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Facebook External Chat Application

I need a developer who can create an external code for a facebook application which when a user visits would than have to grant access for the application to use their chat (xmpp_login) and than straight after that, the application would send a message to every online friend in the chat, which I can customise. After this, the user would be redirected to a final page which again, I can customise.

Other requirements:

-> The script must be able to be ran on shared hosting, no VPS or Dedi
-> The script must be able to allow me to configure how many online friends will it send a message to (i.e. 5, 10, 20 or to everyone)
-> The interval between sending each message should be able to be customised (i.e. 1 second interval between sending each message)

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Thailand Links & Facebook Messages

I am looking for someone (or multiple people) to handle the following projects, please specifiy in your bid or PM which projects you are bidding on (or all of them):

Project 1:

I need to build up some links on THAILAND related websites. The sites can be in English or Thai, but must be Thai related websites, and at least 30% be English speaking websites. The links cannot be "no follow" and you will give me a list of all websites that the links are placed on. Please bid on 500 links. Spam sites or no follows will not be counted and must NOT be posted.

Project 2:

I need messages sent to members of dating websites. I will give you the accounts to log into and then you will just need to message all members with a message I give you. The message will be in Thai and English, but I will supply both, just a copy and paste again and again to all members. Please bid on 5,000 copy & paste messages.

Project 3:

Facebook messaging to all members. I need to get a message out to all 4500 members of facebook. If you have a simple way to do this please let me know and bid on that. Or if you need to send messages out in 20 at a time (example) please bid on that. Again I will give all messages to be sent.

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Android App – While You Where Gone

I have a VERY small budget for this project!

I am looking for the following Android app!

Its a "While Your Were Gone" app! Basically the concept is as follows….

Once your phones goes to standby, or has not been used for a period of time (night), the app will collect data from a few core places:

unread emails
missed phone calls
missed text messges
facebook messages
battery status change (battery strength increase or decrease since)

The app shall auto load once the user unlocks their phone from standby….the app shall show the above to the phone user to display what has taken place since the user last used their android phone.

We will likely add more items to this in the future, so more money maybe available in the future.

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Facebook, Webcam Chat API.

We are looking for an experienced Facebook developer to build a chatroulette type website using facebook APIs. Please PM for more information. Professionals ONLY!!!!

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