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Oscillates Checkout Problem

We are having problems checking out through our oscillates website

1. It appears that is says please select a payment method and nothing displays.
2. It says field shipping address is required if we click the pay pal logo to pay.

I know its most likely only a small issue we have overlooked.


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Virtuamart Changes For Joomls

1 space from the path

2 space from the products on the main page and the paypal banner and remove

3 show "Home" in the path in the top left

3 remove the word. "Categories" from main page

4 and add the clothing banner up top below the main menu, have it up there all the time.

-file attached

5 check to see if coupon codes work.

6 when you go to checkout it says, "Send Registration" below the form on the bottom left can we remove that and also the button to click say "Registration" can we change that to "Continue"

7 when I click "add to cart" it gives me this "notice" I attached a screen shot. and says "Continue or cart" Can we change the message to say

"Item has been added to your cart" and just options say "Continue" and "Check Out"

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Magento Developer-part Time

I will have a few projects a month so I would like to hire a developer on a part time basis that I can reach out to when i need them. As of now, I have the following issues:

Customers cannot checkcout:
Order saving error: Notice: Undefined index: ACK in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 600

2. when a customer calls and says I have items in my shopping cart, can you checkout for me. I am not able to view the items when i go to their account and try to place an order. It is not showing up in the left hand panel where it says shopping cart-it says 0 items.

3. new install of a customer notes extension

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JavaScript & Ajax Expert Full Time

Dear FreeLancers ,

Topic Says all .

We need a JavaScript & Ajax Expert for Full Time work .

Please we need Expert not newbie 🙂 .

Bid and says show your skills

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Asterix Project


We require an asterix solution for our business.

Here is what we are trying to achieve:

1. caller dials into our hotline

2. caller says location(eg NSW)

3. caller says product id

4. ivr reads out contact details of recommended technician to fix problem based on LOCATION and PRODUCT ID.

Many Thanks.

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PHP Script Changes


I would like some changes making to my PHP script, I would like it changing so at the moment. When it is told to load specific URLs I want a new box which says how long does it want to wait between loading for example 2 boxes.

box 1 says number and so does box 2 then you enter in box 1, 10 and in box 2, 20 and then it loads each time within that time frame randomly each time.

Thanks a lot.


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5 PSD To WordPress Projects

We are looking to work with a website developer on coding approximately 5 themes from PSD-format to WordPress. Each theme does require some customization. Some require a lot more than others.

We would prefer to work with a US-based development firm or freelancer, but are willing to work with an international firm or freelancer as well. We just need a developer that can get the job done in a timely manner. This job needs to be done in 1 week at the maximum. It is our top priority, so make us a good bid, show us your portfolio, and wed like to get started with a developer right away. WE WANT TO SEE A PORTFOLIO FROM ANYONE WHO BIDS.

Just to reiterate, the themes are already designed in PSD format. We just need them converted to WordPress.

While for obvious reasons I am not going to attach pictures of the PSDs, the list of customized features needed in the themes include:

Theme 1: Business Theme

Through the admin panel, there must be a place to:
1) Edit what the top header says (Welcome to Our Website and the content below it).
2) Add pictures to posts easily so when it is one of the most recent posts and it appears on the bottom of the homepage, the pictures will all show with the thin white border all the same size.

Theme 2: Personal Website Theme

Through the admin panel, there must be a:
1) A widget to edit the place for the name, Hobbies are and Interests are boxes.

Theme 3: Product Theme

Through the admin panel, there must be a:
1) Widget to add a picture of a product in the get it now box.
2) Twitter plugin to grab the most recent tweets and a place for the administrator to put his/her Twitter username.
3) The 4 boxes in the middle of the page and the bottom box below (the what do they say box) should be widgets where people can edit what the title of the box is and the stuff in it.

Theme 4: Restaurant Theme

Through the admin panel, there must be:
1) A place to edit the lunch and dinner hours through a widget.
2) A google maps plugin, or similar plugin for the map to work and easily show a given location.
3) The Latest Recipes navigation should actually say Newest Menu Items. Restaurant owners should be able to upload a small picture beside the item name and description of whats in it. This should not be an article. If a person clicks on the item, it should take them to the menu page, where the items are automatically sorted in a list. If you need a PSD for this, I can have 1 made, or if you know what Im looking for, that would be even better.
4) There should be a widget to edit the featured area (Welcome to our website! and the content below it).

