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Site Maintenance + Script

Project consist to:
1-Write a script to update everyday automatically an auctiva ecommerce
2-update everyday on google merchant respecting google rules
Experience with such work appreciated

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Small Php Site Revamp

I have a small utility site that allows the sending of blogs to multiple NING networks. The site, as it is, doesnt look very friendly and is a bit confusing for people to try to use. There are also a couple of old defunct functions that need deleting and the editor used to publish the blogs needs updating so images can be uploaded from ones computer (at the moment, there is only the option to add them via URL). I would also like to insert a header image (that will be supplied).

I just want a tidy up of the site and for it to look better and be easier to use….

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Critical Php Site

Ive planned to make a critical site with php.
Please bid if you have confident on your skill.
Ill diascuss more when youll bid.

Happy bidding

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Fixing Script

Need to make a script work on my site.

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Content Locking Script Needed


I am in need of a script that I can put on my website that will lock the site and its contents until a certain action is taken. I am looking for something similar to this:

If this is something you can handle please bid.

PM me for more info.


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2 Modifications In PHP Site.


My existing site is:
And soon it will launched for public. I just need 2 addons in site:

1) on the Join Page i.e I dont need so many fields, i just need Login ID, Password, Re password and email fields. Rest other information is needed in members area.

2) Payment gateway integration. Presently i holds CCavenue payment gateway, you need to include it in members area and once payment done member should be marked active. You also need to integrate Plimus payment button for International customers.

These are small task and quick one.

MAXIMUM i can pay is $25 + $50 = $75 for both task needed to end in 1 Day ONLY.

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Clone Kapipal Site For Creating A New Script

We are a French company that develops scripts:
We are looking for a provider who can provide or develop for us a clone.
In simple word developing a site similar to of that we can commercialize as a script on our site
The provider who can sell us this kind of script ll be granted to become our exclusive installator and customizator of this script for our future customers. Our maximum budgt is 250$

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PHP Site Minor Updates

For an active website we are looking for an experienced PHP specialist that can solve a number of minor fixes/user wishes. For instance a proper sorting order on a form, a form light redesign etc.

We request the following attitude:
– productive PHP development (PHP, Codeigniter experience)
– privacy of code/information
– good communication skills, knowledge of english
– available per direct

We select a developer based on hourly rate, skills and experience / references. We estimate the time needed as +- 30 hours with a possible extension based on the feedback. Please indicate your hourly rate and ability to arrange a skype video call.

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Php Site Made

I need a custom php site made. Ive having the homepage, about us, etc made, but I have the profile page made. And thats where most of the work will go. Youll chop up the homepage etc, when I get those.

Im willing to pay $200-250 for this work. It must be done in 3 weeks or less.

The site will be like ab(remove_this) It will have all those links on the profile to the persons facebook, twitter etc page. You will just find apis that are out there to plug it into the site.
I will purchase a text app what you will put in so that the members can change the text to whatever font they want, but we wont let them pick the size.

Their info will be in a a little box. That box they can choose the color for and that box will extend longer if their profile info is long. Also next to favorites we are going to have buy buttons which connects to itunes. That will just be advertising sort of for the site.

Say they put in their profile They like


Thriller BUY

They click buy and it redirects to Itunes Thriller album.

The profile edit and dashboard need to be just as easy to use as ab(remove_this)

Also on the site will need to make a custom cms.

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Editing PHP Site

Project as described for George

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Clone Group Buying Site Script Needed

I need clone group buying scripts. There are many sites which offer these scripts for free. You can get those from web sites for free.I do not ask for customized scripts.The script must be like Koovs,mydala,dealsandyou,taggle,snapdeal,grabbon etc.

You have to find the website name and give me that.

Budget range: $ 30.00

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Small Site To Be Done Without Graphic – Script Only URGENT

Hi freelancers!

I have task for You – need small site to be done. Please contact me by Private Message Board.

Thanks You!

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Migrate SocialGo Site + Scraping Script

Hello – the project is in two parts.

1. I have a SocialGo website and all its data which I would like moved from SocialGo to my own servers. I do not care what system the new site is setup in i.e. WordPress or Joomla but I would like the functionality of groups & social tools to remain the same. I do not have a template yet but am open to your ideas on this.

The primary purpose of my site is for people list missing person information and interact with that information. Profiles are currently listed as groups using Social Go.

Move from:

Move to:
(Note I have not set up this subdomain yet but will. The main URL will remain the same though

My hosting provider is

2. I would like a script that automates the copying of the missing person profile information from the police website and updates itself into the profile groups on my new website.

10/27/2010 at 15:36 EDT:

To clarify, I would like to keep all the existing content (members, posts etc) on the current site and moved to the new site.

For the scraping tool/script I would like only the photos and profile text taken.

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Web Site Thumb Nails Script Needs To Be Fixed

Web Site Thumb Nails script needs help

I just had it fixed a short time ago by a freelancer here on 08/26/2010 and it was working fine when he was done.. Just like before it just stopped working… I am open to replacing this if you know a better system, way to go, or fix this one.

The script was working
It is on godaddy. Hosting – Shared – Deluxe – Windows

I have checked the paths to be sure they are right and everything so I am not sure why its not working.

Site is here:

Its running the script:

and IECapt.exe is in the folder with the script

Test site the thumb nail script works with:

I dont think this could be to much to fix if you know this kind of programming

I dont need it done fast but would like to be sure it works well after its done.

The images that show on the demo site were ones that the system caught before it stopped working

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Finish Php Site

I need a php site finished up. Its 60% done. Email me and I can send you more details. I need this work done in the next 5 days. Ill pay $250-300 for this work.

