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We Buy Web Scripts And Themes

We buy webscripts already done , themes for wordpress and any web tools .
Badget max is 50 USD for each script , please give me your demo link by PM

thank you

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Scrape Information From Website

Scrape information from website and enter the information in an excel file with the following columns:

Business Category, Company Name, Adress, Zipcode, City, Phone number, Website when available

The information source is the danish yellow page website

I will provide you with the different business categories and town names and you will scrape the information from the webpages.

Here is an example of a webpage on

(In this example the business category is "vvs" , and the town name is "herlev")

I will provide you with 96 business categories and 7 town names and you scrabe the information.

This can be done either using a script or manually — as long as the data is captured in the spreadsheet with the given columns

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Web Scrape For Company Addresses

I need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from websites.

I need records for: Event planners, Event management companies, Event Planning companies and DMCs (Destination Management Companies).

I need: Company name, address, city, state, zip, phone, website url (if available), and email (if available)

I need as many records as possible.

Data must be accurate, thorough and organized in Excel. This data will be used to mail postcards and catalogs.

Please provide a bid for the entire project or a price per 1k records.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Improve Englishscreenply For A Short Film(half Page)

Looking for a native Englishman or American, who would check the grammar and spelling in text as well as improve that text to make it more attractive to the reader!

The text is kind of a screen play for a short film (kind of commercial, but it is not). So itcan not be longer than 270 words!

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A Coder To Ad A Add Rotator Script And Change Front Page Gr

I have a online dating site that I want to ad a couple of ad rotators scripts to I would like one script to run on each side left and right. As our main content to our website is in the middle on All pages. I understand it is as simple as copy and pasting a code. However I am little to busy right now.

Also On our front website I want a new graphic instead of the one on it. Which I already have

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Web Scrape


I am after someone who can scrape 2 websites for me.

I am after the product code, the product name, the size of the product, the number in the pack and the link to the product. All this information is contained on the screen.

Then download this information into an excel file for me. If possible, the images of the goods would also be useful.

One website is public, the other I can give you a powerpoint snap-shot of the site. If you are successful I will then be able to pass on the details to access this site.

If you are interested then please PM me and I shall then send you the details of both the website and ppt. slides.

I am prepared to pay $20 for each website, so $40 in total.

Happy bidding


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Google Scrape

I would like to have script that will scrape Google without getting blocked by Google when there are too many searches. (changing IPs)

Furhermore there should be a Mysql Database that stores all the searchresults for re-usage. Se whhen a user searches on one keyword and the next user searches on the same keyword then ith should retreive the second time out of the connected Mysql Database instead of from Googles pages

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Scrape Ajax Page

Need to scrape a page from web and parse data from it into an array.

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Scrape Javascript Subdivision

Scrape java script foreclosures

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Java Applet Data Capture Screen Scrape

Java Applet Data Capture
– Need to capture data from a Java applet for an auction site
– The applet provides information about the Lot (item being sold)
– The bidding is presented as a chat box which updates as each bid is entered by on-line bidders
– When an auction is won the chat box text indicates SOLD followed by the winning bid price and bidder location
– Within a few seconds the information changes to the next Lot
– Auctions are variable length and typically contain 1-1000 Lots

The capture tool needs to:
– Capture the lot #, winning bid price, and winning bidder location for each lot being auctioned
– When the auction is over, store this information in a .csv or .xls file using naming convention of Auction Location-Date

To access the auctions:
– Go to
– Establish a guest account (free) and log-in
– Go to the Search menu and select the Sales List to see upcoming auctions
– When the auction starts (typically 12 noon) you can select a lot then launch the Java Applet to see the auction

If this project is successful we would expect to hire the software designer to write similar programs for other websites.

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Developing Java Aplet & Web Browser Extensions/plugins

I need a Java programmer to developing a Java applet for web application, including developing web browser extensions/plug-ins and to implement Java applet and setup local clients for usage of the application. Also applet can receive some additional parameters.