Theme 5: Another Restaurant Theme

Through the admin panel, these features must be included:
1) A place to edit the lunch and dinner hours through a widget. They should also be able to edit whether each box says Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner on top.
2) There has to be a google maps plugin, or similar plugin for the map to work and easily show a given location.
3) The Newest Recipes navigation should actually say Newest Menu Items. Restaurant owners should be able to upload a small picture beside the item name and description of whats in it. This should not be an article. If a person clicks on the item, it should take them to the menu page, where the items are automatically sorted in a list. If you need a PSD for this, I can have 1 made, or if you know what Im looking for, that would be even better.
4) There should be a widget to edit what that top part says (where it says Welcome to RestoSite and the content below it in the green box).
1) Edit what the top part says (Welcome to Our Website and the content below it).
2) Add pictures to posts easily so when it is one of the most recent posts and it appears on the bottom of the homepage, the pictures will all show with the thin white border all the same size.

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Magento Site Customisation

We have an ecommerce site which needs some small adjustments making. The address is

1. The featured products on the front page, we need to adjust this so that we can turn featured products on and off and sort them in ascending cost order. We have added a custom attribute for this but need assistance with the blocks and code.

2. We need the image on the front page replacing with a new image which includes a picture from the catalog on the site. The text which says Free Shipping should stay but the text which says "over 99 dollars" should be removed.

3. In Firefox on some of the products the thumbnail image does not show in the zoom box. It seems to work fine in IE and Safari but not in Firefox – any assistance on that would be appreciated.

We need to have these fixes done by the end of Monday. GMT


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Joomla Website Changes

Looking for a Joomla EXPERT for making following changes, these needed to be done in the joomla site Urgently.

removing "about shawn1" from about us page
-fixing SEO module of Artio JoomSef which already exists
-upgrading the Text editor for font size, style, background control etc.
-providing back-end control to change the home page banner easily.
– adding appointment request page. It should work like following

want a link that says "Request an appointment" that opens a new page. (The location of this link is to be determined, but it will probably be in the header somewhere so it automatically appears on all pages). That link should open a page with a form. The page should look something like this:

Please complete this form and hit the submit button. We will contact you shortly to schedule your appointment.

"email address"
and a drop-down box that says "what service are you interested in". Choices should be:

"Free Consultation"
"Fillings & Crowns"
"6-month Cosmetic Braces"

and a "Submit" button

I want all those fields to be required. So if any field is blank and the user hits "submit" there should be a message that highlights (or directs to) the missing field. Once all fields are filled-out and the form is submitted, then a confirmation page should appear that says "Thank You. We will be contacting you soon"

I want to use this new form for conversion tracking for my Google advertising campaign.


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New Order Form / System

On our current site ( we need to change the ordering system.

On pages that they look at a single invitation (an example page would be : ): add a button called "order" – I want it similar to the personalize button, but it should be distinctive.

On the Personalize pages (example for the above invitation would be×7&same-font=1&font-1=Calli&referring-invitation=2760 ) : at the bottom where it says "send to designer" instead we want 2 large buttons, 1 – "save & email my design to me" and 2 – "Order"

If they click "save & email my design to me" then they should be prompted to give name and email address and then receive the same "invoice" that they receive now when they place order. This emailed invoice has the link to go back to their design. We then would get a notification that they have sent themselves the design, get to see what it is and get their info (we presently get this).

If they click "Order" they should be prompted to submit name and email (just like above) AND need to fill out a new form. When they finish filling in this information they should get a copy of the form sent to them also. NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION WILL BE TAKEN AT ALL. and then sent to a thank you page.

We have a button in the footer that says "Submit Credit Card information" we want to keep this but the form that is given to them needs adjusting I do not want it to look like a cart. No total is shown. By clicking on this link, it will be the only place they are asked for credit card information.

When they go to the page "/content/sample-order-form" I would like it to give a total and be a cart for the order.

A smaller project I need done is for downloading a catalog. There will be a link on our home age that says "click to download our online catalog (pdf file). I want them to be required to enter their email, name and wedding date before the download will start.

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Laptop Recovery Program


I work for a school system and we are getting ready to start a netbook initiative which will give out netbooks to students. One of my concerns are finding stolen machines. We do not have the money to purchase a commercial product, and we have looked at open source products such as Prey however, there are flaws in the way they are designed.

Basically here is what I need:

– Client installs on all machines

– Client checks a website I create to see if it is stolen

– Client determines that it is stolen if the webpage says stolen. A webpage that does not exist or a page that doesnt say stolen will not activate the client. However, if the page says stolen the client activates.

