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Database Work. Fill In An Excel Spreadsheet.

We are looking for a person who can check an Scandinavian section of a branch website.
You will have to copy details into an Excel file and put all the different details at the right place.

There are 1049 Life Science companies that need to be listed. You should be able to do at least 10 per hour.
It is not a very difficult job but it is important that all the details will be copied without mistakes.

Although it is a fairly simple job we are looking for someone with a scientific background in Life Sciences because we might also have other Life Science jobs in the future.

If we select you for the job you will receive details about the website and youll receive an Excel template that you can use.

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Urgently Required Science Literature Review

urgently required scientific literature review of not more than 1000 words in 12 hours. should be proficient with harvard style citation and science writing,kindly do not bid if you cannot perform or will cancel last minute.

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Science Reports Required Urgently

urgently required scientific literature review of not more than 1000 words in 12 hours.

03/29/2011 at 4:11 EDT:

budget is usd 30 as it is a simple project.

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Write 5-7 Page Essay – Social Science

Full details will be given when the project is awarded.

Topic:Explain the characteristics of the nation-state and transnational entities.

Essay must be 100% original. (Will check with Copyscape).

5-7 Pages professional written, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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Write 5-7 Page Essay – Political Science

Full details will be given when the project is awarded.

Topic:Explain the characteristics of the nation-state and transnational entities.

Essay must be 100% original. (Will check with Copyscape).

5-7 Pages professional written, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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Computer Science Assigments

Person must understand basic Discrete Structures and assembly language

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Native English Speaker – Computer Science Text


I am looking for english native speaker with research background or fluency in english in one of fields like: computer science, statistics, data mining, data analysis, web mining to make proof reading 10 pages paper for technical computer science conference. Paper area: web users segmentation, time series analysis.

Please post your price per 10 pages document.



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Native English Speaker – Computer Science Text


I am looking for english native speaker with research background or fluency in english in one of fields like: computer science, statistics, data mining, data analysis, web mining to make proof reading 10 pages paper for technical computer science conference. Paper area: web users segmentation, time series analysis.

Please post your price per 10 pages document.



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Copy Writer With Perfect English

Smart individual to summarise technical papers relating to nutrition science for web content

1. Excellent English Writing Skills
2. Science background (food science a plus but not a deal breaker)

There are hundreds of published papers detailing the benefits of various vitamins/supplement. I want someone to summarise these and populate a website with original content

Possibly other work associted with developing a new website – depending on aptitude


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Fiction Writer Seeks Expert On Mammalian Genetic Screening

Im currently working on a science fiction novel set in 2013, where one of my main characters engages in genetic screening of adult human stem cells, as well as human and animal embryos. I have tried to research what techniques are currently used and how they are implemented, but none of my research has answered several of my questions, and being a social science / humanities focused person, I cant make heads or tails of journal material. What I need is a guide and researcher to this world of karotyping and embryo biopsies, and Im willing to pay for your knowledge and translation into plain english.

Im NOT seeking a ghostwriter, only a researcher. Project will require multiple phone calls, emails, and a small amount of technical proofreading to ensure my character is correctly utilizing the technology.

Please send me some information on your background and how you believe you can help me, along with your bid.

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Visually Appealing Website For Science Non-fiction Book

NOTE: Please DO NOT respond with generic messages that promise great website. We will ignore all of these bids. We are thinking of paying around 1500 USD for quality work and execution.

NOTE: Please include a rough concept mockup of the design you have in mind after reading our requirements. Thank you

We are looking for a web design team to design and implement a website to promote our new science nonfiction book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, which will be published internationally by Penguin on May 5, 2011. It is a major, mainstream release targeting a very broad audience. We will supply you with a general visual mockup of the site that shows the general layout and design elements we want, though the final visual design will be developed in collaboration with you and draw upon your creativity and experience. We will also supply you with the desired structure of the website.

HOME PAGE: Contains description of book and BOOK menu and AUTHORS menu.

