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Advanced Search Modifications 2


I have a website. It has an advanced search

1: The drop downs list z to a, we would like this reversed and display a to z.

2: once you select a drop down, and the resaults show

the image is below the product information. We would like the image to be shown on the right hand side of the the same as

3: the final thing on the search page is that we would like to include these fields Model No:Type: Brand: as

Plesae send quotes asap, we need this done in a few days

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Magento Advanced Search Display Problem

We have a Magento website, which have installed our own template.

On testing website, search works fine. However, on live website, the Advanced Search (Shop By block) doesnt show up properly – it only shows up on several pages.

Urgent Help Needed.

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My adult model networking site needs a part -time programmer who can be avail. as needed.
The site is

its a DOLPHIN 7.0.1 OS by BOONEX

What we need to add a.s.a.p are these 3 items.
1) An advanced search section similar to this seen here:

2) Incorporating these "check boxes" on a members profile as seen here:

The above two items must work together fro proper browse section.

3) Lastly TAGS need to be installed on a members profile homepage…similar to what you see here:
scroll down the profile to view TAGS.

Please review the sites ive linked as references to accurately understand the assignment.

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Tyre Webshop Advanced Search Needed

Id like to buy an oscommerce or zencart tyre templates, but in mormal way neither offer the visitors real, usable advanced tyre searching. what i need?

– an admin page where i can fill my tyre datas (for example 205/55/15, car tyre, bridgestone potanza, description…)
The required search option should work like this:

Id like to put this "advanced search" on the main page, and maybe on the left panel too. Searching is like choosing data from a drop-down menu, in 4 steps.
1. Choose car or truck
2. choose tyre width (like 195)
3. choose next data (like 55)
4. choose last data (like 16)
5 i think i dont need a search button it is ok if the visitor gave all the information then the search is starting

And please tell me which shop is better what i should buy oscommerce or zencart?

Thank you


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