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Web Scrape


I am after someone who can scrape 2 websites for me.

I am after the product code, the product name, the size of the product, the number in the pack and the link to the product. All this information is contained on the screen.

Then download this information into an excel file for me. If possible, the images of the goods would also be useful.

One website is public, the other I can give you a powerpoint snap-shot of the site. If you are successful I will then be able to pass on the details to access this site.

If you are interested then please PM me and I shall then send you the details of both the website and ppt. slides.

I am prepared to pay $20 for each website, so $40 in total.

Happy bidding


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Scrape Ajax Page

Need to scrape a page from web and parse data from it into an array.

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Web SCRAPE – Need Script For Scraping Email/content

Need a script to scrape a website.. want following info scraped

city, category, link, date, time, email, title, internal, ad content

often times the email is also in body of ad.. so i want any email address found in body added to email list.

then need dumped into excel.

want an interface so i can say which page to scrape and how many pages after to scrape. or whatever is easiest.. this is for well known classified site. can be stand alone app or installed on webserver. just needs to me in working state.

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Web Scrape Application


I am seeking a seasoned and savvy WEB SCRAPE GENIUS to build/modify a generic web scrape application!!

I hired another developer to build a .net web scrape application a couple of years ago. Now, I want to make more modifications to the application.

I have prepared a requirements document that explains how the application should work and I have provided pseudo-logic for the overall processing model of the web scrape application.

The goal is to build an application that could model and process 100s or even 1000s of different web scrape jobs using the HTTP / HTTPS model — not a user simulation / automation model. Key features include —
a. automated login to websites and setting cookies
b. proxy server usage
c. get and post automation
d. multi-threading
e. xml, database, and file/csv file saving options
f. configuration file witih over 25 web scrape logic control settings
g. separate job scheduler to triggering scrape jobs to run

The xml configuration file is tailored to fit the website being scraped.

I would like to retain someone I could work with on an ONGOING basis. A monthly retainer quote would be valuable.

The idea is the spend the first 4 weeks building the application. I would provide the current code base in .NET. However, I am considering converting the entire app to PHP as it is cheaper to host linux/php machines than windows vps machines.

Then we would test and modify the application on several web scrape jobs. Most of my web scrape jobs are millions of rows. So architecture and multi-threading are essential.

Start November 1, 2010

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Quick Web Scrape Tables From List Of URLs

I have a list of 500+ URLs. Each URL takes you to a page which contains a table of results which I need in an easy format (Excel, csv, etc.). Im certain that this is very easy to do but I dont have time to figure it out. The URLs are too long to use the built-in Web Query feature in Excel.

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Web Scrape Project

Looking for someone with expertise in scraping data from a web page and presenting in MS Excel Format. This is a fast turnaround job, please only bid if you have experience in using robots to do the work, manual data entry would take too long.

The page(s) to be scraped can be seen at:

The attachment shows how the data should be presented.

We are looking for completion in 3 days from award – can you do it?

Happy bidding!

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Flip Scrape Script- Conquer, with all the facts!

Flip Scrape Script must crawl all aspects of and be programmed in PHP. Flip Scrape Script will be very detailed table of information.

Below is information that needs to be crawled:
|Flippa Username | Trust Rating | Feedback Score| All Time Earnings | Join Date | Current number of listings | Total Number of listing | % of won listings | Average number of bids| Average Success fee %

This script will be outputted in 3 steps.

1. Select a user-name or "all users" or "tag keyword"
->Press Next
2. Select a date range
->Press Next
3. Select which items listed above you want to know about the user
->Press Next

Output the results in a detailed table that can be sorted by any column.

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Changes to membership script

Need some small changes done on a membership site script. the products page lists products all on one page want to be able to set the amount of products per page and have it so it adds new pages automatic. also be able to move products listing order. to see the site you can go to and to see the backend you can register for free account. thanks

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Niche Keyword Scraper

Niche keyword scraper that allows storage of keyword data and ability to view trends. Marks hot and top when there are matches found between database keyword list and scraped keywords. The script will then allow you to view these keywords and also check domain names related to the keywords.

I have a specification sheet and will send it to those who PM me. I need this deliverable ASAP and will entertain an iterative development approach. I will only accept a fixed priced bid and agreement on specification.

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