Under BOOK Menu:
EXCERPT: Contains excerpt from the book.
SCIENCE: Contains description of science in the book.
REVIEWS: Links to book reviews of Billion Wicked Thoughts.
PRAISE: List of endorsement blurbs.

Under AUTHOR Menu:
BIOS: Contains biographies of the two authors
MEDIA: Contains links to videos and podcasts of the authors media appearances
STUFF WE RECOMMEND: Contains list of books, movies, websites, etc., that the authors recommend.
CONTACT: How to contact the authors.

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Text Me Ready

Test prep and support for the GED test. Need someone with a education or test writing background to write practice test questions and answers. Wrong answers need to offer information back about why you got the wrong answer, simple math error, did not understand concept, etc. Need math, science, English, Civics, and writing questions. Math and science questions must include about 30% interpretation of charts and graphs. Questions will be sent via SMS text messages so you need to be able to make info short and concise. This is a funded start-up.

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Simple Science Related Questions

Hi there,

I need some one to answer simple science related questions. A person having basic knowledge of science can easily do this. There are 27 questions in total. Answer may be of one word.

Please tell me your bid in pm as i am expecting to pay less than 30$ since it is a pretty simple job.

Again the questions are pretty simple and need to be answered in one word or a sentence, whichever you feel is suitable.

Thank you!

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Essay Writers Needed

Hi, I need well researched essays of about 5-7 pages. I will be paying $6 per essay and I expect good quality content. You should submit about 2 essays a day at least. Content should be original and of good quality. The topic should be relevant one. You can write on any of the topics mentioned below.

*Ecomonics and finance
*Law and contracts
*Business and marketing
*History and geography
*Philosophy and literature
*Social studies
*Political science
*Science and technology
*Arts and media

I am in need of original, grammatically perfect, well written essay. All the entries will be checked with an inbuilt plagiarism checker which works a bit better than If plagiarized content is found, this contract will immediately be terminated and legal action may be taken by our team. If you can handle this successfully, I will let you take care of hugh paying projects. Payments are issued on Mondays (No escrow)

Happy bidding, Cheers 😀

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We have completed 4 Science related DVD geared toward middle and elementary school students. It is kind of like the "Bill Nye The Science Guy" series, only more kid driven. We are looking for four separated DVD cover designs that are very similar. The four are a series and related to each other, although they are to be sold separately. Basically, it is one design with three variations. We will also need the artwork for the DVD itself. The DVD does not have to be four color (B&W is ok). We want a look that is bright, teen appeal, and fun. This is our first commercial project so our budget is very limited. But if we choose you we will be a loyal business partner. We have several more projects in pre-production.

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Computer Science Programming.

Go to

password is signed

do the assignment #4

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We Need 100 WordPress Themes Designed

