.g. MYOB
4- API and extending the basic website with more complex features

In our website we would like to see the following pages:-

home ( part 1 )
about us ( part 1 )
products ( part 1 )
partners ( part 1 )
FAQ ( part 1 )
jobs ( part 1 )
register ( part 1 )
Contacts us ( part 1 )

some features:-

Video clip of 1 to 3 minutes who explains how it works. ( part 1 )

– registerform who capture new user information, so what we mean here is a
form where owners could register themself where they would get a password and username and upload the data of their apartment ( part 1 )

– automatically distribute a standard email with brochure ( part 1 ) (and create an opportunity in salesforce, only to be programmed in part 2 of this job)
– link with cloud CRM (salesforce) (in part 2 of this job)
– Send contracts upon full registration ( part 1 )
– display basic informational pages ( part 1 )

b) User sign-up, log-in and account details (name, address, notes, contact page, property page etc) ( part 1 )
c) Contact form (including validation, etc) ( part 1 )
g) Backend to have access to each users account and ability to add/remove users ( part 1 or 2 )
i) RSS Capabilities ( part 1 or 2)
j) Facebook connectivity/integration ( part 1 )

Website to be an extention of our sales team and where owners of apartment can log in and change the
data of their apartment
we have some ideas of templates or examples of other websites how our website should look like.

PART 2:-

Sites Force creation and setup(visualforce)

Salesforce setup and customisation,

Salesforce integration with Website(visualforce)
Added 22 feb 2011, 11:34 PM EST

– User Permissions, Profile,
– Layouts, Views, Tabs, Fields,
– Record Types,
– Workflow, Triggers Reminders, Tasks
– Reports, Dashboard, Console
– email services , merging & email campaigns,
– Word & excel document merging with SF Data,
– Web-to-Lead forms and email-to-Case
– Customer Self-Service Portal, WorkSpace setup, Content Delivery Setup
– 3rd party Application Integration for MYOB or other yet to choose accounting program – (PART 3)

Something we would like to have in part 2

We want to add 500 contacts in Salesforce.

The goal is to be able to telephone the clients directly from Salesforce.


– integration with gmail business


– custom objects development,
– API Programming

If we are satisfied with the work you do helping us start up salesforce, we will use you for future salesforce projects.
Desired Skills, Facebook, Embedded System, webdesign, YouTube

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Salesforce Customization

We need some customization of our website, including a section where a client can log in on our website and view their salesforce pipeline. We are looking for experienced developers only.

[Removed by Admin]

thank you.

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Systems Architect Contract Job – And Apps

Contract job for senior systems architect:

We are developing a complex B2B website involving the entire supply chain, featuring collaboration between many different parties to each single transaction.

Heart of the system will be SALESFORCE for collaboration management.

Many apps will need to plugged-in: Document Management; CMS; Catalog / eCom; real time data tracking; (to name only a few of many apps required).

This job is for a Systems Architect to draw specifications for developers to construct the website, involving:
 Study our Use Case document and our prototype web pages.
 Confer with us as to complete requirements.
 Make general recommendations.
 Identify required customisation of salesforce to suit our project.
 Identify the best apps for our purpose and customisation of those apps.
 Write detailed project specs, for developers to build our site.
Must have strong salesforce experience.

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Flex App With Integration

we are looking for someone to help us develop a Flex app that will communicate with our account.
We need to retrieve all data from leads, including phone number where we need to create a call button (when you click on call, it will use the RingCentral API to make a call). After we make a call we need to be able to add some notes to that lead.
We found something we like on
We need something similar.

Let me know what details you need, also please show us a portfolio of your Flex applications.


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Salesforce Data Entry Project

This is a data entry project for sales force expert. Bid for filling info for 100 k email contacts. You need to collect 100 k emails and add them into excel doc or salesforce. Please show previous example of your work. Payments will made after each 10 k

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Flex, PHP, MySQL Report UI

Several scripts to query Salesforce and pull data into local MySQL Db.
Several Reports written in Flex and run against the MySQL Db
Flex UI to access reports
Basic login/autnentication to acces the Flex UI/reports.
Flexible framework to add additional reports in the future

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Build a Recruitment Management Tool on platform.

This application should have all major features/functions of Maxhire [Removed by Admin] + it should be bilingual (at least Japanese and English)

If you have past experience on or Recruitment Management Softwares please give us some references to evaluate.

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Data Entry

For this project we need to have someone manually transfer account information from one software program to another as well as enter data from data sheets. Transferring data from Qucikbooks to Should take a fast typist 1-2 days.

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Salesforce Programmer Needed

Looking for Experienced Salesforce Programmer.