– If client is flagged stolen then webcam initializes and snaps a photo, the ip address of the machine is gathered and the username

– All this happens quietly in the background and an email is sent with the photo and ip information attached.

– An alert is then displayed on the client that their activity is being logged.

Please, do not bid on this project unless you are able to complete it and do so with a relatively quick turn around. Our systems run Windows XP Professional.

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Private Project2 For Chitta

Hi Chitta- Price sounds good let me just explain more carefully whats required and then if that price is still okay with you, its okay with us. Only other thing I need to check is will it be possible to do the job in 24-48 hrs. what we need doing is to recreate the exact format of this page on Specifically this means we want the same width of layout with the samem top module and then the spotlight module underneath. We also want the voting system integrated as before, showing voting stars, average and overall rating. The only thing we want different from the mqusic site is that we want to be able to be able to display two categories on the same page with just a title above each. For some reason the spotlight module soenst seem to want to do this – but it might be simple for you. If this is really impossible or very time consuming then better to get round it some other way. Hope to hear frmo you
[13:50:01] chitta says: ok
[13:50:04] nickvh1 says: Also I seem to remember we had real difficulties with getting some of the entries to work in the module, so hoping you might be willing to allow a small amount of time to help us with any very problematic entries

Heres all the access data

Admin username and password on both and

User: chitta Pass: flame1000 – ftp and database details

User: shoutout


Database: admin_shout

User: user_shout

Pass: y0py0f – ftp and database access

ftp user: mqusic_org

Pass: champ1

Database: admin_mq_org1

Data base user: user_mq_org1
Pass: champ1

Hope weve got everything here, contact me if anythings missing. Good to be working with you again – thanks for taking on the project

Cheers Nick

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Openvpn Editing (no Programing)

OpenVPN ALS is a web-based SSL VPN server written in Java. It has a browser-based AJAX UI which allows easy access to intranet services. OpenVPN ALS is a direct descendant of Adito, which was a fork of SSL-Explorer.

I need
1) change the logo remove adito and add another logo
2) when a user connects it says installing an agent and then it says listening on port 45?
I need all agent messages removwed.

I need this by end of day tomorrow.

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In Need Of Writers

Need writers who can pen grammatically error free content with pertinent information on the given task. A pilot project, this is going to determine the chances of you getting some constant work from my end. ***$1.25 per 400 words***..More Details On PMB…

***Insert " I am deeply interested" along with your bid details.***
*** Send in a 100 word write-up on " My tongue says : be a non vegetarian; My heart says: Stick to PETA"***

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Troubleshoot DNS Of Domain

Our DNS keeps going down. Godaddy says its not their problem with the domain, our host says the server is fine. Help!

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Flash Game To Web Promotion


I need a game like "Memory Game"
I need this game made it in Flash (preferred, Im open to new options)
The game have 2 parts.
The first one is the part of the game where the user plays. This user have time to complete the game, for example 2 minutes.
If the user completes it he pass to the second part of the game where he has to put personal info into a form and the game says to him "you win ****(this one says a random price)".
I need somebody who has examples similar to this.
I want to spend $150 in this one.
Hope to you make a nice bid

Of course Im going to need the Flash source file, or the source file of everything you use to customize it.

And please dont make pre-made offers

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Template Monster 9177 Redesign

We want to redesign the template monster template # 9177 to reflect our art business.

These are the changes that would need to be made to the template:

First page: On the door image where it says "Photo Gallery" we want it to say "Paul McCall"
Where it says "enter site" we want it to say "Enter Gallery"

Remove the music and clicking sounds.

Once you enter the site, there are titles at the top that say "advertising, Personal Project, Art" we want to remove all of those words

We want all images to expand (currently only 11 expand)
Replace all 60 images with our own images – we will provide images in a zip file.

Where it says "Photo Gallery" should be replaced with our logo.

All images should be able to be clicked and lead to a slide show of images that are in the same series.

The slide show should be separated by series of artwork. We will indicate which images belong to which series.

In the slide show all images should have the title of the artwork.

Where it says "about photographer" it should say "About Paul McCall"
Then where it says "read more" it should link to a page that looks similar to the slide show page and has a list of links titled "Resume, Press, Professional Experience, Biography, Statement" These links will lead to pop up windows linking to new pages with text. We will provide the text.