Hello we need 100 wordpress themes designed for specific categories all 2 and 3 column layouts with a mixture of colors-we need them with our footer links that we specify to each theme and coded so that they can NEVER be removed. Also we need these uploaded to our hosting and added to our site, which is also a wordpress blog we will give you access to the logins, we have a copywriter that will write the article based on the theme. Please have wordpress theme design experience and have experience adding these themes to a hosting acct-if we like what we see we will use you every month for 6 months. The categories are simple and we will list them here, so there is no confusion on what we expect–you will be expected to supply header images that corespond to the theme and add them to the correct categories. We will give you the footer links when we decide on the bidder
1) A Ticket Theme (concert tickets sports tickets) dark blue theme
2) Games Theme (online games) red theme
3) Casino Theme — green theme
4) home business theme — blue theme
5) energy theme — green theme
6) city theme (new york city) black theme
7) City theme (los angeles) gold theme
8) baseball theme — light blue
9) football theme– gray
10) hockey theme — blue
11) basketball theme– black and orange colors
12) soccer theme–maroon colors
13) college theme–peach colors
14) coupon theme–blue
15) news theme–black and white
16) magazine theme–black and white
17) dog theme–light brown
18) cat theme–brown
19) bird theme-purple
20) beauty theme-red white and blue
21) beauty theme(make up-perfume) blue
22) beauty theme(lose weight) pink
23) restaurant theme (a review or comparison) gray
24) books theme — blue
25) washington dc theme-red white and blue
26) computer theme-(android, applications) blue
27) computer theme-(iphone) blue
28) Lezbian theme-pink
29) gay theme-blue
30) electronics theme-(sony) black
31) electronics theme (LG) blue
32) electronics theme (samsung) black
33) beach theme (miami beach)
34) beach theme (sunset)
35) Travel theme-las vegas
36) travel theme-australia
37) travel theme-adirondacks
38) travel theme-grand canyon
39) travel theme- skiing
40) travel theme-mexico
41) hotel theme-red
42) hotel theme-black
43) science theme-green
44) science theme (mens health)
45) science theme (womens health)
46 science theme (childrens health)
47) army theme-black
48) navy theme-blue
49) air force theme-blue
50) rugby theme-red
51) college sports theme-blue
52) sex theme (porn)-red
53) youtube theme (red)
54) zoo theme-gray
55) military theme
56) shopping theme-womens jewelry
57) shopping theme-womens handbags
58) shopping theme-christmas
59) halloween theme
60) magic theme-purple
61) photography theme
62) antique theme
63) texas hold em theme
64) recipe theme
65) chat room theme (students)
66) facebook theme
67) online learning theme
68) stereos theme
69) music theme-(rap)
70) music theme- (country)
71) music theme- ( heavy metal)
72) music theme- (folk music)
73) music theme-(classical)
74) Music theme-(rock and roll)
75) tech theme
76) figure skating theme
77) boxing theme
78) entertainment theme-movies
79) entertainment theme-dvds
80) entertainment theme-jewish
81) entertainment theme-catholic
82) save money theme
83) classified theme
84) high tech theme
85) airplane theme
86) helicopter theme
87) classic car theme
88) truck theme
89) surfing theme
90) dave matthews theme
91) olympics theme
92) dating theme
93) womens boobs theme
94) video theme
95) palm trees theme
96) bears theme(bears from alaska)
97) dolphins theme (aquarium)
98) save the earth theme
99) infants theme
100) desert theme
The ones we have listed without colors you can do what you wish but Please we would like these as nice as possible, we are serious about how we would like these designed, and how they come across to readers, We will give you 100 footer links to add when the bid is in. Could be long term assignment. Thank You

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Computer Science Class Programming

Go the the, password is "signed"
and do the assignment #2

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Need Mailing List For PhD / Science Researchers

I am looking for emails of PhD and science researchers who conduct a lot of research. It would be highly preferred to have their names associated with the emails. Because most researchers work in universities, their emails will usually end in *.edu or *.com.

Please pm me with the information about your list and the price. I will need the list to be as current and up-to-date as possible. I will choose the person person with the best quality of emails and the cheapest bid. I will need a big mailing list.

Look forward to working with you.

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Science Fiction Novel Proofreading For Second Edition

A published science fiction novel needs proofreading before going to second edition print.

The novel was edited and proofread before first print, but errors were missed, and the editing was mediocre.

The novel is 72,000+ words.

I need this project done within the next 4 weeks, and I am willing to pay based on experience, speed and accuracy.

This novel is the first in a series, if you are hired for this novel, you will get first offer on the next novel which will be completed by this fall (2010), and the following novels as well.

When contacting me, please offer information on your experience, and desired compensation.

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Article Writer: Science, Psychology, Strength & Conditioning

Hello Bidder,

Please note that you would be required to have a flair for words, an editorial instinct and possess impeccable grammar.

Let us begin;


I will need 12 most recent articles to begin with. 6 of them relating to Brain injury and its effects. 6 others relating to Strength and Conditioning and Functional Training. Each article will contain 400 words. I will need to receive examples of your previous work please.

The ideal candidate will need:

Experience in original article writings or audience engagement via a personal or a managed blog. A familiarity with email responders, research for the latest trends, preferably with an interest in science and health to understand the nuances of the industry is highly preferable. The bidder may also have had research, copy writing, blog content writing, newsletters, social media management and medical writing under their belt. He/ She may have previously written for magazines, practices lateral thinking and expresses a good sense of humour.


