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Web Scrape


I am after someone who can scrape 2 websites for me.

I am after the product code, the product name, the size of the product, the number in the pack and the link to the product. All this information is contained on the screen.

Then download this information into an excel file for me. If possible, the images of the goods would also be useful.

One website is public, the other I can give you a powerpoint snap-shot of the site. If you are successful I will then be able to pass on the details to access this site.

If you are interested then please PM me and I shall then send you the details of both the website and ppt. slides.

I am prepared to pay $20 for each website, so $40 in total.

Happy bidding


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Scrape Ajax Page

Need to scrape a page from web and parse data from it into an array.

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User Can’t Access To My Web-page

Hi, I need help. I have had many reports from many of my customers that they
cant access my web-page from their internet provider verizon or comcast. I
myself have connected remotely to their computer to prove it. I can access my
principal web-page using my internet provider brighthouse, but the
people that uses other internet providers like Verizon can not see my web. this
is costing me many losses. Please advise I appreciate all your help. Thanks.

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