Lets see the workflow:

-user visit a page with installer
-applet is inactive
-the page already has application code(hidden from user, but visible for applet, it is coming from server side)
-user selects which appliction to setup
-pressing setup user initiates applet
-page already has necessary parameters for applet
-applet try to make installation
-after success or fail applet should make request to our server in format which we should discuss. This request could be useful for us to make a statistic (ie user wanted to setup for OE and MS Outlook, but for OE it was fail, user used XXX operating system and XXX browser etc)
-this request is handled by server side

As soon as installtion is offline process very important for the plugins:
-list of supported browsers in plugin should be somehow remotely refreshable
-the actual application code also

It means if user download once plugin it has for example support only for Internet Explorer, Firefox. But in month we add support for Safari or chome. User must not download plugin again! Plugin should download this information from our server and update users local settings.

Please carefully look at above before your bid, and all bid must supply with actual experinced example in similar tasks. Suggest dont bid if you think you can do it, but welcome to bid if you had done very similar job and tasks. Thanks

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Web Scrape Application


I am seeking a seasoned and savvy WEB SCRAPE GENIUS to build/modify a generic web scrape application!!

I hired another developer to build a .net web scrape application a couple of years ago. Now, I want to make more modifications to the application.

I have prepared a requirements document that explains how the application should work and I have provided pseudo-logic for the overall processing model of the web scrape application.

The goal is to build an application that could model and process 100s or even 1000s of different web scrape jobs using the HTTP / HTTPS model — not a user simulation / automation model. Key features include —
a. automated login to websites and setting cookies
b. proxy server usage
c. get and post automation
d. multi-threading
e. xml, database, and file/csv file saving options
f. configuration file witih over 25 web scrape logic control settings
g. separate job scheduler to triggering scrape jobs to run

The xml configuration file is tailored to fit the website being scraped.

I would like to retain someone I could work with on an ONGOING basis. A monthly retainer quote would be valuable.

The idea is the spend the first 4 weeks building the application. I would provide the current code base in .NET. However, I am considering converting the entire app to PHP as it is cheaper to host linux/php machines than windows vps machines.

Then we would test and modify the application on several web scrape jobs. Most of my web scrape jobs are millions of rows. So architecture and multi-threading are essential.

Start November 1, 2010

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Simple Web Scrape Project

I need to scrape data from this site i only care about the tables generated like this example :

Everyday Mon thru Fri a new tables are added, this project is to scrape old tables in that database and paste into another server then just refresh it everyday at 9am with the new tables posted for that day.
We are now importing the tables via excel, but need something faster and more efficient.

Please send some references or related portfolio.

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Web Scrape – Scrap

Ongoing team required to scrap ecommerce websites. Same sites will be scrapped up to 4 times a year. So there is good ongoing work here.

The right person will be fast, innovative & be priced competitively. Ive worked with many scrapers before and outrageous prices will be ignored and barred from the project.

Need all categories, titles, description, sku, long description, images, prices, specs, etc.

Please quote for First Scrape then ongoing scrapes. ie the same site again in three months time.

First site has 30000 sku

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Quick Web Scrape Tables From List Of URLs

I have a list of 500+ URLs. Each URL takes you to a page which contains a table of results which I need in an easy format (Excel, csv, etc.). Im certain that this is very easy to do but I dont have time to figure it out. The URLs are too long to use the built-in Web Query feature in Excel.

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Restaurant Web Site In .net

Need a .net developer,
those have a good knowledge of finance domain and, 3.5,Java script ,Ajax and xml

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Web Scrape Project

Looking for someone with expertise in scraping data from a web page and presenting in MS Excel Format. This is a fast turnaround job, please only bid if you have experience in using robots to do the work, manual data entry would take too long.

The page(s) to be scraped can be seen at:

The attachment shows how the data should be presented.

We are looking for completion in 3 days from award – can you do it?

Happy bidding!