You will be provided a breakdown guide/outline or examples of written content needed from by extracting from media materials.

The JOB + Compensation:

The written word should be simple. 5 days for a quick turnaround. They can be submitted as completed. Compensation is @ $4/article and 50% will be held in freelancer to begin work. The rest will be paid upon successful completion of the job.

best regards.

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Science Project

I need an ebook on Science Fair projects. This must be addressed to mothers/fathers who want to assist their children with science fair projects as well as to the pupils themselves.

Book must be around 70 to a 100 pages. 12 Font. normal spacing

Included in this book must be ideas for such projects as well as the recipes/methods to create them. The inexpedience/apparatus must be of common nature, i.e. typically available in any household.

This can also be addressed to people interested in playing around with science experiments.

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Science Activities

US or Canada ONLY need respond as I will possibly ship materials to you for review.

I am looking for a writer with perfect English writing skills for a project in the science education arena. A current or former science teacher is preferred with experience with the 5E model.

This project will involve writing 5 original microscope activities using the 5E model that meet science standards. Each activity will be three to four pages long followed by a student question page (blackline).

Currently, I need these 5 activities completed quickly, however if you prove to be a good writer I WILL hire you for future projects.

All writing must be done by a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer. The writing will need to be concise and to the point.

1. All activities should be unique and original and meet the scientific objective.
2. Each instructional manual should be three to four pages plus at least one student page.
3. Writing must be flawless. Grammar and Spelling mistakes will not be tolerated.
4. Full rights to the articles will be transferred to me once you are paid.
5. Activities will be research based, factual and must not be generic.
6. Title should be eye catchy
7. You will need to do some research for this project.

I pay within 24 hours of completion of the project, so the sooner you can finish the project the sooner you will receive payment.

You agree that upon sending me the activites all rights transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these activities in any way.

Please be able to communicate 1-2 times per day via email or messenger.

EVERY bidding freelancer must submit PM with following information:
1. Your full name
2. Writing examples (education related would be a plus)
3. Your resume (optional – only if you think it can give you advantage over other writers)
4. Your location (country only)

Bids from countries other than the US or Canada will not be considered.

Please make sure you agree with all conditions above before bidding on this project.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Computer Science Article Writing Correction In English


I need a help correcting an english article i wrote, english native speakers is a MUST (if your account shows that you reside on a non english speaking country please dont botter bidding) experience reading and writting computer science articles is a plus.

The job is plain simple, i have 2 papers the first is a 7 pages article and the second one is 8 pages wrote in english i need some to check it and correct any errors in writting and in sentence formulation, since my english is pretty basic i have trouble getting an article to a high level of english writting.

This is a 1 hour job for an expert so the payment will be 30 dollars, i wont consider freelancer with no experience on academic writting translation or similar.

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$3.00 Per Article Long Term Project

Dear Writers,

We are currently looking for writers to join in our very long term project. If you are a science graduate, then, please apply since we mainly offer science and medical articles. You must possess certain writing styles in order to be eligible for the post. Please also remember, all the content needs to be original. We have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Submitting duplicate content will result in immediate termination of the contract.

Pay is $3.00 each article. Word count 400-500 words. Payment will be weekly basis.

Thank you,

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Extract Info From Technical Materials Science Lab Documents

I am a undergraduate student in the US majoring in Materials Science. I have 4 laboratory assignment handouts, each about 25 pages, in Word and PDF format, that I would like processed and prepared before I do the assignments.