We currently have a .NET application writing to a SQL Server Backend. I am looking for a experienced programmer to write a web service to update data in Salesforce application.

Please bid if you have experience in both technologies.



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Businesses Using CRM – Salesforce Or Sugar Categorized

We are looking for leads of companies based in US and other countries who are using CRM – Salesforce or Sugar.

We need them categorized. Please let me know if you can help. If you already have the list, please specify the list count for each CRM. Do we get only email, phone number, name – what are the fields?

Thanks for looking.

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I currently have all my data in various spreadsheets under different headings and labels.

I need someone to please add data to the following fields:


You will need to take move all the data from the various spreadsheets in to one csv file with the appropriate labels, and headings according to the salesforce requirements and then import all this data into my sales force account.

This will be done for both accounts and for contacts.
Please only those with experience with the web app are to bid

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Webshop With Salesforce-interface

Programming of an Online-Shop with Salesforce-interface

Design: We will provide CSS-stylesheet and CI-manual

Programming: Standard Webshop with SPECIAL features as follow:
– Multi-language, multi-currency
– Import all products (100.000) and user information from Salesforce
– Pictures and Product-Sheets have to be stored separately
– Add payment functions (paypal, creditcard etc.)
– Check availablity via Salesforce
– Provide buying information into Saleforce
– You have to divide between products, which will be invoices via the shop and and products, which will be invoiced from third party supplier. The information will come form Salesforce

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Joomla And Integration

Joomla and integration – Need to capture data from my Joomla website into my Salesforce CRM

We are working on a new project for our Organization for capturing data from my Joomla website lead, contact forms into my We are looking for expert in both Joomla and Salesforce CRM.

We have already found a very good extension JoomTiger to capture leads and contact from Joomla to Salesforce, check this link , this will make our task very simpler and quick. All we require is we need some expert to install the Joomtiger joomla component into our website and make some amendments to it.

Note : Experts with real experience only contact us.

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I need to develop a custom quote generator for a client on Ive got a prototype that I created in .net. It has extremely complex business and pricing rules. Furthermore, there are complex product compatability requirements as well.

Some key requirements.
1. Validate quote
a. If its new business some products qualify for a discount.
b. Various quote header fields require legal terms to be attached. For example, different invoicing terms are associated with different legal terms that must be displayed on the quote.
c. Some products have legal terms associated with them.
d. Certain products require other products
e. Certain products exclude other products

2. Approval – Various pricing thresholds require supervisor approval.
3. Products have different prices for different customer types. ie.. Government, non-profit, eductation

Ive got a working prototype in .net that provides 80% of the functionality. So Ive got a database schema that needs to be mapped to salesforces schema.

Since Im a developer, I dont need the app 100% completed but Ive never done an app on salesforce so Id like to have someone do the first two iterations before I take over.

One key point that will have to be addressed is that the customer is a current salesforce client and would like to integrate this app with their current deployment if possible.

Ill update this post with a copy of my current database schema and a link to the prototype shortly.

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Software Needed

I want to a web based software developed similar to salesforce com

I want to offer and sell the same type of crm software to end users.

PM me the rate and costs.

Use salesforce com as a model.

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A CMS Website – Similar To Salesforce

I have built the website [Removed by Admin] and looking for someone to give it a better look and feel as well as add a few more tools to it.

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Product Mapping Magento To Salesforce (Analytics)

Synchronize (active) inventory from Magento to Salesforce sending over specific attribute values. Below is the mapping from Magento to salesforce. Create Reports using this synchronized data. Consider number of allowable calls from salesforce and hosting capacity. Must synchronize minimally daily. Please advise whether a data feed, mapping via api calls, etc is best.

Category -> list of cateogries
Manufacturer -> ss_manufacturer
Quantity -> qty
Price -> price
Supplier -> ss_brand
Warehouse Location -> warehouse_location
Cost ->cost
Image -> ss_image url
Unit Weight -> weight

Salesforce needs to keep track of
Total Sold
Average Sale Price
Total Returned

Currently Salesforce recieves a select amount of product information after a sale.
Project Deadline – Nov. 30th

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Virtual Assistant (Using

I am looking for a virtual assitant that is proficient in using

Duties include adding contacts to database and sending out email campaigns. You must be proficent in speaking English, but you will not need to speak with any clients or prospects. I would like to be able to communicate with you via skype or internet phone.

Please respond with your experience and your hourly rate. I expect the position to average 10 hours per week of work at first, I believe that the hours will increase as we grow our company.