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Web designer/ Programmer

We are looking for an experienced web designer/programmer that has the capability to work with Ajax, flash presentation, PHP, and Java Script.

*This person should also have a strong work ethic and can work under pressure.

*This project could lead to a permanent working status.

*This person should also have a good command of the English language.

Please include your CV along with your PM when you bid.

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I need 1page web site design

I need a one page web site design with some java script field validation.I already have similar page. I need a kind of copy that page..Should be able to work with my php program in the backend.

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Need to clone


I am looking for someone to clone me into an HTML version. I want the same EXACT look and feel and it should be friendly enough for me to edit later and customize based on my video content using dreamweaver. Instead of trailers, were going to show wedding videos.

All is all, there should be max 5 pages that need to be done:
(of course to make it exact if you need additional that is fine)

1. Clone of (this is main page)

2. Clone of a page when user clicks on a film it takes them to
selection page. Example:

3. A page where the video loads from selection page. (when a user
chooses which video to play, it takes them to that page and
starts to play.

4. A page where they can click on links to download the following
players: QuickTime and Windows Media Player

5. A page like: "Send to a friend" link from the selection page.
(a script that will send an email should be completed as well.)

Please PM me with any questions you have.

Please provide links to previous work youve done similar to this if any. Also mention "iAmAnArtist" when you PM me so i know you read this through.

Payments will be done via GAF Escrow. Since this is very simple and requires HTML the project is considered low budget. The lowest quality bid will win.


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Java Script for Adobe Acrobat 8.0+

We would need source codes and files for the application, so we could do some additional changes or adjustments. As stated in the description, it will be possible to change some values in the scrolling lists. They are so specific that some particular administration should not be developed. It would be easier if we can edit it ourselves in the source codes.

– Price
– Delivery time (by May 7th if possible, May 19th at the latest)
– References


1. use active opened PDF file in Adobe Acrobat; if there is no opened document, use Open PDF dialog with browse

2. Input variables in form:
NR = Number (01-99) (default: empty)
TY = Type (Re;3K;1K;V1;V2;N1;N2) (default: empty)
CO = Country (CZ;SK) (default: empty)
PR = Proof version (1-9) (default: empty)
DIR = Directory for files (Internal=INT|External=OUT) (default:
Editable (Yes|No) (default: Yes)

3. Save every page from opened PDF as single page PDF
– if switch Editable is Yes, than every single page PDF should be "Enabled for Commenting and Analysis in Adobe Reader"
– if switch Editable is No, than every single page PDF should NOT be "Enabled for Commenting and Analysis in Adobe Reader"

4. New files should be saved into directory and filename on variables:
Directory path construction:
NR=11; TY=Re; CO=CZ; PR=1; DIR=INT
NR=12; TY=3K; CO=SK; PR=2; DIR=OUT

5. Final filename construction:
NR=11; TY=Re; CO=CZ; PR=1; DIR=INT
11-Re-CZ-P01.pdf; 11-Re-CZ-P02.pdf; 11-Re-CZ-P03.pdf; 11-Re-CZ-P04.pdf …

NR=12; TY=3K; CO=SK; PR=2; DIR=OUT
12-3K-SK-P01.pdf; 12-3K-SK-P02.pdf; 12-3K-SK-P03.pdf; 12-3K-SK-P04.pdf …

6. Other remarks:
%pagenumber% = Page number in source multipage PDF document

Source multipage PDF document may contain non-continuous page numbering!
e.g.: pages in PDF: 2,3,6,7 > filenames: XXX-P02.pdf, XXX-P03.pdf, XXX-P06.pdf, XXX-P07.pdf

For pages 1-9 there should be used 0 for correct filename sorting.
There is not expected more pages than 99.

If there is already file with the same name in directory, it should be overwritten without asking.

Main part of directory path (\servercustomerproof) should be editable in JS source code by our admin.
Values: Type, Country and Directory should be editable in JS source code by our admin.
Value Number will be written by user, it should be checked for correct input (only number from 1 to 99)

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