Specifically, I would like the following things done:

1. Read through the procedures and questions and present me with:
1.1. a concise list of the data sets which should be obtained by following the procedures
1.2. a list of which data sets from the list in 1.1 are necessary to answer the lab questions and what format they need to be in (e.g. a graph with x-axis as temperature in Kelvin and y-axis as resistance in milliohms)

2. Read through the background information and present me with:
2.1. a short, bulleted list of the most important concepts to grasp (aim for 1-3 sentences and use language an elementary student would understand)
2.2. a list of essential terms and jargon, with their definitions

3. Using Google, Google Books, the MIT Libraries site (, internet research and any other resources you need, present me with:
3.1. a list of 1-5 books WHICH CAN BE FOUND IN THE MIT LIBRARIES which seem to use the simplest language and also comprehensively explain the concepts presented in the background information of the handout

Qualifications for Freelancer:
* Technical Background preferred
* Materials Science Background STRONGLY PREFERRED

Estimated Time:
1-2 hrs per lab assignment (4-8 total hrs)

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Academic Writers With Masters Degree – Full Time Employment

Hi all,

Im a recruiter for a well known nutrition institution. we are currently seeking writers to aid us in upholding our reputation as one of the best writing institutions in North America. In a globally competitive market, we are constantly evolving and expanding, and always looking for new writers, as we believe elevation and growth is essential in any business.
We understand the value of our writers and the significant role they play in the success of our company. Our writers

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60 Articles Upload To Blogs

You have to upload 60 one page 500 word articles on blog or on informational sites. Articles must be in perfect US English and written by someone expert in health and wellness nutritional supplements. All information must be science based and no hype. Must be natural english. All will go through copy scape and we will retain rights to all articles and they must not be used again. All must be on current science.If this is done well there will be a great deal more work. Again perfect english perfect science and easy to understand.

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Linkbaiters/ Article Writers Needed | 15usd+ Per Article

I need articles written for linkbaiting on digg, reddit and stumbleupon for several high profile websites.

categories : choose *one* group and tell me in PMB and why you like this and are proficient in it

1)design, social media, web development, illustrator tutorials

2)science – break trough science, medical science , en

3)Fashion ( celebs, clothes, shoes, handbags…), beauty (products and tips…), shopping (gadgets…)…

4)Geek – gadgets – tee shirts – apple – iPhone – Windows – Linux…

5)Home decor, green decor, decor design, interior design, architecture…

6)Xtreme sports…skating, all others

mention the word "linkbait" when bidding so i know you read this
add Very high quality images Which YOU must research from flickr or whatever, adding video when necessary

1 articles daily of Very high quality!! good writers can apply to write more for us per day

NO minimum amount of words But your articles must be exceptional!

225 usd a week fixed for first month(averaging 15 usd per article)
**Weekly paid no negotiation **

Copyscape 100% unique, dupecop checked

Very high quality article writers needed

our website:

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Code & Design A Private-to-private Loan Platform

I am looking for a experienced web programmer preferably from India to build a working model of a private-to-private loan platform.

If our cooperation is fruitful additional projects in mid-term might be offered.

Requirements for a successful candidate:

1. Only individuals please
2. Strong knowledge in relevant web programming technologies and web design
3. Good graphic design skills strongly preferred
4. Highly autonomous way of working
5. Patience and ability to communicate technical stuff to n00bs
6. Ability to read and document code
7. Excellent English
8. Will to contribute own ideas
9. Availability to communicate using Skype or E-mail while working on the project (I consider the time gap in different time zones)

Timeframe: 2-3 months (part-time)

The aim is not to have the perfect website with all functionalities included, but a basic working model with working key features which I can show to potential investors and helps me and them understand how this concept might work.

As I dont know a lot about the technical aspects, you will need to define what is technically necessary yourself and implement it.

The job may be ideal for a gifted computer science student who has some spare time and wants to prove his talents and earn some money.

Please send CV and work samples to PM.

Attach also your monthly/daily/hourly salary expectation.

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Social Science Theory And Methodology

A. Analyze a selected topic from a social scientific perspective by doing the following (suggested length of 5

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Summarize 10 Computer Science Papers

I have 10 technical papers about heuristic optimization that need to be summarized into about 2-3 pages each.
The writer needs to have some technical knowledge in the field of computer science in general.
The summaries need to be well elaborated, as they will be sent to our labs in the UK and worked on even more (this step is not part of the job I am posting here).

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