**Important** please reference your proficiency in in your response.

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Customize My Salesforce Professional Edition

I have Salesforce – Professional Edition. I would like to add some features that are on the Salesforce for Wealth Management onto my Professional Edition.
1) Create a Relationship Group tab with a breakdown of the family members
2) Create a Financials tab that breaks down the holdings and account number for the clients

Please let me know if you are able to help. I will give the winning bidder the login information to view the specifics.

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We have an existing JSP application that we would like to link to

We would like to offer this as an addon through the App exchange marketplace.

The project is to build the API to make our application talk to – users should be able to add our service onto the salesforce desktop.

Please your experience, sample projects we will then give you specific instructions once you prove your skills and experience.

We are a quality buyer who will provide clear instruction and support throughout project.

Thank you for your interest.

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Populate Form From Salesforce Data

I need to populate a form based on salesforce data using php.

The form will have an ID field where I would enter the salesforce ID number and an "Update" button right next to it.

I want the form to be populated with all the information from salesforce for that lead ID.

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Salesforce Expert

I need a salesforce expert to setup the process which includes integration with other softwares. uploading data,setting up sales pipeline and other similar tasks

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Customer Support Website Development

I am looking for a dynamic and experienced programmer who have the programming skills and technical knowledge with the following components.

– L.A.M.P. experience, Linux/Apache Server/MySQL/PHP&Perl
– programming and development kits
– API experience.
– User forum development and management.
– RedHat Linux

Currently, we have a simple customer support website which provides simple user interface for our customers. The support website communicates with so our support team can manage customer support in We are planning to enhance the user experience and expand additional features the website provides. For example, build a website admin interface so we can easily change the contents (not framework) of the website.

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Import Data To (SP20100915)


we are looking for a provider helping us
1) to import data (accounts, leads, …) to CRM system AND
2) customize/add one new layout (related to a custom object)

best regards

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Salesforce Web To Lead WordPress Plugin

I want to take this form ( which submits to Salesforce… and be able to create it in WordPress, so it can capture lead sources, etc.

There is a pre-existing plugin:

However it only has options for basic contact info

I want to modify the plugin so that it can allow for custom objects (form fields). The user should be able to add custom fields – the field name, field id, field type (dropdowns,checkbox,etc). Jquery datepickers, drop downs etc.

If you can make the plugin very general, so that users can create any lead to web form – with as many custom fields as they want. You can even start with the existing plugin as a starting point.

Should also allow for multiple forms and shortcodes/widgets… [salesforce1], [salesforce2]

Ask any questions…

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Customize "Silent Post" Script To Submit To SalesForce

Need to customize a php script in order to "silent post" to our account the information captured and generated by RSForm!Pro ( our Joomla component used for form management)

There are already some developed plug-ins or scripts, but they only handle some predefined placeholders and we need some personalization in order to include the other form fields.

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Salesforce Developer Needed (urgent)

Project Scope
Company: Internet Honey (
Internet Honey is one of the dominant Tourism Marketing companies in the Rocky Mountain Region. We have pioneered some database marketing technologies and Intellectual Property in the tourism marketing industry. The Salesforce package were developing is version 1.6 of many releases planned.

We have created a managed package that serves the travel/tourism industry. It is almost complete. It has been installed on one client org. We want to finish the package prior to installing it on other orgs. We also want it listed on the AppExchange. Currently, there are Lead Triggers that handle new Leads from Web To Lead forms. The Triggers take information coming with the Lead and write it to certain fields in the Lead Object.

Work Description
We need someone to review the Triggers and Classes and determine what is producing the errors. Then we need these fixed so that we can publish the package for security review by Salesforce. The knowledge they develop at this level will be instrumental to their understanding of the future releases.

The developer will be given full access to the developer account and the org where the package was installed.

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New Functionality To Salesforce Webservice

This project is to update an existing web services project to pull existing contact information down.

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Sync Of SQL To Data And Data Matching

We have a SQL table of CDR (Call Detail Records) from an Asterisk PBX that needs to be Synced to a matching table in

This data then needs to be matched to its Call Rate from a table in

All action must be driven from The SQL table is read-only.

There is no work required on the UI. This is simply a matter of creating the link, sync and schedule to import the data and match to the rate table.

There is an opportunity for further work (including UI and more user focused automation).

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California University – Silicon Valley Website

Website Design for an education institute.

California Institute – Silicon Valley.

CUSV offers masters level education in Computer Science & Engineering (MS CS&E) and masters level education in Business Management and Administration.

The website needs to provide information about CUSV, details on the programs offered and act as the key sales and marketing tool for the institute and allow for online registration and admissions.


Needs to interface with applications for educational instututes such as

All processes and workflows related to admissions and programs need to be automated through

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