Where it says "contact information" it should be changed to say "Contact Paul McCall" and contact information should be changed to the information we will provide.
The included form should tie into our contact manager database hosted through We will provide the additional information needed to make that change.

Where it says "Privacy Policy" it should be changed to "Special Commissions" with a link to another page that looks like the beginning of the slide show and has some information about how to commission artwork. We will provide you with the copy to be placed in this section.

Where it says " © 2005" we want it to say " © 2009 All Rights Reserved" and we want an update function that says "Updated on (then gives the last date it was updated on).

For the slide shows:
– The slide shows should start automatically when clicked
– There should be a 4 second delay between images
– at the bottom of the slide show in between the forward and backward arrows should be a functional stop symbol button and a functional play symbol button.

Also, add a page that looks similar to the slide show page. This page should have an easily update-able calendar of events. A link to the calendar should be located at the bottom of the main page between the words "art" and "contact".

The titles at the bottom "Advertising, Personal projects, art" should be replaced with the titles of the different series of artworks ("Unspoken Realities", "Nishikigoi", "My Obsession With Dominique", "Survivors of Hurricane Katrina", "Latin American Dreams", "Synthetic Cubism", "Excessism") When a user clicks on the series name it should lead them to the same series slide show.

Change any red text to orange

We also want a "Links" pages that will provide links to our Facebook page, blog, and other links that we will provide.

Project must be completed and approved on December 15, 2009

We value communication and prompt delivery. I have listed this project twice already and the people who bid on the project did not complete it. If you are unable to complete the project to our specifications please do not bid on the project.

If we are happy with the outcome we would like for the person who builds this site to maintain and update it approximately every 2 months.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We will provide the template files for you to work from.

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IPhone App Project

I am looking to create an iPhone app.
It must be done entirely with Xcode – meaning that I dont want objects (buttons) created or linked with Interface Builder.

In the Main screen (first screen to appear at start of app) will display the title of the app My Title will suffice for now in the center of the screen. There will be an Info screen icon in the bottom toolbar – when touched it opens the info screen that displays a text message that I can modify in future versions. Screen orientation is not needed for this app.
There will be another icon in the bottom toolbar that will open another screen. This screen will be filled with buttons from top to bottom and from left to right. I am thinking about 5 buttons across and maybe 11 or twelve buttons down. Whatever it takes to fill the screen. Each button will touch the other buttons leaving no empty spaces on the screen. The buttons should be square button and not rounded buttons. Therefore, there will be no empty space on the screen and any place a finger is touched an action will occur. Each button should be large enough to touch with a finger and trigger an action. I will need 3 actions – one will trigger an alert that says Try again, the second action will play a short 5 second audio file. You will need to create a few audio files. One that says 123 another that says ABC and another that says Try Again. This screen will also have a toolbar as the main screen on the bottom. It will have the info icon going to the same screen as in the main screen. It will also have an arrow icon to go back to the main screen. You need to use Xcode and zip the bundled file to me upon completion. This app should be tested for performance and memory leaks. I believe that this is enough information for you to decide if you can do this project.

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Unique Content Generator


I am looking for an automatic, existing script/software that can generate unique articles about different subjects.
The software needs to export rss and line break. (thats what my programmer told me).
What makes a content machine a good one? If i check the content it generates in and contentsolution software says it is original content. I already tested and it is not always creating unique content like it says it does.

If you are able get me such software i am able to pay the software cost (if there is any) + $50 fee for your help.

Thanks for your helping

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Simple Quick Fix


I have a site and users can fill out a form called a "sellers form" but when they currently click on the link to take them to this form it takes them to aaawebuyhouses instead of aaawebuyuglyhouses and I just need that changed/updated. Should take no more than 20-30 minutes for someone in the know and I assume around 30.00 or so to fix……

go to then scroll down the home page a little and you will see a link that says "Click here to sell your home fast"….click on it and then look at the url which says aaawebuyhouses instead of aaawebuyuglyhouses….this is what needs corrected……in two separate places…..please let me know when you can start and how long it will take for you to complete.

Thank you!……those with experience and I have worked with previously are certainly preferred….

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Instant Messenger Bot

OBJECTIVE: create an Instant Message autoresponder.

DEVELOPMENT: No specific language or platform is required. Java, C++, .NET, PHP are all possible. I have existing enterprise-level linux boxes where the software can be deployed, or I can buy Windows boxes if necessary. Project should be completed using a 2 stage development process.