I will send you a word doc when you message me. It has all the requirements and like 7 pages of just more notes. Just stuff giving more details to explain parts. Note that I dont have a itemized list of what is left to be one. Just go through the site and check it all out.

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Maintenance Of PHP Site (uses Pagination)

Am looking for someone to do some minor maintenance to an existing site (moving some items from sidebars to footer, minor graphics tweaking, etc).

For a reasonably experienced developer with PHP and some pagination knowledge I estimate the work effort to be about 3 hours including time to get familiar with the site.

Almost all the people that I have worked with on here have developed into more permanent roles, and this one is no exception. This update will be a try-out for a larger project that will be starting in about 3 weeks.

I realize that this project description is vague. Details will be provided at a later time or through private message board.

Payment terms:
Due to the small size of the transaction, full payment will be made upon completion of the project.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to working with you!

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Tech Support 24/7 For PHP Site

Looking for 24/7 tech support for PHP sites. Quick responses and double checking your work.

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Web Site Thumb Nails Script Needs Help

Web Site Thumb Nails script needs help

The script was working but we had to move and reinstall it on godaddy. No longer works
Hosting – Shared – Deluxe – Windows

I have checked the paths to besure they are right and everything so I am not sure why its not working.

Its running the script:

and IECapt.exe is in the folder with the script

Test site the thumb nail script works with:

I dont think this could be to much to fix if you know this kind of programming

I dont need it done fast but would like to be sure it works well after its done.

The images that show on the demo site were ones that the system caught before it stopped working

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Script Installing And Customizing Penny Auction Bid Site

We are looking urgently for a Freelancer for customizing a Penny Auction Script for create a Penny Auction Website similar to

The script was bought on this site: ( ) and the script is GuruPennyAuction Script Standard )

Please post your bid only if you are able and intrested

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Need Someone To Install Php "top Site" Script

I need someone to install a "topsite" script i already have downloaded i will send you the file upon accepting the job .

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Simple Site Scraping Script

I need a simple site scraping PHP script that pulls all the names, contact details and item names into a table from a website. For example, that Web URL contains about 200 adverts split across several pages. Should be around 2-3 hours work for a developer using PHP and CURL.
The script must be flexible and contain a variable where by we can change the URL when needed.

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Symple PHP Site Fixing

Dear Coder

I have site built in PHP,
due to some reason site is not working so need to do more analysis and fix the problem,

No any time waster because this is third party client so we need ASAP


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Fix Python Site Scrapper Script

I already have a python site scrapper script, I need someone to fix couple of bugs
1/Store image on the server (it uses WP blog)
2/Script will be run on the local workstation, not on the server.

For python expert it may be an easy job. Will pay @15- 20, by paypal. Bid only if you have python scrapping experience and able to do the job in short span (today or tomorrow).

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PHP Site Audit

I am looking for an experienced PHP programmer to do some testing of the PHP programing for my new membership site. You must have good English and use Skype as well as email for communication.

The site is

I would like a general look at the programming to make sure the site is optimised for SEO and there are a couple of issues that Id like resolved.

1. When I open the site in different browsers it appears magnified, I have to hit zoom out twice for it to look normal.

2. When the site is opened in different browsers sometimes it wont load and sometimes part of it wont load or the formatting on some pages is out.

Obviously I need the site to open perfectly every time and in every browser.

The winner of this project is to provide a short report outlining what issues they think might cause problems in the functioning of the site and what needs to be fixed.



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Generalized Profiles Script For Quasi-dating Site In PHP

I want to make a script for editing, searching and displaying "profile" documents. In a sense it is very similar to a generalized dating site.

The script will have some number of "users" each of whom has a profile. The profile can contain fields of several types as follows:

– text field, e.g. name, age
– text area, e.g. brief bio
– select box (aka listbox) with fixed list of options, e.g. gender or occupation
– another select box which aggregates boolean valued fields from the database. E.g. maybe we will have several fields like "are you pretty?" "is your mom pretty?" "is your sister pretty?" and for simplicity we display all of them in a select box where them being selected means "yes" and not selected means "no".

Also, for some of the select boxes of both of the above types (for the ones with too many rows) we will use the principle of parallel widgets. Instead of a single select box with some entries selected and some not, we will have two select boxes side by side. One contains "chosen options" and the other "non chosen options" and there are buttons between them to move options from one to the other and back. So this will require writing some custom Javascript to handle this issue.

We will have a template file written using a mix of HTML and XML tags inside (!– –) HTML comments. This template will contain the specification for the page layout and references to the relevant fields in the database. Based on this template our script will be able to generate 3 type of pages:
– profile displayed
– edit form allowing changing profile fields
– search profile by specifying queries for those fields that user cares about.

The search will be done using implied AND operator between fields. Kind of like Google advanced search and how search function works in most dating sites.

Web design and special beauty is not required. I wanted the functionality to work and I will pay for a prettier looking template later on if necessary.

I dont mind you using existing frameworks and/or copying code from elsewhere, but I want it to be easy to install and modify. So a framework that looks like a folder with a few files that you copy-paste into htdocs is fine, but a framework with a huge installer that requires a song-and-dance to make work is not fine.

If you dont have experience in html/xml parsing and dont have a framework that would already do that for you, I will help you with it. I am good at parsing stuff.

I would strongly prefer a programmer who will work on this full time, such as 8 hours a day, and keep me updated via Skype continually.

People outside of South Asia strongly preferred.

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