1. auto-add users who contact me
2. respond with one message, then stop – even if the user sends additional messages.
3. time-delay for autoreply
4. supports unlimited connections; must be stable at 20,000+ daily messages
5. supports Yahoo IM, AOL, or MSN messenger clients (all or just one)
6. robust enough to handle 500+ incoming "friend requests" per hour and 1000+ outgoing messages per hour


1. define X number of preset responses;

for example, I can specify 1 response, 2 responses, etc and configure each response. If I specify 1 response, then this would happen:
[user] says: "hi"
I say: "hello"
[user] says: "whats up?"
and here the conversation ends, I send no more replies.

Whereas if I had specified "2" responses, the conversation would look like:
[user] says: "hi"
I say: "hello"
[user] says: "whats up?"
I say: "the sky"

2. keyword-based responses

filter incoming message for keyword; send pre-set template response based on keyword in message

3. user macros for randomization:

I can define macros in my preset responses. For example, response #1 may look like this:
~hello~ ~howareyou~
and then I would define the following macros for those terms:
~hello~ [hi, hello, hey, heya]
~howareyou~ [how are you, hows it going, whats up?]
This increases randomaization of each message

4. send outbound messaging to all users on my contact list

5. supports unlimited bots

For example; I load in a list of 500 AIM usernames/passwords. They are all active and listening at the same time,
ready to respond to users who message them.

6. individual responses for each bot

For each individual bot (username), I can set unique pre-programmed responses. If you message happygirl you get a different response than if you message cutiegirl, etc.

7. If possible, supports most major Instant Messengers, including: AOL, YIM, MSN, ICQ, SKype; possibly through Miranda IM or some other all in one client

8. bots develiver GEO targeted responses by plugging into my systems SOAP API and querying the relevant data

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Add button to website

I have an shopping cart on my site called Photo Cart. On there I have text everywhere, and I would like to have them changed to buttons. I have talked to the maker of the program and he says its simple, but I dont have time to play with it. I dont have very much to pay, but after all its just buttons LOL. The site is mainly php, but the maker of Photo Cart says its simple html to replace with buttons. If you are interested please reply.

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Help With Boonex Dolphin Customization–Fairly Easy (Phase 1 of 3)

We currently have Dolphin installed. However, we need someone who is familiar with Dolphin and have worked with it before, to help us with customization. It should be a very easy/smooth project for someone who has worked with Boonex Dolphin Before.

Our budget is:

Overall: We want to delete anything that says Boonex, Dolphin, etc removed from complete site.

In addition, on the main page :

we want to change the name of the link that says Classified to say Sign Language and when you click on it, the new page should be changed to say Sign Language as well

we want to change the link that says Boards to a link that says Language and when you click on it, the new page should be changed to say Language as well

we want to change the link that says Polls to a link that says Games and when you click on it, the new page should be changed to say Games as well

we want to change the link that says Articles to Types of Special Needs and when you click on it, the new page should be changed to say Types of Special Needs as well

we want the section that says Boonex News to say SNDWWT News and when you click on it, the new page should be changed to say SNDWWT News as well

In addition, we would like the

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oscommerce manufacturer category

In OSCOMMERCE when u choose a MANUFACTURER a drop down box appears at top which says SHOW and u choose ALL CATEGORIES or a particualr category

i dont like this

is it possible to have the categories for a manufacturer appear on left side as a list of links (NOT DROP DOWN)

or if it says SHOW all CATEGORIES to have it display the prodcuts with the CATEGORY TITLE appearing in PRODUCT LISTING instaed of a continuous list of PRODCUTS

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Boonex Dolphin expert URGENTLY REQUIRED!

For EXPERIENCED BoonEx Dolphin programmers ONLY!


I recently transferred my site from my old VPS server to my new Dedicated Server because I needed a more powerful server to handle the usage. I have Dolphin 6.1.4 and Ray 3.5. All are Ad-Free versions. I have a rented RMS for my A/V Chat. RMS is working.

However since transfering my site, the Ray Chatrooms do not work. It says Loading but never loads. Only admin can enter chatroom. Members CANNOT enter!

Also, on the profile Music Player, same problem. Says Loading but nothing else happens.

Also if I make any changes in Admin Panel -> Settings -> Advance Settings it says I have an error in global_settings.php.

I got my server company to recompile PHP on the server and reinstall FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP but the problems are still there.

I need an EXPERIENCED Dolphin expert who can fix these problems for me URGENTLY, TODAY!

Genuine bids please, this will not take someone experience long at all. No silly high bids please.


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